Sunday, January 29, 2012

Setting up “Shoppe” and a ROAD TRIP!

Hello all – hope you’re all surviving the winter…it’s a bit snowy here today (it changes daily…in snO-HIO!  And, what have I been up to????  Always something, right??? 

Well, the hustle and bustle of our daughter’s wedding is over – and they’re living their “happily ever after”!  My friend Susan and I have moved our salvaged and vintage re-creations into a shoppe in Lexington, Ohio – Shoppe 27 is located at 27 E. Main St. in downtown Lexington.  We’ve set up “shoppe” in the front foyer – you can’t miss us!  They are open Wednesday-Saturday – 11am-5pm (and by appointment).  We’re so excited to be here.  There are vendors in every room of this historical building, with a nice variety of antiques, art and whimsy!  Here are some pics…

Welcome…what fabulous treasures do we have here???DSC05243

Here’s one side of our foyer…


And here’s a view of the other side


We piled everything in and set up in a few hours – we didn’t think we’d have room for everything…but “voila” – junk magic!DSC05224

We’re “inspired” by rusty and broken things…and making them useful or functional (or just plain pretty)…again!DSC05225

A sweet little potting table…filled with goodies!DSC05226

Junky “joy” scattered throughout the foyer!DSC05227

One of my junk boards and Susan’s FABULOUS secretary and chair!DSC05228

Not trying to be bossy, but the sign says it all!  The board is half of an old armoire door (see the wonderful detail across the top?), and the drawer came from the sewing machine in the earlier pic (5 more drawers to repurpose!!).


Susan stitched some sweet little lavender sachets – and they smell heavenly! DSC05229

This cabinet has it all…a wonderful old window, a shelf on top for display, and storage below…anyone interested??? (sorry, it’s too big to ship)


Susan creates the cutest gift tags – fabric flowers and lace – and, if you use a pencil to write with – someone else can use it again to “re-gift”!DSC05233

And, down below – a little bit of “this and that” – and some beautiful antique curtains (SOLD)!DSC05232

And, my ice skates (with fur, lace and bling…) – SOLD!


More stuff... DSC05236

Susan’s sweetly salvaged creations!

 DSC05237 DSC05238

A vintage screen full of my jewelry!


Watchlets for sale!


A shelf I made from an old drawer (the pull is at the bottom) – I added a piece of wood for more display space, and a decorative piece at the bottom AND a couple crystals to the wire holder - to dress it up!DSC05259

Not any medicine in this cabinet, but it could be filled with lots of junk!


From upstairs…or downstairs – we think it looks fab!


And, at the end of the day…ta da!!!  We’re still smiling!


Just like the sign says…IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!DSC05255

   One more pose… :)


And here we are…partners in junk!! :)  And, great friends too! DSC05261

Now for the rest of the shoppe…DSC05212

A door repurposed…


Slipcovered to perfection!


Great painted furniture and chippy columns…


Someone seriously needs to buy this unbelievably awesome trunk…before Susan and I fight over who needs to buy it – it’s divine!!  And the most perfect shade of pale blue!  (She actually has the perfect spot for it in her bedroom.)


Girls…girls and more girls…vintage and elegant!


Elegant – the picture AND the frame!


And…whimsically fun!!


Sorry…we’ll try to keep the “fun” down to a low roar!! :)


It is…


And heading upstairs…


A screen creatively decorated with feed sacks – cool, right??


  Here’s a peek into an upstairs room…


More girls’ stuff upstairs too! 


Vintage clothes…and accessories (don’t you just love the limey green of the chair???)


And Suzie hard at work – and yes, she wears her cute clothes while she paints (just like those decorators on HGTV!) –how does she do that???  I’m always splattered from head to toe!


Hope you enjoyed the tour – you’ll have to stop in to see the rest!  See you there.

And, by the way, there is a Valentine’s Celebration Sale on February 11th – 11am-5pm.  10% and more off selected items (our space will be 10% off everything).  There will be refreshments, great music and fun (and I’ll be there to meet and greet and SELL our “junk”!  Come and shop to your “heart’s” content!!

Oh, and I did mention road trip, didn’t I?

Terri and I are heading to Nashville for the Tailgate/Music Valley Antique Show in Hendersonville, TN (just outside of Nashville, y’all!).  Here’s the link with all the info: (click on the logo)

Tailgate-Music Valley Antique Show

Also, during the antique show…there’s a new “show within the show” – The Vintage Marketplace -  and it promises to be truly unique – lots of talented artists/vendors from all over the country, who will be sharing their wares.


We’ll be getting to the area on Thursday afternoon and plan to find a few junking/antiquing spots to entertain us.  Then, on Friday and Saturday, we’ll be at The Vintage Marketplace to shop and help our friend, Ericka, who is a wonderfully talented vintage jewelry redesigner/artist…  Here is one of her posts - 

And, to top it all off, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style will be there with her entourage – and it’s gonna be a junkin’ good time.  There are special events during the Vintage Marketplace, giving junkers some “Sue” time…and a chance to win prizes too!  She’s a blast to hang with – sharing her love of all things junk…style, function and fun!

I’m really looking forward to meeting the vendors and bloggers – and some members of a little facebook group I’m a part of…the Southern Junkers (you can find them on facebook -  And, of course making some new friends – that’s what it’s all about – sharing our love of junk and the next new thing we can figure out to do with it!!!

We’re ready to hit the road…like Willie Nelson…we’ll be “on the road again” – and I think I hear a little John Denver playing too “take me home country roads”!!!

Well…time to do the thing I love the most…pack!  Actually, I’ve done really well this time (I think so anyway), and have only one outfit for each day – I’m notorious for overpacking (and needing “options”), but if anyone happens to need an extra pair of socks, or whatever – they usually know who to ask!!!

So, hope y’all have a great week…will share pics when I get back!!