Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Before and after…a bathroom “design on a half a dime…or 5 cents”


Hello my friends!

Hope you’re all weathering the winter alright.  We had a quick trip to Florida in January (way too quick, but was thankful we got to feel some warm sunshine for a while!).  I’ve been busy…you know the routine – getting ready for the upcoming show season, and weeding through some junk in my basement, that I’m finally using and/or selling this year. 

I just have to share my new bathroom with you…My tired, early 90s bathroom…(the cabinets in need of some paint…white of course, and wallpaper in need of a going away par-tay!!).  We hadn’t done anything with the bathroom since we moved in…in 2000, so, it was time for a change.  So, for my Christmas present this year, my sweet husband (with a little hint or two from my friend, Susan) took on the re-do!  We planned our “design on a half a dime” (literally, we were being very frugal this past Christmas); and dug in!!

First to go was the humungous cabinet over the toilet (pictures of its “re-do” at the end of the story…).  It was way too big, and I really wanted a cute little shabby white cabinet to replace it.


SO…poof it was gone (well, it was a little harder to do than that)!!  It already looks roomier in there (and here’s my handyman working hard!).


The vanity area needs a little help too…it wasn’t bad, but it was going to be better!


The lights come down (can you believe that at one time…and not while we’ve lived here, the walls were that unbelievable orange??? Now that would be an eye opener in the early a.m…)


And…the wallpaper, well the tiny floral pattern was cute for a while, but you can see what I think of that now…


After much work removing wallpaper (and if any of you have ever removed wallpaper before, it doesn’t necessarily to take you to your happy place!! – until it’s gone!)  I chose a nice neutral paint color so I could decorate with just about any color.

And, so…without further adieu – here is the result of our project – amazingly wonderful, if I do say so myself!!  The only things we had to purchase were paint and trim for the mirror.  I gathered junk from around the house to finish it up.  Thanks to Jim and all his hard work (and some help from me too…with the “details”…because you know it’s all about the details!)! 

The “new” curtain is an “old” pillowcase with some sweet detail…  And, don’t you just love that little cabinet? (thank you Susan – I love it!)


We kept the original lights, I just painted the metal and waxed it (with Annie Sloan dark wax).  And, the cabinets with their fresh coat of white paint…love, love, love.  We trimmed out the mirror with some wood trim, and a coat of paint and waxed…


Back to the sweet cabinet area…time to zoom into the details…


Next to the cabinet is this rusty, vintage oil lamp sconce (permanently borrowed from another room). 


Very cool, right?  I got it a garage sale years ago, and haven’t seen another one like it.


It’s got just the right amount of rusty beauty to it!DSC00544

Hanging on the door knob is a little lavender sachet (by my friend, Susan)…  I just love lavender!


On the top of the cabinet – a little collection.


Not sure what my favorite thing is…the hat or the pitcher?DSC00507

Zooming in…DSC00555

I just adore vintage millinery…DSC00548

The other side – a chippy little corbel and pale green vase.DSC00508

Chippy is so much better up close!DSC00553

Below the cabinet (because I couldn’t just stop at adding a cabinet…), is a shelf that I painted and dark waxed (notice a theme here??).  I also added some scraps of scrapbook paper here and there to make it look like old peely wallpaper.


Cute, right??


Tiny, blingy tick tocks…


This little mirrored thermometer (advertising piece) was just too sweet to pass up at the antique mall!


And a little of the sweet smelling stuff – Heaven Sent is actually something I wore in high school!  Oh, and Love’s musky jasmine (anybody remember that???)


And, a little reading material and a shabby bottle!DSC00516

And an old key…well, they just go with anything!!


Did I ever mention my love of old mirrors???  Well, I kind of have a problem, not that I’m obsessed with looking in them…just at them – lots of them!! :)


My favorite (in this room anyway…)DSC00511

An old shaving mirror (I think)



Another view…


I reused the shower hooks (just dry brushed them with white, and I did that dark wax thing again!!)


Now, back to the vanity…another mirror added (I told you I had a problem)


Over the vanity is the sweetest beach scene (this was here before the re-do, and it’s one of my favorite things - a painting by my talented friend, Terri), so it was back in its “home sweet home”!


At one end, I used an old rusty, green (don’t ya just love the patina of that thing??), and some “fake” flowers (that match the shower hooks), and a pale green flower pot that is being repurposed to hold lotions!DSC00517

This is the greatest grate (I had to say that…sorry)


At the other end of the vanity, you guessed it – more mirrors – hand mirrors this time!


