Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Getting in the holiday spirit…

Hello out there!  (I know you’re there…I see the counter and it’s clicking away as people visit my blog – so, thanks for stopping by!!)

It’s time for another show, and of course we’ve been bizzy as bees, or in light of the season…bizzy as little elves (and my basement is command central for me!).  There is a constant trail of glitter that follows me!

Of course I’m going to share some pictures (it’s what I do, as anyone who knows me will agree…), maybe even provide a little inspiration to get you going on your holiday projects too.  Here are the details for the show…

The 37th Annual Community Craft Show 

Saturday, December 7th - 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

at the Richland Co. Fairgrounds in Mansfield, Ohio   

Next on my list is digging through boxes and boxes (and I do mean boxes and boxes) of decorations – mostly vintage and some treasured little keepsakes from my daughter’s childhood – to help to brighten up our home with some holiday cheer!  I’ll be having my third annual (so, that makes it a tradition, right??) girls’ day out with about 15 of my girlfriends, so I know they will be expecting a “little” bit of tinsel and such...

Anyways, back to my creations for the show…here’s the preview…

The “wreath” department…old wheels, stars, and stamped spoon ornaments…



DSCN0969  DSCN0972

DSCN0973  DSCN0974DSCN0975  DSCN0984  DSCN0981  DSCN1012    

Raggedy, lacy stars!

DSCN0971  DSCN0970

Trees and more trees…

DSCN0988  DSCN0994DSCN0993  DSCN1005 DSCN1006  DSCN1007   DSCN1021  DSCN1028DSCN1029

I love these!!! 

DSCN0989  DSCN0991DSCN0990

Joyful candelabras!

DSCN0996  DSCN0997

Vintage pastry blenders…looking pretty happy!

DSCN0999  DSCN1018

The Snow Queen…

DSCN1000  DSCN1002

A little skier under glass!


An old child’s chair with a page from a vintage nursery rhyme book – now, how sweet will that be hanging on a wall???


Susan and Terri have been busy in their workshops as well…so, you’ll be sure to see lots more holiday loveliness coming from them too!

A bit of what Susan is bringing (the reclaimed wood frames are from another show, but wanted to share – she’s got “new” ones for this show!).  And, isn’t that tree the cutest darned thing ever??


1157724_10151830704342943_505882614_n  DSCN0061

Terri has been creating some new members of her “snow” community…here are a few!

snowmen1  snowmen2

  It is the season…


Stay tuned to see what’s in store for the girls of Nostalgia’s Cottage for 2014(“store” being the key word)  – well, I’ve already spilled the beans on some of it via facebook, of course…soooooooo…  We are moving into a space in downtown Mansfield where we’ll have storage, a work (play) area, and a beautiful old storefront to have sales…occasionally!!  We feel so blessed to be given this opportunity, and are looking forward to where the road may lead… I’ll be sharing our 2014 show schedule soon as well – hope to see ya in the new year!!


Wishing you all a blessed Christmas season and Happy New Year!  

Hugs from Ohio,


Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Sale at Warwick Farm – The Rural Society Antique & Garden Show



Hello all!  Another Springfield Extravaganza has come and gone, and it was BIG fun, BIG sales and BIG etc….. I’ll share photos in my next post (Springfield and Rural Society).

But just wanted to post a reminder of the upcoming Rural Society Antique & Garden Show.  Our trailer is packed, and we’re headed down early in the morning to unload, set up – fussing and fluffing until it’s just right!! 

This show is set in the rolling hills of Knox County, on a beautiful historic farm.  There are over 30 talented vendors/artists getting ready to sell their wares amongst the barns, and gardens.  An occasional chicken or peacock, and some very sweet dogs roam the grounds… I can’t say enough about the beauty tucked into the countryside here in Ohio!  There are also food vendors, flower vendors, musicians, and more…  A truly unique show with something for everyone.

Here are the details:

The Rural Society Antique & Garden Show – Friday, October 4th – 9am – 7pm


Warwick  Farm

16620 Wells Road

Mt. Vernon, Ohio

We participated in this show in the spring (for the first time), and are happy to be back for the fall 2013 version.  Here are a couple posts so you can get an idea of what’s in store…

Next stop…The Rural Society Antique & Garden Show!

And, here’s another…

Going “rural”, and a trunk show!!

And, just to tempt you a bit more…here’s a peek at just a “few” of the things we’re bringing to the show…handcrafted items…reusing vintage pieces and parts, antique/vintage finds, restyled/redesigned jewelry, furniture, architectural…all packed into our space – it’s always a treat sharing what we love with customers/friends!

Susan’s frames – are a hit!  She uses old wood, hardware, and adds family photos for a personal touch.

001 (1)


Terri’s “new” creations – wood and hardware, and other vintage elements create the most amazing crosses – they’re heavenly!


Terri’s cuff bracelets are back…with more bling and fabulous style!


Me…I’m always doing a little bit of this and that…whatever I happen to find in my basement – well, I’ll try to make something out of it.  Even an old raggedy tool bag can have a second life…a planter?  I think so! 0411132143

Signs, signs, everywhere signs – a few of my favorites…0821131908 


Harvest-ing some bingo cards (I’ve got way too many, and need to start using some…)  So stencils and some silk ribbon finish it off perfectly!


Ta da!!!



We’ve got faith…it’s gonna be a great show!!


A vintage pastry blender…turned upside down, and attached to an old carved wooden bird (turned on its side)…nothing is used the way it was intended!!  And, a perfect lady is displayed with fun vintage style!


Vintage hats…straw for him, and a little ditty trimmed in velvet for her!  What a happy couple!


My watchlets are timeless and always a curiosity!  I think they’re just plain ol’ fun!


Susan tried to find a place in her house for this sweet cabinet (and hates to part with it), but since she couldn’t…she’s taking it to the show – and a lucky customer will be taking this one to its new home sweet home I’m sure!


A jar of old building blocks…this spells fun!


This old tool box (?) was just begging for a redo…so some paint, sanding, stenciling, waxing, and it’s proud to be a “Buckeye”!!0929132124a - Copy

Alright, now, I’m just having fun with some old brass stencils and the “Buckeye box”..


Or, Ohio JUNK0929132127

Or how about an Ohio Junk Harvest???

0929132126 - Copy

And, wouldn’t this vintage picnic set be perfect for that Ohio State game???  Or Friday night football??  Hot chocolate, snacks AND style!


Hand stamped spoons – tucked into a potted plant, in your garden, in a bouquet,, stuck in a bottle, or on a gift – lots of uses for these fun thoughts!0929132130


A perfectly tarnished collection!DSC02137 

Enough said…


Some old wooden nesting eggs – I found a whole bag of these at a yard sale (about 200 of them), and we sold quite a few at Springfield, but saved some back for The Rural Society Antique & Garden Show – they’re just cool, piled into a jar, sitting alone, or even decorated…you make the call!!JMS-11  

A couple “new” pieces…  An old green cabinet door, with a piece of wrought iron attached – a fun planter to hang or sit by the front door!  The “Giddy Up” coat, towel, or hat hanger is definitely one of a kind.  I found the horseshoe hanger at a garage sale, and the lady almost begged me to buy it (a gift from her mother-in-law)…and she said it just wasn’t her style (I just think she flat out didn’t like it!).  I knew I could use it, and thought it’d be perfect for Warwick Farm!


So, that’s all I can share for now – there’s so much more! 

My final thought is



0928131646c - Copy

Hope to see y’all there!!

Happy junking trails…


P.S.  Be sure to LIKE The Rural Society & Antique Show on facebook…