Monday, June 20, 2011

Here’s your sign…countdown to Vintage Market Day…

And, yes, they are randomly strewn across my kitchen floor…but, they’ll soon be hitting the busiest street corners in Mansfield to advertise our
Second Annual Vintage Market Day
This Saturday, June 25th – from 9am to 4pm
317 Park Avenue West in SUNNY Mansfield!
Our banner is hung on the porch with great care, in hopes that TONS of customers will soon be there.

We’ve painted and embellished, and designed and repaired…
So much is “unique”, you might call it “rare”…
(The treasures below were done by Susan Schmidt – our newest junking friend and fellow vendor!)
The Mellors (RT & Mary Ann – the owners) will be smiling and ready to share…
the Susan Sturges House with customers from everywhere…
OK…I’ll stop before I get too silly, but I did want to share a few pics of the house…it’s oh so beautiful inside…
(And yes, the items pictured in the house are also for sale…and the word is…the house could be for sale too!)
We've got 12+ vendors this year, so you'll find a variety of treasures big and small, antique and vintage, handcrafted and original, sparkly and rusty, functional and just plain beautiful - something for everyone (I promise)!
Wishing you a week full of sunshine and happy moments! 
See you at the Market!!
Kathy, Terri & Co.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You’re invited…to our 2nd Annual Vintage Market Day!

DSC01634And, look, we’re official…  We even went all out and bought a banner this year!!


Here is all the important JUNK:

When:  Saturday, June 25th – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (ONE DAY ONLY) Be there early for a place in line!

Where:  The historic Susan Sturges House located at 317 Park Avenue West, in sunny Mansfield, Ohio

Click HERE and you’ll see the map!


You won’t miss it – we’ll have signs here and there – and, balloons to mark the spot!!!  There is lots of parking (just down the alley) behind the house (in the parking lot of Rex Gilbert Auto Electric)…

We’re so excited – we’ve been collecting (aka temporarily hoarding) lots of great vintage things to sell (our storage unit runneth over!!).  Terri and I will have our redesigned vintage jewelry, some trash-to-treasure designs for your home and garden, furniture and more.  We’ll also have some “junk” outside as well (you know…the things that you buy and say, “I’ll figure out something to do with that”…it’s that kind of stuff) – with some bargain prices.  AND on top of that…I’m doing some “housecleaning” myself, and will be parting with some treasures (i.e., a collection of vintage jewelry), furniture, etc. - as well as some “junk” from my basement – for you to turn into something fabulous!

Jewels & more jewels…DSC01578


Unique garden decor (love the old baby buggy filled with posies - and the sweet “pinkish” scooter)


  A vintage garden collection & and a hosta from my garden (all for one price!)DSC01658

The table will be set…with vintage junk style! (and some wonderful white Haviland china)DSC01669 

In the good ol’ summertime…can you hear it???  I can!  (what a sweet little piano – pink with cute little angels on each side)DSC01660 

Signs, signs, everywhere signs – harvested from an old garden chair – the pieces and parts of the seat were screaming to be reused!DSC01649 DSC01596

And see what I made from an old Hoosier pull-out???  Message central – to get you organized, or just for fun!  (the “junk” chalk tray is also a piece of the harvested garden chair – with a perfect “ledge” for chalk to rest…)DSC01601 

Some metal – heavy or not so heavy…and, of course we’ve got LOTS of silver!DSC01653


We’ve got 12+ vendors, with such a wide variety of goodies, there will be “something” for everyone (I promise).  The house should be packed – upstairs AND downstairs!  Some of those items include:

  • Cottage furniture and repurposed/redesigned home/garden decor – by our new friends, the dynamic duo of Susan Schmidt & Pam Harris (of Mansfield)
  • Handpainted signs by Jenni Carrino (of Burbank) – she uses shutters and other great things to express her “inner junker”!
  • Herbs & perennials (for sale on the front lawn) by Becky McKinley of Bellville)
  • Whimsically redesigned artwork (she uses game boards and more) by our friend Jeanne Norman (of Johnstown), as well as vintage designed belt buckles by her friend, Kathy (not sure if it’s a “C” or “K”)
  • Wonderful and unique vintage/antique finds (from furniture to linens) by our dear friend, Ginny Brandt (of Mansfield)
  • Primitive furniture, etc., and handcrafted birdhouses by R.T. & Mary Ann Mellor (of Mansfield – and owners of the home)
  • Vintage handcrafted “lovelies” for garden or home use – by our friends, Robin Utt & Carol Lucas (of Mansfield), AND Linda Grine & Sue Bruot (of Bryan)
  • Antique dolls/toys and primitives from our new friend, Janet Jerger (of Bryan)
  • And…maybe more!!
  • We’ve got some great volunteers to greet you, as well as help you with your purchases!  (And, you know you’re gonna need help!!)
  • And, what would summer be without some good ol’ fashioned lemonade?  We’ll have that too!!

I guess you can tell that we’ve got a few friends that love/collect “junk” like we do – you know what they say about “birds of a feather”…………. yep…they “junk” together!

