Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Away With “the girls”! (2012)

This old book cover seemed appropriate for our trip!
And, here’s “our sign”!
First things first…a junking trip is definitely an occasion to upcycle a shopping bag/purse (don’t you agree??). I purchased two vintage military bags on ebay, and decided to “embellish” one for me, and sell one – so, the race was on to get mine done for our trip!! I hand stitched the crocheted trim on the front…oh my gosh, that fabric is hard to get through (the thimble was a great invention, just sayin’). One of my favorite things is the old Girl Scout charm – it says “be prepared” in 15 languages, and if you ask the girls…I always am!!
The first leg of our journey took us to I-75 via Rt. 30…and on this particular weekend it is known as the Lincoln Highway BuyWay…yard sales all along the way! So, had to share a few pics…and you the know the old and rusty stuff is the best!!
DSC07973   DSC07974
Robin, striking a pose! DSC07976
A store in Bucyrus caught our eye – so a quick stop was in order. It was called Lucah and we had fun looking at all the unique things they had!
Lots of interesting faces…
And…just across the street…
Onward…the signs will lead the way!
Once we hit I-75…it was smooth sailing (no distracting “yard sale” signs – ha ha!). We had planned a stop at Findlay – Jeffrey’s Antique Mall. My husband and I have driven by it for years, and never stopped – this was my chance!! (Now, he’s off the hook – no more saying “Oh, I’ve never been to that antique mall”…hint, hint… And, then it was usually closed at the time we’d be going by…and he’d say “if it was open, we’d stop” – yeah, right! Love him anyway!!) DSC08015
This vintage Spangler Candy Company “Dum Dum” sucker display caught my eye – from my hometown, Bryan – we’re famous for the Dum Dum sucker (oh, and the Etch-A-Sketch too), and it was one of my first jobs out of high school – first I was a “sucker sorter” (no kidding), and then a “candy cane packer” – exciting, right?? I don’t miss the all white outfits we had to wear , but I do miss the jars of “free” chocolate nut clusters in the lunchroom! I think that’s exactly where my addiction to chocolate began! Oh the memories….
Very “cool” cooler!
Ken…really??? The 80s were not kind…
I loved this stack of suitcases…the style, muted colors, and especially the wicker(ish) briefcase on top – should have bought it!!
Alright…enough Ohio junking…off to MICHIGAN!
Here’s our route – woo hoo!
We started in Marine City, and headed north on the “Yard Sale Trail”…and day one (Friday), was a bit soggy! Our two “Robins” had forgotten to bring their raincoats, so we bought the last two ponchos at Meijers…they were set (and, oh so stylish)!
We passed some beautiful homes…
DSC08018 DSC08019
DSC08020 DSC08027
OK…sorry about this one – the weather was definitely not cooperating on this one, but you get the idea, right???
Our first “big” purchase – this fabulous table and chairs. We will be painting the top of the table a nice whitish hue of some kind, and leaving the legs their beautiful chippy pale green. The chairs will be painted and we’ll cover the backs with some old barkcloth or muslin or something (stay tuned for the makeover)! DSC08021
Well, you know a junker’s “creed”…neither rain, nor “really anything”…will keep us from our appointed route…so, we kept right on going… DSC08023
It rained off and on during the day (and when it was on…it was torrential!). I think a bad hair day was an understatement – but look what we found – the perfect solution! DSC08024
I think junkers AND fisherman have a little “crazy” in them, don’t you??
DSC08028 DSC08030
We took a break at an antique mall…why, you ask??? Ask our friend Donald!
My solution for a bad hair day…a “bad” hat!
And, for lunch – since we had been drenched through our coats most of the morning – soup sounded divine, and we found a great little café in Port Huron…
Just loved the seating – theatre seats!!
I don’t think we’re looking too badly weathered…
DSC08048 DSC08049
A visitor at the café…
I just love Amelia Earhart – and this was posted in the restroom – yep, I even took pics there too!!
DSC08065 DSC08067
DSC08068 DSC08069
DSC08070 DSC08071
At one of the yard sales, the gentleman had over 10,000 hubcaps hanging in his garage – what a collection!
When we were making our reservations for our trip, there weren’t too many choices in the area we wanted to end up for our second night, so, here’s where we stayed (in Port Sanilac). It was just a “little” reminiscent of a certain motel in a certain movie… but the accommodations were comfortable and we were well rested for our next day!
See, we were already making friends with our “neighbors”. Four sisters who take girl trips too – so, we had a lot in common. However, right before bedtime, one of the girls knocked on our door and let us know that her son had “googled” the movie, and that the murder occurred in Room 5…guess what our room number was??? Yep – thanks ladies! (It was great to meet ya though!!!) DSC08083
And, of course the beautiful Victorian home was the perfect photo op!
Kathy, Karen, Janet & Barb – these girls were on a mission to have fun!!DSC08086 Do you notice someone looking at us from the upstairs room??? Nah…it was just a movie! DSC08089
For dinner, we stopped at a sports bar & grill – the pizza was delish! DSC08094
And, in the bathroom (yes…the bathroom again…) the walls were lined with chalkboard, people were allowed to leave their mark…guess what I wrote??
Oops, now you know!! DSC08095 DSC08100
The marina was a great place for an after-dinner walk, oh, and a dip of ice cream too!!
Saturday…here we go again!!
