Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pickin’ and Grinnin’–Texas Style



I just visited a blogging friend’s site and had to share her southern style wit and junkin’ inspiration with my little bit of the blogging world.  Her name is Deb, and she’s got a way of making a point, or telling a story, that’ll have you in stitches…really!  I haven’t had enough time to do much roaming around the blogging world lately, but this is one stop that I try to make every now and again – Deb just has a way with words – a gift – really and truly, cross my heart and hope to junk!


I don’t know if you’re a fan of “American Pickers” or “Picker Sisters”, but there’s this husband and wife team (aka Deb and Cat Daddy) in Texas who are ready to make quite a stir in the world of pickin’  (actually, they already are, but if they hit Hollywood…y’all better watch out!).  These two put the “real” in reality, and the “junk” in the trunk – so what’s not to love!!?!

Here’s the link - her blog is called Talking Trash…and she does!!  I know you’ll enjoy the read (and want to become a follower), and you’ll absolutely want to know when the first episode will “air” – I do believe she’s ready for her “close up”!!


Stay tuned…like our old friend Snoopy…

they’ve got a nose for pickin’ (she said it, I didn’t!!)


Happy trails,


P.S.  And, if you’re an Ohio blogger, be sure to let her know we’ve got great junk in Ohio too – I’m campaigning for an episode!! (wink wink)  And, I’ve got some dusty cowboy boots to wear for the occasion!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don’t ya just love a great girls’ trip??

Dear fellow junkers (I know you’re out there!!),
My girlfriends and I took our annual girls’ trip the first weekend of August…traveling the highway (Rt. 127) and “buyway” (Rt. 30) on our quest for junk…!  It’s just way too convenient that the Rt. 30 Lincoln Highway BuyWay starts at the exact time that the World’s Longest Yard Sale (Rt. 127) does.  So, we left on  Thursday morning (the 4th) at about 8:30 a.m., and headed west on Rt. 30 – out of Mansfield, with our first stop just a few minutes up the road…to our first yard sale. 
DSC02446 - Copy
One of our first purchases was only 10 miles away, and it was one that we had to leave behind to be picked up later – a beautiful mirrored vanity and stool – so much for our intentions of not buying big furniture!  (I should have taken a picture of it, but I’ll be sure to get one after we paint it “white”!)
It took us most of the day (lots of stopping and starting…and a little backtracking) to get to the start of our trip south on Rt. 127 (just about 120 miles away, in Van Wert, Ohio).
And, after that…it was just yard sale craziness (and I mean that in a good way).  We had already made our shopping plan.  Each of us had a plastic bin for smalls, and we really weren’t really looking for anything big (well…there was that vanity, but that didn’t count).  We all found goodies along the way – jewelry, watches, project “stuff”, metal “junk”, a couple small cabinets, some birdcages (we’ll have a collection at the Springfield Extravaganza…), etc…….
So, without further adieu…here’ our trip…chronicled in just a “few” pictures…(you know me)…
As usual, for August – it was a hot one!!!  Some vintage fans…great to look at, but not much relief from the heat!
Farm “junk” – there were flatbed trailers from Van Wert into Kentucky – piled high…
Not sure what this could be repurposed as…but very interesting…
Would you buy a skull?  It might make a good pencil holder…I guess!?! (Terri was a little shocked – or was it all show for the camera???)
Some sweet old dolls – waiting for their new home-sweet-home…
A little “farm” repurposing – these old cans were cut open and re-used for storage.
And, the famous “Cool Crap” sign – and they really did have some…
They wouldn’t fit in the van…so had to pass them by…darn it!
All the King’s men…I just thought these guys were pretty cool (a homemade chess set)
Wouldn’t this old ferris wheel seat make an awesome swing in a big ‘ol tree??
Just loved the vintage color!
If there’s a parking lot…there’s a “market”…it never ends…
We saw some of the most beautiful homes in Celina (and found some goodies too!
Games and more games…
Would someone call 9-1-1…these little dollies need to visit the local doll hospital…
Where’s Laverne and Shirley when you need them??  I was so tempted to make this a “Kodak” moment, and then didn’t remember till later – darn!
Vintage clothes galore!!  So, we DID have our “Kodak” moment! (and, no…we weren’t sweating…just a little “glisten”!)  August in Ohio…..
“Some Day” – we’ll quit junking…yeah, right!!
This sign wasn’t for sale…they actually had Stanley Products for sale, and the lady has been selling them for years.  My Grandma used to sell them, and I remember going to the home parties with her and helping set up…a nice memory!
How sweet – this was in one of the backyards in Celina – such a junkily restful spot, don’t ya think?
And this was out front – fabulous!!
We saw everything AND the kitchen sink!
And, who didn’t have a troll doll when they were growing up??
This place was overflowing with some interesting junk…unfortunately for us, it was the end of the day, and they had already closed…
My namesake…Chatty Kathy (that’s what my second grade teacher called me anyway).
Some “git-tars”!
We knew we had arrived in the thick of the 127 Sale…love a good traffic jam!
Ann & Andy found the perfect spot to park their stuffed behinds! Smile
Some vendors even provided “air conditioning”  - every little bit helped A LOT!
These guys look like they just shared a blonde joke or something…HEY!!!!!
Again…wouldn’t fit in the van…
We probably could have filled these and tied them to the roof…or not!
It’s always a “GOOD YEAR” when you get to junk all summer!!
This great old can reminded me of Jim at JUNKMARKET Style – he’d make a fabulous floor lamp out of it…
I was able to find a few watches…at these booth, however – the prices were a little high for me, but what a fun “time” I had looking at them!
A trunk filled with some fun wheels!!
And, who knew you’d find a vintage appliance store along the road??  The purple/white fridge was way cool!
Weighing in on our junking experience…well, I just gotta say – the girls had a great time!!
And, even though we didn’t completely fill the van (are we disciplined or what???), we still got…
And, here are a few of my “finds”:
A sweet little cabinet – just waiting to be “shabbied” up (white paint, etc…)!
I know, I’m not a fisherman, but this little folding stool will find some kinda use in my house!
This fabric is SOOO fun – I can’t wait to put it to use…
And, I found just a few vases for my button bokays (and I think I’ll even paint a few of them)…or maybe a few want to become snowmen??? Hmmmmm…
Jewelry and junk…junk and jewelry – it’s all good!!
These three little “frozen Charlotte” dolls were bought for the bargain price of $5.00 (for ALL three)…I almost jumped up and down, but you know we have to contain ourselves at these moments!
I’m sure no one really uses these pencil sharpeners anymore, but a pink one…oh yeah…it’s going right on my “pink” workbench!  I think it’s my favorite find – such simple pleasures!!
A travel “must-have”…the makeup case (well, mine will probably be a tool box)!
Well, this is most of it……(and it almost fit in my plastic bin…almost)!
And, did I mention that I just LOVE these little girls???  They are too sweet for words!!
And, they’re ready for their closeup!!
That’s it for now – I’ve “pictured” you to tears I’m sure – but I think it was all GREAT junk!  Me and the girls  had fun every mile, and are looking forward to our trip next year…who knows where we’ll go???  But, really, I wish I could take a bus full of my friends!  (Oh, and pull a trailer!!) Hmmmmmmmmmmm….
Have a beautiful August day!
Hugs, Kathy

P.S.  Oops - forgot to mention how far we traveled - and remember, there were LOTS of stops... We made it from Van Wert to Frankfort, KY - about 250 miles or so...miles and miles of fun and smiles (and some treasures to take home)!!