Thursday, December 22, 2011

What could be better than a wedding in December??



Well hello friends! 

I hope that all is well in your world, and that you’re enjoying the holiday season.  Things tend to get crazy busy…remember to sit back and breathe for a minute, and remember the reason for the season – and cherish each moment spent with family and friends – it’s a precious thing, and a blessing from God.

This has been an exceptionally busy last few months…Terri and I had three shows, AND I’ve been (with a “little” help from my friends – Terri, Carol, Susan, Tela, and Robin) making our daughter Kristen’s bouquets, garters, signs, decorations, etc. for her December 10th wedding.  It was a labor of love from start to finish, and it all turned out so beautifully!!  I’ll share some pics now, but I’m planning on doing a post on the things we made and how it all came together.  My daughter and I had some ideas of our own (surprise, surprise…), and then once we discovered “Pinterest”…it was all over but the “pinning”!!  She was sending me emails almost daily with ideas, ideas, ideas…(love her little heart!!)  And, she’d say, “Mom, we could make this or we could do that…” – and you know who did most of the making…(but, that’s ok – it was going to be the most perfect wedding ever no matter what…glue gun burns, etc…you know what I mean!!).   So, we eventually had to draw a line and make decisions – and we DID! :)  The wedding was held in Key West on the beach…palm trees, sand, sunshine – and a few decorations – and it was picture perfect!  The bride and groom…well, they were just sweet happiness and love running over – and, yes, I was the typical mother-of-the-bride…kleenex in hand!  She’s our one and only, and now we’ve got a son too!  And…his wonderful family, well what can I say…we just love ‘em!!!

So…here’s a peek into the fairy tale beach wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hewitt Jr…

Here comes the bride…(and her proud Dad)!


(She walked down the aisle to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - click for the youtube link – it was so perfect!!  (And…started the happy tears!!)

And…don’t forget the happy groom, Tom, ushering in his mother (Terry)  AND mother of the bride (me)!! 


Here are cuff bracelets I made for myself and Terry (I put a little piece of Kristen’s dress on each one – taken from a sample of the fabric – not from her dress! ha ha!).


Saying their “I do’s”!




On the pier…don’t ya just love…….LOVE??





Red heart

Now, rewind to the rehearsal…sorry, kind of jumping around!

The girls go through their goodie bags – stenciled with their names (and…if you notice on the left, Ellen’s dress just happened to match the bags – too cute!), and filled with some fun surprises – a vintage purse, jewelry…and more!  Oops…did I mention some cute Christmas socks??



Kristen wore my (very 70s) peasant-style wedding dress for rehearsal…she looked adorable!


A picture of the happy families…yep, we’re a bit silly!




(Jim, Me, Kristen, Tom Jr., Terry, Tom, Kim, Sean & Matt)

Dad and daughter, ready to go to breakfast on the morning of the wedding…a special time!


A few decorations…(thanks to all who helped!!)


Guess who’s table???


Placemats were scanned from an antique atlas – Ohio (for the bride), New Jersey (for the groom), and Florida (for their present home and the wedding).  We made burlap holders for the silverware and topped them off with a little raggedy rolled rose.  A few sprinkles of “fake” snowflakes (and seashells and buttons) were scattered about too!


The chairs all set up and ready to go…and the threat of some rain passed us by…(prayers answered!)


And looks like we’re ready for a reception too…wedding2

The tables were set except for the flowers – had to add them later because they wanted to blow away!


And here are the cakes…so sweet and SO delicious!

DSC04912    DSC04913

Topped with some Scrabble letters for just a little more fun…


OK…just a little bite!


Taking a break from dancing…(and no…there was no break dancing!)


Red heartRed heartRed heart

And…before the wedding…

I followed the photographer…these will look amazing…



Our baby girl….so beautiful!


The bride-to-be with her bridesmaids.  I love each one – they’re all such good friends, and worked extra hard to make it special for Kristen too – thanks girls!!


Kim (matron-of-honor/sister-in-law), Katelin, Ellen, Kristen and Rachel (and their vintage fabric, button & jewelry bouquets)

Red heartRed heartRed heart

And for us Buckeyes, you know you have to bring a little O-H-I-O…anywhere you go – and obviously a wedding is no exception!!


Here’s their sign!!




Tom and Kristen are truly a match made in heaven and are soooo happy together – anybody who knows them, can see it!  We wish Tom and Kristen the most wonderful blessings in life!  (And…did I mention grandchildren for us??? wink, wink…)  We love you both so very much, and are so proud of you too!

  Red heartRed heartRed heart

And then the morning after…nothing left on the beach except for the dance floor (I think the girls danced it right into the sand!!)


And last, but not least…how about a big ol’ island “Merry Christmas” from Key West???





Like the title says…there’s nothing better than a wedding in December…

Wishing you all the blessings of the season!

Merry Christmas!


And…P.S.  (Cuz you know there is always a “P.S.”…)  After the new year (and by the way…Happy New Year too!!) I’ll be sharing pics of everything we made – and details, details!