What can I say??? People were creative with their signs…and the girls couldn’t resist! DSC08111
The scenery was so beautiful…love being by the lake… DSC08114 DSC08116
(pic 1 – Terri and her sister, Robin) (pic 2 – Susan, me, Terri, Robin & Carol)
Clouds threatening again! DSC08119
And right before we left (and it had started to sprinkle), Susan stopped by the gigantic sunflowers…so, we figure they were about 10 or 12 feet tall – she looks so tiny there! DSC08122
Another interesting garage… DSC08123
Garden junk – the Tin Man was rusted to perfection! DSC08125
We saw such beautiful properties along the way…here’s one! DSC08126
Sunday – Flea Market in Armada! We hit the aisles by 7:00am! And, found some goodies. Susan was on the hunt for hinges and “decorative” rusty stuff…she’s focused… DSC08129
A pretty good crowd for so early – but the sun was shining – that definitely helps! (And, yes, that’s my shadow in the front/middle!) DSC08131
I guess this is what they use in Michigan in the winter… DSC08133
Bunnies and puppies and chickens…oh my! DSC08134
You can see Fred has upgraded from his stone tablet and chisel…a manual typewriter is all the rage in Bedrock (wait till they invent facebook…)!! DSC08135
Clearly, this doll baby has had lots of “love” in her lifetime…DSC08136
I loved the vintage cars and boats – just a little out of my price range! DSC08137
For the last few years, my junking friend, LuAnn and I (via JUNKMARKET Style and facebook) have said “you need to come to Ohio”…and “you need to come to Michigan… Well, we made it to Michigan – and it was great to finally meet face to face!
LuAnn…it’s your turn! Smile (Springfield is calling…)
Our funny flea market story. When we finished shopping the flea market, we decided we needed to “rearrange” our trailer. So, needless to say…it looked like a flea market had surrounded us, and someone had gone into the flea market and told the “authorities” that it looked like we were setting up shop and selling in the parking lot (definitely a “no no”). So, we were then interrupted by a gentleman who had been sent out to check on us…he was nice and understood what we were doing after we explained (he was just doing his job) – and we packed up and hit the road! DSC08144
Before leaving the area, we had planned a stop at The Lamb’s Tail Antiques. And, after a series of wrong turns, we made it. We were all so glad that we didn’t give up. The barn/shoppe and grounds were fabulous!! I put it all in an album – so grab another cup of coffee (I’ve kept you so long already…), and take a tour – you won’t be sorry!

We made it home Sunday evening…just a little tired – a good tired though. I’m so thankful for such good friends, and that we get the opportunity to take our trips together (thanks to our sweet husbands too – for understanding!). We have our moments of huge laughter (and you know we had a few “you had to be there” to appreciate the humor of a moment…moments), and just being able to share “stuff” along the way! Oh, and the junking…we LOVE the junking!
Here we go…unloading and sorting all over Terri’s driveway – that’s always fun! There were bags and bags of treasures – but this is a little bit of this and that of everybody’s “junk”! DSC08199 DSC08200
DSC08201 DSC08204
My favorite find of the entire trip (for resale) – these fabulous 60s Samsonite “Fashionaire” suitcases (and the boxes) – “Wild Gardenia” is the name of the print! I almost ran to them when I first spotted them (love at first sight) – ever have one of those moments? You know you have!
 DSC08202        DSC08213
Our chairs – soon to have a whole new life! DSC08205
And, Robin loves pink…can ya tell? DSC08206       DSC08208
HAPPY junkers! DSC08210
Happy junkers pretending to be tired junkers – ok, we were!! There was not supposed to be any smiling in this one… Winking smile
And, here’s what I came home with!
My favorite find of the trip (for me) – these fabulous little vintage boat license plates – LOVE LOVE!! (Saving them for projects for The Summer Market 2013) (But, I’m saving one for my friend Candy…it’s her “welcome back to Ohio” present! Don’t tell her – it’s a “secret”!) ;) DSC08230
       DSC08233    DSC08232 
          DSC08237     DSC08235
Hardware and lots of metal…And, don’t ya love that mailbox??      DSC08244 DSC08249
Isn’t that piece of wood cool? They told me it was used as a pelt stretcher (I got two of them), but what cool graphics on this one! DSC08229
Here’s all my junk! Terri and I also got a few pieces of furniture to re-do and sell. We’re gonna have to work fast to have it ready for Springfield! DSC08276
My next favorite find…this sweet little scale! It’s already found a HOME in my dining room! Just the perfect size for an old door knob to rest! DSC08254DSC08258DSC08326
Super sweet!DSC08324
And from my Michigan junking friend, LuAnn…some Michigan hospitality! Thanks so much…oops one bottle missing already!       DSC08262 DSC08263
When it’s all said and done…we junked our hearts out, laughed - and had big fun (we always do)…but there’s definitely no place like: DSC08329(And time to get busy with some projects –Springfield is just around the corner!)
And finally - the “star” of the trip…salted peanut bars (Terri’s sister, Robin, found it on Pinterest – gotta love Pinterest!) Here’s the link (just click on the photo): The recipe doesn’t call for it, but Robin drizzled chocolate on top…just for us! DSC08124
Well, home safe and sound (sort of), and a good load of stuff to work/play with! A wonderful time was had by all, and we’re already planning our trip for next year. We’re thinking of heading to Illinois…a flea market or two awaits!
Thanks for stopping by (and making it clear to the end)…Have a great junking week – and y’all come back now, ya hear??
Hugs, Kathy
Next post: Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market – SEPTEMBER EXTRAVAGANZA – AND The Vintage Marketplace…the PLACE to be the weekend of September 14-16 – for shopping or selling!!
If you’re interested in being a vendor in the flea market or The Vintage Marketplace, contact Jon Jenkins at We’d love to make this the biggest SPRINGFIELD EXTRAVAGANZA – ever (and be sure to tell Jon I sent you!)!
And find them on facebook: The Vintage Marketplace and Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market. There are updates being made daily – a great source of information and a fun place to chat and make friends!