And, for your further junking/antique pleasure, (after you’ve shopped our sale of course) there is a monthly fleamarket at the local county fairgrounds (not huge, but still a stop worth making – good selection, great vendors, and bargains to be found), as well as other antique stops in the area to pick from.  And, since it’s the weekend – you’ll probably be able to spot a garage sale sign or three… You can definitely make a full day of it!

If fabulous gardens are your thing (I know they’re mine…), the beautiful grounds of Kingwood Center (located just minutes west of our sale on Park Avenue West), are in full bloom, and there’s a greenhouse too!

We’ll provide a map so you can see the sights of sunny Mansfield. Here’s the website for Mansfield Convention & Visitors Bureau – just in case. Please email me if you have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to answer!

Well, it’s about time to start painting and creating…and creating and painting – oh yeah…and diving into my treasure chest (aka my basement) to see what’s there (yep – I’m sure I’ll find a “few” things that I forgot were even there – it’ll be like Christmas!).

Hope you can make it!!

It’s going to be a FABULOUS day!



Our next stop will be The Summer Market (July 29th & 30th) – on the shores of Lake Erie - in beautiful Avon Lake!  It’s our first time, and we can’t wait!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On with the (next) show…


April-Terri-Kathy(An old pic…but I love it – it’s so US!!)

Hello there fellow fans of summertime…family and friend time, gardening, picnics, fleamarkets, garage sales, the warm sunshine, and SO much more!!!  I don’t care if I hear that four letter “S” word for a long, long time!

I’ve been busy getting ready for our next show.  Painting and creating, creating and painting – you understand!!  (And, I’ve had a little help from my husband, Jim – who is working his way up the junk ladder…my Junk Hunk in training!).

And, speaking of our next show, Terri and I will be heading to Elyria, Ohio very early (one of those giant cup of coffee mornings…) this coming Saturday (June 11th) to set up for the CHIC UNIQUE HOME – SALE ON THE SQUARE.  It will run from 10:00am – 5:00pm.   


Our fellow junker and friend, Carrin Andress, is hosting the show, and we’re so excited to be a part of it.  She has monthly occasional shows, and is expanding for the month of June to include vendors around the square.  There will be about 15-20 artists/vendors – with a wide variety of vintage/antique treasures and handcrafted items – a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, don’t ya think??

In addition to the outside vendors, Carrin’s shop, Chic Unique Home will be packed with vintage treasures and beautifully painted furniture – she’s been busy as a bee – and I’m sure has gone “over the top” to make sure everything is just right.  Her style is very sophisticated…with a little sanding around the edges too!




The address of her shop is 121 Middle Avenue, Elyria, Ohio  44035, and the telephone number is: 440-213-5569. 

Terri and I will have our redesigned vintage jewelry and other repurposed/renewed treasures for sale, as well as some awesome vintage/antique finds that we’ve collected through a “few” excursions this summer (aka garage sales, fleamarkets, etc…).  The “goods” have been piling up in my basement, and it’s time to bring them out into the sunlight and sell, sell, sell!! (And, I think my husband gets a little nervous when the piles get too high!!)  Did I mention we were excited???  We’re hoping to see some familiar faces, and make some new friends too – we love that part of doing shows!

Look for our sign…


Here are few things I’ve been working on…

Signs…my new favorite thing!  The four at the top of the picture are actually slats from the seat of an old chair – I “harvested” them from my garden!  I just love the look of weathered wood – don’t you??  I painted a few more, but you’ll have to come to the show and see for yourself…


Chalkboards…a few different sizes – all have vintage frames..


And this one is my favorite (and completed with the help of my hubby!)…I think it was a pull-out thingie (?) from an old Hoosier cabinet or something…sorry, didn’t mean to be too technical – I just really don’t know what it’s called… It’s big though – lots of space to organize or just have fun!!


And it’s got a few bells and whistles…a wooden key holder, a “not-so-heavy” metal storage bin (very cool, right??), and a “JUNK” chalk tray (it is actually one of the slats from the garden chair – a perfect place to rest a few pieces of chalk – see, I didn’t waste any part of that old chair). 

And, speaking of the garden chair…here’s a pic of what is left “standing”…


You just can’t keep a good chair down!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek at what we’re doing next.  Be there or be “SQUARE” – on the square I mean…in Elyria, Ohio this Saturday, June 11th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Have a wonderfully beautiful summer week!!





The house will be packed with vintage and antique treasures – from primitives and antique furniture and other fabulous finds…to redesigned/repurposed home and garden decor– redesigned jewelry and TONS more!  We’ve got some new artists/vendors (can’t wait for you to meet them), and we’re also adding herbs & perennials for sale on the front lawn, and lots more!!!  I’ll be sharing more information and photos of some of our vendors’ wares…so stay tuned.  I hope you’ve marked your calendar…

SATURDAY - JUNE 25TH from 9:00am – 4:00pm

…and can come to Mansfield for a day of treasure hunting.  Not only is our sale on that day, the local fairgrounds is having their monthly fleamarket as well.  And if you want, we’ve got a few great places to shop for more antiques – I’ll have a list/map to share.

Oh, and we’ll all be quite fashionable in vintage dresses, aprons and hats!  That’s worth the trip right there!!!

Here’s the link from last year’s show…To Market, To Market…

And, here’s my post from the JUNKMARKET Style site as well… To Market, To Market…Our First Annual Vintage Market Day