Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remembering the Country Living Fair...and some great junk too!

Well, my first visit to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio (September 24-26) did not disappoint.  After shopping on Wednesday (you know we had to find some local goodies to decorate with), setting up on Thursday (and a book signing event that night at Sobo Style - it was a whirlwind...literally - some high winds threatened the stability of our tents - but it's hard to stop us junkers!  And, besides...we were in the Gorilla Glue tent...we had lots of stuff to mend the tent if we had to!!! :)

We got there bright and early on Friday morning to get some last minute things done.   There were event-goers lined up as far as the eye could see...and when it was time to open the gates...

they came running...

Here is a very fun thing to do with those extra pumpkins and gourds you have lying a mountain!!

For this post, I'm going to share the goings-on at the Gorilla Glue tent - and it was a busy-busy place.  Nadine, Holly & Lauren (of Gorilla Glue) were handing out free samples of Gorilla Glue - Super Glue, and providing advice, tips, etc. on their fabulous Gorilla Glue products!  Throughout the show, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style  talked "junk" with people, gave daily demonstrations making some fabulous projects, book signings, shopped a bit, and did a presentation on the main stage on Saturday to a packed-out crowd (I had to miss Saturday...I zoomed home to attend two family weddings - and back to the CL Fair on Sunday morning!).  

Ellen & I were happy to help - from taking a quick shopping trip through Old Time Pottery (one of Sue's new favorite places to shop) to find dishes for the picking out flowers for the chandelier, etc.  (Ellen was our go-to girl for the florals - and she did an awesome job - and thanks for the use of your home!) - and lots in between...

Welcome to the Gorilla Glue of the sponsors of the Country Living Fair! 
(busy getting ready...)

Here's our little corner of the Country Living all its junk chic, autumnal glory (fall really does go well with junk...rust and all that!!) 

And, Hazel is hard at work - looking her vintage best - she fits right in, don't ya think??

And, here's a glimpse of Sue's harvest table setting - surrounded by lots of great things - the stack of "heavy" metal baskets (found at Urban Farmhouse's tent) were the perfect addition - and what about that wooden cooler sitting just to the left??  Sweet!!  The corner doors were a donation from Sobo Style (thanks Katie!) - they're perfect!  And the chandelier...well that is just at the tippy-top of repurposing - JUNKMARKET Style!!

How fun is that?

And the its previous life it was a commercial dishwasher'd never know it now!  See Sue's post on JUNKMARKET Style - A New Wave of Junk.

No dirty Sue used some mason jars and some fabulous florals!!

And the very unique chargers under this fab mix of glass and metal - tree cookies!!  (I know, I had never heard of those before either -must be a Minnesota thing - but what a clever use of slices of an old tree.)

And a rusty old spring (brought all the way from Michigan by my friend, Midge of Refunction Junction) is a great little holder for some gourds.  And the doorknob/mini vase - one of my favs!

Before Sue set the table - a great collection of junk decor filled the space!

An old colander works provides a resting place for some of the extra gourds!

And, now on to the CHAIR (I found it the week before at the Springfield Extravaganza - one of the best fleamarkets ever)!  It has been stripped of its worn out fabric, and is baring itself to the world - shabby wonderfulness!!  It is surrounded by some other fabulous things - a few fun pillows, some old suitcases, a collection of broomcorn, pampas grass, and a very chic bale of straw (look at the close-up below)...

Here it is from another angle (can you tell I love this??)

And, for the close-up - what the heck do you do with a 72" zipper???  Well, after a little "downsizing" of the straw bale, we needed something to hold the "stuffing" together - voila - decorative and fun-ctional!!

And for a little "behind-the-scenes" fun - we carried the chair up to our room and Sue performed a little "cosmetic surgery" on our patient...  Beauty is usually only skin deep - but she just knew we'd have to dig a little deeper... (I'm sure the housekeeping people loved us!  Oops, and did I mention that the bathroom aka floral storage area...was just a "little" messy too...)

Going, going...
"Almost gone"...  There was even some lettering here and there - it just made it more perfect!