And my next favorite thing in the bathroom (my fav is my shabby cabinet), is this fabulous old mirror/towel bar that I found at Springfield Extravaganza last fall – is it not the coolest thing???  (It didn’t have a glass shelf, but I just happened to have one in my basement stash – ya just never know when you’ll need one, right???)


A little closeup – a button bouquet, fabulous vintage clock, and an even more fabulous print by Christie Repasy!!


Old clocks are another favorite of mine!




Aren’t the roses just beautiful??DSC00540

One more view – again, just the perfect amount of rust!DSC00547

And, behind the bathroom door – more storage space, with a sweet piece of trim to top it off!


And, just for fun, a vintage waste can!


You know you should always have a spot to hide your slippers – this little metal stool is the perfect place, and it doesn’t take up much room in my little bathroom.DSC00558

And…remember that humungous cabinet???  Here’s what I did…(with a little help from Jim!). 

He added a railing across the top (formerly known as the bottom) of the cabinet – to give it a finished look.


And some fabulous antique “feet” to the bottom (formerly known as the top) to give it a little lift!DSC00267

Ta-da….it’s ready to begin it’s new life (almost…)!


Doors off…shelves out…let the painting begin!


A couple coats of paint, a little Annie Sloan dark wax (my new best friend), and some antique glass knobs to add just the right amount of “bling”!


Sweet, right??


Oh, and don’t forget the feet – garage sale finds (they were tucked away waiting for just the right piece of furniture!).


Great display space, and three shelves of storage.  I think it looks happy with its makeover, don’t you??


And, here’s another little cabinet re-do…a kitchen cabinet given to me by a friend (I just love it that my friends give me their junk!!)


Jim added an old header piece to the back and reinforced it, so it could withstand it’s new use – a storage bench, and strong enough to have a seat so you can put on your boots!!  And, of course some feet…!


And, a messy paint job, topped off by the Annie Sloan dark wax (did I mention that I just love that stuff???) DSC00916

My next dilemma was what to use for a “handle” to lift the lid (and I didn’t want it to be in the way of being able to sit on it), and after trying bits and pieces of what I had on hand, and a trip to the hardware store…I decided on a piece of old rope and a big ‘ol key (not old, but it has that look) – and I just love it!!!


The rusty look of the key makes it so perfectly “imperfect”!DSC00917

What a great place to tuck away gloves, hats, and all that wintery stuff – or magazines, toys, or just plain ol’ junk! DSC00919 

I’ve been trying to find a spot in my house for my “bathroom” cabinet, but it looks like it’ll be accompanying me to my next show, and so will the sweet little bench!  I’m sure they’ll sell right away!

Thanks for stopping by today and making your way through my sweet little bathroom renovation, and my two cabinet projects.  Hope you have a great day, and happy junking (even if it IS winter!!).

Hugs from Ohio!


P.S.  Because I just can’t stop myself…  Thought I’d throw in a little reminder of where we’ll be selling our unique, redesigned junk jewelry and salvaged picture frames.


Spring is a time to refresh and renew. The Dianne Boldman Education Gallery and porch will be transformed into a vignette of renewed furniture, architectural pieces, wall art & more. Find that special piece that will freshen up your home this spring! All proceeds from this event will benefit the Education Program at BAYarts.

April 5th 6-9 pm and April 6th 9 am-5 pm

28795 Lake Road, Bay Village, Ohio 44140

Carrin Andress of Chic Unique
Debby Martinez of Treasure & Tea
Jenni Carrino of The Vintage Songbird
Shannon Vance of Stash Style
Kathy Stantz, Terri Osborne & Susan Schmidt of Nostalgia's Cottage
Marcy Hoke of Shabby Shore

We won’t be at this event, but our wares will be in the company of some other uber fabulous artists’/vendors’ creations – hope you can make it.

P.S.S.  (wink wink)  Just to give you some inside info on my next post…it has to do with a design (and organization) of a craft/art room that I did for my friend, Jill, last month – it went from “UGH – I can’t find anything” to “OMG…I forgot I had those” – you’re gonna love it!  (She did…and so did Rudi!)  So, stay tuned, and you’ll see the big reveal of Rudi’s new play, I mean Jill’s new craft room! ;) 

Alright – that’s it – I’m done…for now!