Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Artiscape - An amazing artist's weekend and art fair - and we'll be there!!!!!

Hello friends!

So glad you stopped by today.  Hope you had a blessed Easter -- and now we're happily just beginning spring......... flowers blooming (which means digging in the dirt - good-bye little fingernails...I can never leave my gloves on!), and warmer weather - woo hoo...we're so done with that "S" word in Ohio!  Oh and the beginning of garage sale season - it doesn't get much better!  (I'll be checking the newspaper to see where I can run to on my lunch hour on Thursday - ha ha!)

I've just been crazy busy with prep for three shows in the next month, not to mention yard work, helping with an estate sale, and most!  Anyway, I want to update you on where Terri and I are going to be, and what we've been up to.

We're doing our very first art show.  We're so excited because we're bringing all sorts of handcrafted treasures made from vintage bits and pieces - jewelry, collages, pincushions, paperweights, button bouquets, and more.  We've both been busy as bees - Terri in her loft, and me in my basement.   So, we'll have two tables of some very unique "junk creations"!

The show is called Artiscape, and here are the details:

When:  April 16-18, 2010 - We'll be there on Sunday, April 18th for the Outsider Art Fair from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Where:  The Holiday Inn Capitol Square - Columbus, Ohio

Artiscape- An Artist’s Gathering, Holiday Inn Capitol Square (175 E Town St. Columbus, OH). An artistic event of mixed media workshops presented by a select group of professional instructors. More than 50 classes in bookbinding, jewelry, metalwork, beading, calligraphy, altered books and mixed media. One-day Art Materials Marketplace (Saturday, 4/17, 10-5 p.m.) with eclectic vendors, Outsider Art Fair (Sunday, 4/18, 11-5 p.m.) with finished works. Preview party, evening gatherings, afternoon tea, demos, prizes, silent auction and more. For materials, send SASE to European Papers, Ltd./Artiscape, 539 E. Town St., Carriage House, Columbus, OH 43215 or visit website for pdf and online registration at

Here's a sampling of what I've created.....a table full of junk fun!  I could just camp out in my basement and play for days................
Here's a little more...
A timely piece of wall art...see "Old Tyme" collage  for all the little details at JUNKMARKETSTYLE.COM
Just a few paperweights - filled with clock parts, jewelry, buttons, and whatever I find on my workbench!
A little piece of France...oooh la la!  In its former life, this pretty little piece of glass was a candleholder, and turned upside down it becomes a paperweight!
And for the fashionista (that would be my daughter, Kristen)...
And, this one is called "Lucky 7" - a vintage bingo card and "stuff"! 
Message central - an old window put to work!! 
See the "close-up" on this project at "A Window of Opportunity/Organization" at JUNKMARKETSTYLE.COM
Some sweet pincushions - re-using some vintage/antique planters and scraps of antique fabric and lace, etc. - for jewelry display, pins for your sewing area, or just because!

And my personal favorites...button bouquets - antique buttons, jewelry, bottles, etc...
each one is different and is the gift that keeps on giving (no watering necessary!)...

And I did just a few pieces of jewelry - necklaces and rings - using vintage pieces and parts...
Button and earring "rings" displayed on a rusty candelabra..
A cute necklace - two lovebirds with accessories from an old pin - "key to my heart"...

AND - Here's a peek at what Terri's been up to.....................

She's an amazing artist, and inspires me SO much.  When she comes upon a new type of art, she's fearless and digs soldering jewelry (and usually sucks me into the adventure - and of course I'm more than happy to join in anyway...)!  Here are some of her unique vintage creations:

And, presenting Sweet Magnolia, modeling a few of Terri's jewelry pieces!
Here is a sample of what Terri will be selling at the Outsider Art Fair - I think they're fabulous!
Vintage buttons and pieces and parts of old jewelry find new lives.  I think they're pretty happy with their new chic vintage look, don't you?
Soldered china and cut glass and a rusty key - a match made in junk heaven!
A garage sale find hand mirror gets a new look for spring...and look...more jewelry!  Terri will admit that she was totally obsessed with making jewelry for the show - it's just BIG fun!

One of her collages - so many random pieces fit so perfectly together...
who would have thought?
Another thoughtful collage (we just love little boxes)!
That's it for the preview - I hope you can come to the show, we'd love to meet you and help you pick out the perfect gift for someone special- YOU!!

After the Artiscape event, we'll be heading to Minneapolis, MN on May 5th for Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style  (May 6-9 - with a Gala on May 5th) - and we'll be taking a BUNCH of clocks!!  Stop by the site and check it out - it is going to be an amazing way to spend Mother's Day weekend!!  We're hoping to meet lots of JMS members and fellow junkers there!  Click HERE for details! 
Oh, and DON'T forget...the Springfield Extravaganza (May 14-16) - we'll be set up in a new spot (just across from where we normally are) - spaces #621 and #634 .  We'll also be joined by our friend, Ginny, and she's bringing some beautiful antiques to sell as well.  She shops auctions and estates - and has a great eye for unique things!  Please stop by and say hi, and check out all of our great finds (we've been like squirrels stashing things away all winter in our storage space...and, yes, we'll bring a few clocks too!).  With more than 2000 vendors, this show is a must see!!! 

And, last but not least...Terri and I are putting together plans for a summer event - so stay tuned for details - it'll be an afternoon of old fashioned vintage fun...junk, jewelry, furniture, food and MORE! 

Have a beautiful spring day!



  1. up late and was excited to come upon your offerings on the JunkMarket site e-mailed to me today. I feel as though I have found a kindred spirit! Your stuff is amazing and oh, how I wish I was closer to attend your show! You are going to do well and your friend, Terri, is also amazing!!! We do alot of the same things in a different way. I would be so excited for you to visit my blog, ***I also read about young and I can "hear" his struggles with God. I lost my husband to cancer in 2006 and am working on a book from the e-mails I wrote during his illness. I will be praying for Jon.

    God's blessings to you.....debbie

  2. My goodness, but somebody has been busy! Love the paperweights and the lampshade! Glad to see you weren't wasting your snow days.
    Good luck with the show!

  3. Lots of great creations, Kathy~ should be a great show!

  4. Kathy, you certainly look ready for your shows! You have been really busy! What perfect button flowers and I spy some fun wire projects. Paperweights very much I wish I could be there to touch.

    I'm enjoying my really kewl wind up clock, hubby says he used one for years that woke him up for his paper route..ions ago now..much love and perfect to decide it's perfect use!
    Hope you sell everything!!

  5. OMG...what beautiful treasures my friend! The ladies will be lining up like fleas to get a hold of all these treasures! Best of luck with the show...xo...deb


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