Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OH MY GOODNESS!!! The World's Longest Yard Sale - PART ONE - OHIO...

Me and the girls (Carol, Robin and Ginny)...hit the road on early Friday morning, August 6th, in Robin's van - along the Route 30 (Lincoln Highway BuyWay - and hit a few sales BEFORE Rt. 127)...on our way to the mother of all yard sales...THE WORLD'S LONGEST YARD SALE!!! It stretches from Hudson, Michigan all the way to Gadsden, Alabama - 675 miles!!! We traveled from Mansfield to Van Wert, Ohio (over 100 miles) to get to Rt. 127 - and after two days, and about 260 more miles, we were in Lawrenceburg, KY on Saturday night. It was the second trip for Carol, Robin, and I...but it was Ginny's first time - and Ginny's words for the weekend were "Oh my goodness" (as we're driving down the road just perusing, or at every stop along the way - it is a bit overwhelming!!).   We were a bit conservative the first day with our purchases - not wanting to fill the van up too quickly...that was a tough task!

P.S.  Terri, we missed you - hugely!!  But, we did buy a few gifts for you along the way!  And...we ARE on the calendar for next year!!!  Just planning's what I do!

SO, I've decided to break it down a bit...I took over two hundred pictures (and shopped too - being the multi-tasker that I am) - so I thought I should try to not "overload" everybody with too much "junk" at one time!'s what I'm gonna do:

Part I - Ohio

Part II - Kentucky


Part III - My finds
(which are STILL in the bags/boxes waiting for me to unpack - really!!)

Here was one of our first stops "before" we got to Van Wert...
a big ol' barn full of such cool stuff (it looked like a scene straight out of American Pickers)...

A race car and some motorcycles (my husband, Jim, would love this!)

Signs everywhere...and some old appliances...

These are some great sandbox toys!

Junk overload??

Another motorcycle sorta hidden from view.

I would have loved this little beauty when I was a little girl (well, I'd still love it)...

On to Van Wert...

Huge...we're there!!

I wanted to take their sign home with me!

Let's go in!

And - ANOTHER fleamarket...

B-I-N-G-O (love the round basket)

Close up!

Ginny and in a candy store!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!

The guy offered to take Ginny for a ride - only $5.00! (and I think she was definitely thinking about it!)

It's watermelon time!

This footstool had us puzzled...why the little "steps" on the side??? Anybody know?

They were even offering rides at one market...

Here we go...signs EVERYWHERE!!!

Rusted to perfection!

Who doesn't love old scales??? Robin found a great one in Kentucky!

Fishing, I mean junking in Celina, Ohio...

What a lovely little town! 
Sales...up and down the street - so it was time for us to stretch our legs!

Old toys are just too much fun!  We never really grow up, do we?

Does this couch scream Elvis or Austin Powers???

Ginny was wishing she could take it with her...
What a wonderful wicker desk - and just the perfect green!

The houses were beautiful - lots of history and character.

Craftsman style at its best.

These have great southern style...

We found great junk style here...

What a great place to sit and have lunch - the homemade chandelier was unbelievable.

Close up - an old ceiling tin holds everything in place. I bet it's beautiful lit up at night!

And, yes - we sort of window peeked (I have a huge weakness for white pottery) - don't ya love it?

And tucked away in the corner of the backyard...a little spot to sit and relax, read or take a nap...but we were on a mission and had to move many sales and so little time!

Just outside of Celina (on Rt. 127) we found the cutest little shop (called "Those Girls) and they were having a fleamarket too!!!

Lots of fun - "purplicious" detail!!!

Have a seat...the table is set in sweet vintage style!

There was great junk at every turn!!'s just like riding a never forget how! :)

This chick was large and in charge of this yard sale!!!

 Cruisin...for some great buys!

This is a warning...we will be stopping!!!  (us too)

 Robin & Ginny - Don't get too comfortable...there's still daylight left!!
(A nice fleamarket AND an ice cream stop!)

And this is one of our last stops...a campground with treasures to be uncovered!

Aren't these puppets hilarious???  And a little spooky??

 No housework for us this weekend...

 We may have been a little tired...but we had to close the place down (it's what we do!)...

And, at the end of the day - well you know...we were piling it in!!!

We were able to find lodging near Cincinnati (after a few tries)...and rested quite well I must say!  
Day two was hitting the hills of Kentucky and some great southern junk!!

Stay tuned for Part II - KENTUCKY...y'all come back now...ya hear???

Have a blessed day!



  1. HOLY. This is one of my dreams someday, to go on this great adventure. Man, I bet it was MORE than just fun! THANKS for the pictures and taking me along for the ride!


  2. Kathy,
    Love it and your comments!
    smiles, alice

  3. Hi Kathy.....Hey, I admire you and your girlfriends fortitude! I am sure you got some good junk! Can't wait to see what you guys found!~Hugs, Patti

  4. My oh my...lucky you! Wish I could have been there too...can't wait to see what you brought home! Laurel

  5. Looks like you had a blast. Can't wait to see Part II. LuAnn

  6. This my first time going and I'm from Florida, so we started out in Gadsden. It looked promising, but kinda fizzled out somewhere in the Lookout Mountain Parkway area. We only made it to Chatanooga on Sunday before it ended. I will have to try again next year, but it was definitely a fun experience!

  7. I'm tired just watching you guys shop. Looks like you had a good time in Ohio. Looking forward to Kentucky.

  8. I recognize a lot of those places. I look forward to Part II as I didn't make it that far south. La

  9. Thanks so much for sharing! I soooo wish I would have been tagging along. Looking forward to your next post.

  10. Talk about sensory overload...holey moley!
    First though I want to know...Did Ginny take the guy's $5, 'cause I know SHE wouldn't have to pay him.
    Second...could those be little doggie steps on the stepstool?
    And finally...forget E and AP...that couch screams Trasherella for sure!
    P.S. Cannot wait to see what else waits down the yellowbrick road!

  11. Boy am I jealous! I wanna go sometime but now just isn't the time! Maybe next year!

  12. Love it all, Kathy! Thanks for sharing all the fun!

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