Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Kathy & Terri's Show Schedule (and more) for 2011 - SAVE THE DATES!!

It's about "TIME" I get back into the swing of things....

Hello all, I know I've been missing in action for awhile (I think I've been going through a bit of "blogger's block").  Time has been flying by (which is great since it's winter in Ohio - not my favorite time of year).  We were able to take a trip to Florida - two and a half weeks of heavenly sunshine...from morning to nite (don't ya love it???)  And, from the beaches to the was BIG fun!  I'm really wondering why we don't live closer. 

The weather in Ohio has been crappy (yep, I said it) - rain, then snow, then flooding, then snow...ok I know it could be worse, AND I know spring is just around the corner so it'll be OK.  The time changes this weekend, so we'll all be SPRINGING FORWARD an hour and enjoying a bit more daylight - woo hoo!! 

Ahhhhh....the beach...shelling for hours at Treasure Island beach...

Besides vacation, I've been hibernating in my basement - busy making things for an upcoming show in April...junk jewelry, button bokays, collages, lampshades - and lots more.  Here's a few of the jewelry pieces I've made - it's just too much fun working/playing with bits and pieces (or snippets) of junk and seeing what they become...

This is made from a flattened spoon, and etc........

Bracelets made from vintage watches (I call them "watchlets").  I saw a picture of one in a book, and have been collecting broken watches like a crazy person since...

Stacked mother-of-pearl button necklaces with a little something extra (just for fun).

A "new" lampshade - redecorated using the crocheted trim from old pillowcases...and more mother-of-pearl buttons to finish it off!

So, just a preview...more to come. 

But, now I'll share the shows Terri and I (Nostalgia's Cottage) are scheduled to do, and hoping we see some of our junking/blogging friends too - can't wait for the season to start!


The Outsider Art Fair at Artiscape in Columbus, Ohio - Sunday, April 17th - 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.  The weekend is actually an artist's weekend - workshops, activities, and buying/selling beautiful unique art!  This is our second year at this event - lots of creative vendors selling their art and crafted items.


Springfield Antique Show & Fleamarket, aka EXTRAVAGANZA, at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio -  - Friday, May 13th-15th - Our space numbers are: 621 and 634.   This is our favorite fleamarket - over 2,000 vendors, awesome food vendors (gotta have some fair food, right???), and so many great antiques AND awesome "junk" you can't see it all in a day! We've done this show for a few years, and LOVE it...


Our very own SECOND Annual Vintage Market Day - Saturday, June 25th - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm...location to be announced soon.

 Our first one was at my house (much to my husband's dismay ;)...and the response was overwhelming (we kinda took over the neighborhood for the day), so we're working on getting a commercial location with protection from the weather (we had issues with a thunderstorm at midnight - the night before...), lots of parking, and a chance to add even more vendors/friends and more fabulous "stuff"!  So, stay's gonna be a great day.  See last year's post for more info and pics:   To Market, To Market...

And, plus, we get a chance to play dress up - fun vintage attire for all the vendors!  Hmmmm...what shall I ear this year???

Linda, me and Sue
We look like three June Cleavers, don't ya think?

Plants & Junk...Junk & Plants - either way, they're a perfect match!

Antiques, and lots of this and that...


We'll be at the Summer Market in Avon Lake (with beautiful Lake Erie as a backdrop) on July 29th and 30th.  This is our first time at this show, but you can check out their website and see why we're so excited to be a part of it!  (you can find them on facebook too) 


No shows for these girls - it's all about the hunt for some great JUNK!!

Our annual Girl's trip...August 4th - 7th - THE WORLD'S LONGEST YARD SALE.  We're planning on doing a couple hundred miles of it (there are actually 675 miles - from Hudson, Michigan down to Gadsden, Alabama - on State Route 127).  Our trip will consist of a good portion of Ohio, and a little bit of the hills of Kentucky!  It'll be our third time - and we have a blast!  Four or five of us (and our suitcases - you can picture that, right???) load up into a truck, haul our trusty trailer down the road - and pack it till the hinges scream!  Need I say more??

They didn't have to spell it out for us!

Fleamarkets and garage sales on every corner (and all points in between) - literally!!

This is one of my favorite shades of rust!

Oh my...


Springfield Antique Show & Fleamarket, aka EXTRAVAGANZA, at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio -  - September 16th-18th - Our space numbers are 621 & 634. This is our favorite fleamarket - over 2,000 vendors, awesome food vendors (gotta have some fair food, right???), and so many great antiques AND awesome "junk" you can't see it all in a day! We've done this show for a few years, and LOVE it... 

Happy girls - surrounded by all our "junk and ready to sell, sell, sell!!

Pics from last year...but you get the idea - lots of unique things - from furniture to jewelry...


The Ontario Craft Fair, in Ontario, Ohio - Saturday, December 3rd (space numbers to be announced).  This is our second year at this show - lots of beautiful art and handcrafted items, and we're planning on doubling our space size - so, we'll have LOTS more jewelry and seasonal creations to sell!  (Our vintage bottle snow "people" were big sellers last year - so, we'll be putting together a whole new "gang" for this year!)

That's it for our year (whew)...and then it will be on to my daughter's wedding in Florida!  So much to do (I've been given my "to do" list...bouquets for the bridal party - and you know Ill be using vintage fabrics, buttons and bling; and a "just married" banner, a little something for the bridesmaids, and I forget the rest!  But, I've got my "team" of friends to help me - I love my friends!  And, I have to find a dress too - minor detail, right?

Tom and Kristen are so happy together - it's just going to get better and better (and then there's the thought of some grandkids...oops, did I say that???)!

They make the cutest couple!
(and Jersey makes three!) 

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I always appreciate your comments, so hope you have time to say hi! 


P.S.  Now to get caught up on some blog visiting.  I've missed seeing what my very creative and talented blogging friends are up to!!!   I know you've all been busy too. 

Have a blessed week!!

P.S.S.  You thought I was done???  :)  I've got some great pics to share from our trip south. We stopped in Charlotte for a couple days and visited the most wonderful antique malls - The Sleepy Poet, and The Depot at Gibson Mill... 

And, I got to meet Janna (of Artsy Fartsy Junk Finds fame!!)!!!

One of these days we're going to do some serious junking together - I just know it!