Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoppy Spring!!

Yep - had to say it - HOPPY SPRING!!!  A couple days late, but SO glad it's finally here!!

This little cutie pie is my fav - don't ya just love those big chocolate brown eyes??

And, with spring comes a change in decor here and there - and especially in my "trusty" conservatory!  It's the place where the seasons change, holidays are celebrated, and collections are displayed...of which there are many! :)

I located my box of "Easter" in my basement - hidden behind "Christmas" - but thank goodness I had marked the box last year! ;)  Just thought I'd share a few views of Peter Cottontail and friends - rescued from various fleamarkets, garage sales, and thrift stores - they seem to get along quite well considering the differences in their backgrounds!

This little guy is an old rubber squeeze toy.

 A little "chalk" bunny under glass...and friend.

This little chickie is so very chic in her Easter bonnet!

A little garden fun from my friend Carol! 
("Hoppy Birthday Crossing")

A cute little group!

A sweet brother and sister team with their little woodland friends.

 A side view... 

Angelic little lambs...frolicking amongst the bunnies.

A vintage postcard - I love the artwork on this one!

The gang's all here!

I'd say it looks like a bad hair day, but I don't want to hurt her feelings... 
But isn't her raggedy friend on the right too sweet (well loved I'm sure!)?

A happy couple...they're enjoying the sunshine just like me!

Another pair of cute chocolate brown eyes!

 One big happy family!

Here's a complete view - my conservatory sitting atop my $10.00 garage sale find sideboard - I know cheap, right??   (and all it needed was a quick coat of white paint)

One last peek...

And, last but not least, here's a little "faux" bunny alongside a cloche I made from a couple orphaned pieces of junk...see my post on JUNKMARKET Style for all the pics! 

Hop you enjoyed a peek into my conservatory - my next change in decor will be a vintage beach for the summer...that's my favorite time of year!


P.S.  Another great thing about spring ----garage sales and fleamarkets!  Woo hoo!  Happy hunting!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A super-duper special event coming in May - ART + ARCHITECTURE, JUNKMARKET Style

Please stop by the new site - and see what we're planning this May in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota - in a wonderful historic setting, and of course it'll be in fabulous JUNKMARKET Style! 

Schedule of much packed into this event - good times...good friends...good junk and GREAT memories!

I'll be there, along with many of the JMS Contributors - can't wait for that big group junk hug!!!  And, there are serious rumors that the JUNKFEST Girls will be along for the fun too - and a few others I'm sure (will keep you updated on that as well)!  NOTE:  Please let me know if you're coming...I'll add you (and your blog) to the list!

Have an awesome day!


P.S.  I know this is short and sweet (not what I usually do, right???) - But, wanted to help get the word out quick!!  I'll be sharing more, and you can always keep checking out JUNKMARKET Style or ART + ARCHITECTURE, JUNKMARKET Style.  Sue's got BIG plans, and it's so exciting to be a part of it!

P.S.S.  To follow us on twitter click here, or become a fan on facebook by clicking here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the award goes to...I mean the winner of my giveaway is....

Hello all!   Thanks for patiently's been a beautiful sunny day in Ohio, and it's great to see snow finally start melting, AND being able to enjoy a little outside time was awesome!!!

Really, it IS melting....

Tonight is the Academy Awards and lots of big stars are looking forward to a night of glamour and being recognized for accomplishments in their craft...  But more importantly (well, to the winner anyway...), the winner of my first anniversary giveway is being announced too.  I appreciate everyone who participated by stopping by for a visit, all the great comments, becoming a new follower, mentioning my blog, etc...  You're all the best, and this is the main reason blogging is so much fun!  I've tried to visit your blogs too, and have found some sweet new places to hang out!

I've been trying to decide what the lucky winner will receive...and,

of course there will be a little clock-related something in the box...

and a little something that I made...using a few buttons...

and some random junk (because everyone can always use a little random junk, right?)... (no picture...that's a surpise!!)

and a little something courtesy of my friends at Gorilla Glue
(no toolbox is complete without it)

I think that'll keep the lucky winner busy for a little bit.  

Anyway, without further I'm rolling out the red carpet (well...actually it's an old rag rug, but very cool), and digging deep into my cute vintage hat full of names...

No peeking.........

There's a hush in the crowd, and as the camera is panning throughout the roomful of lovely bloggers...the anticipation is growing...the name is drawn (courtesy of "accounting firm" Dewey, Junque & Howe (sorry, I had to say that - it makes it sound so Academy Award-ish), and I'd like to finally announce that Susie of vintagesusie & wings is the winner of this year's - first annual Sylvia's Vintage Daughter anniversary giveaway. 

And the applause is ovewhelming...  And, as Susie comes to the stage to accept her prize (Susie - you can email me your mailing address), you can see the envy in the eyes of her peers - but, everyone is cheering her on (bloggers are such a supportive group), and the one consolation is...there's always next year!!!  (Oh, heck - I'll do another giveaway before then - I just love sharing my junk!!)

Congratulations Susie!  I know you'll LOVE the goodies I'll be sending...  And in closing...I'm hearing the shouts of "speech"..."speech" ring throughout cyberspace... :)

Please visit Susie's blog vintagesusie&wings...  I stopped by and just loved it - here's a post she wrote on some fabric brooches she makes (with instructions) - Fabulous Vintage Fabric Flower Brooches - they're just vintagey divine!!!

Again, thanks for joining in on my anniversary fun - I've loved sharing it with all my blog friends!

Hugs, Kathy

P.S.  Be sure to stop back soon - I'll have more details on the Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style event being held from May 6th through 9th (in Minneapolis, MN) - Candy, Terri and I will be going (Ohio junkers will be represented), as well as many of the other contributors and some very special guests.  There will of course be SHOPPING, as well as other special events such as a charitable kick-off gala (May 5th), classes, a Mother's Day brunch by Cupcake, a fashion show by Anthropologie...and more...(to be announced).  My friend, Sue Whitney, is taking junk to a whole new collaboration with Art & Architecture - it's a match made in junk heaven!