Back to our vignette...  Another "gourd-ious" spot for display!

Were we out of our gourds or what?? (no, we had plenty) - this is another one of my favs (I had just a few!).  I found this huge old galvanized mailbox at a local stop - Treasure & Tea, in Mansfield - Debby was able to help me get a few last minute "pretties" for our space!

Up close and a bit rusty...
Here's the post on JUNKMARKET Style - Gone Galvanized

Now, on with the show - the people poured in, and ooohed and aaahed over every last detail!!  It was huge fun meeting everyone, and I know Sue appreciated all the junk "love"! :)

I spy the yellow-est drink cooler ever!  
It definitely caught Sue's eye - and she had to have it!  
What a fun thing to display more broomcorn and some white birch branches.

OK - I know...more gourds AND a fab piece of old metal architecture!

Sue's books were flying out of the tent.  After signing all those books, I'm sure her hand and pen were worn out by the end of the weekend!  (The books sold out on Saturday!)

Lots of fans of junk!!!  (Our numbers are definitely growing in Ohio!!)

Getting ready for the next demonstration!

A bit of signage and huge crowds - it was standing room only for the demonstrations!

The stage is set...

And our very clever (if I do say so myself) seat coverings, and straw bale benches (a couple extra cabinet doors made for comfy seating)!

Ellen is ready for some junk-schooling!

The three amigas!! 
 (This was so much fun, I can't even describe it - but you know I'm trying!)

Sue, talking trash...I mean junk!

Educational and entertaining!  Way to go Sue!

Sue...busy signing...  (And I found a place to hang my hat!)

Chatting it up...

Another great project and demonstration...

See - us Buckeyes love us some "junk"!!

Questions anyone???  Oh yes, there were!

Holly & Nadine...great to meet you!!!

And all of your products too!!!

Ellen - looking for some free stuff???

The DIY Club was's Amy of Junkologie and Whisperwood Cottage.  
Check out the great projects and repurposing ideas!!

Well, by the end of the weekend - everyone was wore out - but we still had smiles for the camera.  That darned Hazel, she looks as fresh as she did at the beginning of the show...what's her secret???   (Maybe a good wood preservative???)  If only it was that simple!!  
(Lauren, Hazel, Holly - and relaxing on the straw and Miss Sue!)

Hazel perusing her kingdom!!

And, now Hazel is on her way to Atlanta (by way of Cincinnati) for the next edition of the Country Living Fair (South) - October 22-24th - at Stone Mountain.  Sue's probably heading that way as we speak - so look her up if you're attending the show (I really wish I was!!)...
(Thanks to my hubby Jim - he helped with the clean-up and packing!)

It's a good thing Hazel travels light...we sure don't!

And, it's time to say so long to our "home away from home" at the CL Fair.  

Thanks to everybody who helped make this such a fun event (it was lots of work too - but the fun definitely outweighed the labor...).  

The staff of Country Living Magazine was awesome - and I appreciate being a part of the event!  
(Looking forward to next year!)

We're down to the last pumpkin...(can you tell it was hard to say good-bye) - see ya next year!

One last thing....GO BUCKEYES!  (totally off topic...)
I'm always on the look out for Scrabble games, and had never seen tiles with the "scarlet and gray" coloring - so you know I had to be sure the Buckeyes were represented...

That's all I've got for now - but you know there are more pictures.  I'll be working on sharing photos from our little shopping jaunts around the Fair over the weekend...there were so many talented vendors with such unique wares to sell.  So, again, stay tuned - and I'll be back with more!  

Have a beautiful fall day (it is in Ohio!), and thanks for stopping by my blog.  I always appreciate your comments!


P.S.  (You know there is almost always a P.S....)  Sue, did I mention that I had a fabulous time???  Forget about the heat, the tornado warnings, the lack of sleep ( ha ha), my directionally challenged GPS, flowers in the bathtub, etc...  Just wanted to say thanks for including me - and I'm looking forward to our next adventure!!  Best wishes and safe travels this weekend - and have BIG junk fun in Atlanta!! (Oh, and I hope you remembered your tea candy!)