Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It was an Extravaganza-rific weekend!

Another Springfield Extravaganza has come and gone, and I don’t know if it’s possible for a show to be better every time, but this one sure does seem to do just that!! 

And, like usual, it takes me a bit of time to write a post, while getting back in the swing of things at home (chasing dust bunnies, mowing our dandelion field – I mean yard, and just relaxing a bit with my hubby!). 

We had more vendors, more customers, more treasures, more style – just more of everything!  With the addition of The Vintage Marketplace, our (already fantastic) antique show and flea market just keeps on raising the bar!!  And, we’re good with that!

I had a little fun with letters (pre-show)…just because I didn’t have enough to do…or maybe they call that adult ADHD…just sayin’  - Going to have some ice cream now…


And, like always, I took plenty of pictures (so you have been warned).

We rolled in about 10:00 on Thursday, and the fun began!  We checked in with Laurel, and I tracked down the very elusive (she’s so darned quick – and you never know where you’ll find her) Sue Whitney – and the work/fun began!  Unloading and setting up is always so much better with high humidity…but we did it!!

(See what I mean….)

On Friday morning, it was unbelievably foggy, and we made our way to the fairgrounds.  About 20 minutes after we got there, we heard sirens, and found out that there had been a pile-up on the highway.  Four semis and about 11 cars.  Thank God, there were no serious injuries, but vendors and customers were stopped on the highway for three hours or more. 

Here’s what it looked like at the show…


And, in the distance, I caught sight of Sue Whitney…brooms in hand, zipping around the corner. 


We were all set up and ready to roll…a slow start, but when the crowds got there, they were buying!!


And, we DO love a crowd shot!!

Some shots of our space…

DSC01475      DSC01478

DSC01479      DSC01481

DSC01482     DSC01483


   DSC01485      DSC01487


DSC01492    DSC01513




DSC01496     DSC01497





DSC01507      DSC01511


DSC01517  DSC01518


I stopped by to visit my new and very talented friend Jolie Raimondo – fabulous person, and her art reflects her spirit!!


Next stop…the Goat Barn…aka Vintage Marketplace Central, and a little junker assistance…

Sue’s presentation…the crowd was definitely into the subject – we ALL love junk!!



And, you can join in too…at JUNKMARKET Style!  There’s always room for one more junker (or 3 or 4, or….she’s creating quite a “collection” of junking characters – and, I’m so happy to be one!!)


And, guess whose stinkin’ cute vintage bowling shoes these are????

And, for some heavy lifting…AJ and Anthony – came to the rescue!!


Heading back…you know I just have to take a few pics!!  The Vintage Marketplace was over-the-top amazing…


Lisa of Urban Farmhouse


And, we even had a vintage Airstream filled with upcycled/restyled vintage clothing and treasures - courtesy of Shannon Vance of STASH STYLE

A sweet little corner display!


My very creative friends Michelle Bowen and Cathy Scalise – what a beautiful mixture of treasures they put together!



Cathy & Michelle – hard at work!!


Love AQUA!!

DSC01548      DSC01549


I interrupted…just for another photo op!  That’s just how I am!!


A happy customer – she had to buy a vintage cart to haul all of her vintage finds! 


Ha ha – neighbors – gotta love ‘em!!  Thanks Troy and Erika (of Rusty NChippy’s Vintage Boutique) for being the best next door neighbors!!  (and a good sport too!!)


Susan, shopkeeping…


A first-timer to the show (I think her name was Amber).  Her mom was showing her the ropes…junkin’ 101 – and she’s already learned to negotiate.  She bought a cute little leather handbag from us – and was very happy with her very first flea market purchase!! 


A bit more advice from a seasoned junker!!


Girl fun (it never ends!!)


And no one is safe from my camera – we stopped Sue on the way to the party!!



And speaking of a party…here we are!!

On Friday night, there was a big downpour, so we all had to improvise on Saturday…just a bit…customers taking a break from the fun  (in a puddle!)


Kids and mud puddles – gotta love (and, yes, all the adults were definitely encouraging some splashing!!)

I takes a lot to dampen our spirits…but seeing the ice cream cone deflate…we knew it was close to the end of the show…


And, I just couldn’t walk away from a full trash can – and look what I found – raggedy old minnow net!  This will be traveling to The Summer Market in July – what a great backdrop (and, thanks Erika!!)


The end…till September!!!

Alrighty, that’s all for the moment (stay tuned, I’m sharing a “garden party” at Susan’s house next)…


AND also…a little preview of the next show we’re heading to…  The Summer Market in Avon Lake, Ohio – July 26 & 27 – it is “oh my golly gosh” fantastic!!!

In the meantime…check out my post from the 2012 show…  http://sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-summer-market-2012we-interrupt-this.html

Happy junking trails to one and all!!!


P.S.  Susan, Terri and I would like to thank all of our customers/friends at Extravaganza – you’re the best…  See you in September!