Friday, May 29, 2009

Tis the "flea" season!

Before I start, I wanted to say I'm sorry for being away...a few people have checked in on me - thanks for your concern. With two shows within a week of each other, and the death of a dear friend's son, and my husband's grandmother (our loss is definitely Heaven's gain) has gone a bit crazy. So...trying to catch up on everything... I'm behind in checking my favorite blogs (that's next on my list...) - I know you've all been into a lot of junking (tis the season), and have wanted to get this post out to you all as well. So, I've finally got some time to give it a go!

Well...we survived...Extravaganza! Lots of stuff to sell, junk to see, and friends to visit with - and we did it all!

We arrived on Thursday (the 15th) to set up - lots of excitement - with long lines of vendors anxiously waiting to "git-r-done"...(just had to say it!). I think there were over 2000 vendors - with at least two bazillion (is that a word??) pieces of "old stuff" for sale - junk overload??? Oh yeah!

Our truck and trailer...patiently waiting in line...along with... everybody else... "I know I put it in here somewhere..."

What a great place to wait for the "line to break"...a great Victorian sofa, and a pair of antlers...for sale I bet!
(even the wheels are cool is that??)

When we set up on Thursday, there was a threat of rain, so everything was put under cover, and we said our good-byes and crashed at the hotel...

Early to rise on Friday morning, we "re-set" everything and were open for business. It was a picture perfect weather day - 70s and sunshine. And, it was a busy day with lots of customers and old friends stopping in... We sold over half our space out on Friday (large furniture and all - yippee!!) - it was a great day! Normally at the end of our day, we'd go out for dinner and shop a bit - but we were so tired - it was drive-thru food and tv until we fell asleep.

Saturday was slower - but there was still some business to be done. About 4:30, a cold front blew through...literally - Terri and I became human tent weights and hung on tight until it was done (not something I'd want to do again...). Just a few breaks (a couple glass things, and some tables toppled over - so nothing major) - but since we'd sold almost everything, we packed up and decided to come back on Sunday to shop till we dropped. That night, we rewarded ourselves with dinner at Red Lobster and a trip to the Goodwill (strange combination I know...but you ALL understand...) AND...I did find a nomination for the "ugliest couch award" - so, whenever the contest is announced...I'm there!).

On Sunday morning the show opens at 10:00 am, but due to a fashion malfunction we made a quick detour/trip to Kohl's to avert the possibility of embarrassment (Terri had mistakenly bought a pair of jeans that were "petites"...and she's 5'6"...enough said...but if we were caught in a downpour - her pants wouldn't have gotten wet... After finding new jeans (of appropriate length) AND a new top - we were ready to go).

We had lots of ground to cover - but many vendors had left because of the storm on Saturday. We picked up a few pieces of furniture - a couple goodies for ourselves, and headed home.

So, all in all - it was a successful trip - the Springfield Extravaganza never disappoints (you just have to watch the weather report...). We'll be going back in September for the fall show - with a new look (stay tuned...), new ideas, and a whole lotta great "junk"! AND I'm hoping to meet some of my blogging and JMS friends there too!

P.S. The great "Brady Bunch" hanging lamp sold!

Great "junk" in our space...

One of my "junk" creations...

Terri...striking a pose with "Marilyn"!

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates (well, maybe not so new)...

Me, myself and "I"!

Some of Terri's stuff...

A hand mirror embellished with vintage jewelry...lots of bling! (We just love to "embellish"!)

Some beautiful jewelry - buttons and vintage pieces...

A sweet little collage

And some of my "junk"...

My "flea bags" - made with vintage fabrics.

Button bouquets - no watering necessary!

Some of our furniture and ETC...

"IF" (the last of our metal letters...)

A couple of great metal stands...

Some good friends we've "collected" over the years...

Anne - modeling one of our vintage embellished jean jackets...a perfect fit! (I told you we liked to embellish things!)

Ellen and Diane...with "lamps to go"...say "cheese"!!

Ginny...from our neck of the woods...Mansfield!

Katie from SoBoStyle in Columbus, Ohio...having too much flea fun!

And one of our newest friends, Micki - with a very shabby, raggedy chic parasol! (not sure if I spelled her name right...)

And some happy customers...

This jacket was made for Susan aka "Vivian"

My very chic hanging lamp/chandelier...going to a good home - an old farm house...I know it's going to be so happy there.

These little cutie pies went home with two of our vanities...Cheyenne (blonde) and Liberty (brunette) - they were SO happy!

These beautiful creations were done by our new friend, Jeanne Norman of Columbus, Ohio. An artist who doesn't waste a thing...she creates beautiful whimsical pieces of art out of anything - embellishing and painting and glittering in such a unique style...I was in awe.

It's all so amazing...

Glitter, and buttons and paint - oh my!!


Just a little personality, don't ya think??

And for the country western fan...

Other fun stuff from our weekend at Springfield...

Three peas in a pod...posing for the camera!

Looking for a bag of Cheetos to go with the car...

Let's give the Extravaganza "a hand" or a chair???

Giddy-up...just another mode of transportation - this fairgrounds is HUGE!!

Lots of architectural salvage...

And...there's more!!!

Should have checked the price of gas here...

Getting a leg up on the shoppers...what great metal letters - there were a pile of them!!

Rust, rust, and more rust (don't ya love it??)

Signs, signs, everywhere signs...(I think that's a song...from the 70s...?)

And when the day is done, you only have to travel down the road "a piece" and there's more fun to be found...

And, last but not least (as promised) my nomination for the "ugliest couch" contest! Found at the Goodwill...and, no we didn't buy it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EXTRA-EXTRA...It's time for the Springfield EXTRAvaganza!

What: The Springfield Antique & Flea Market Extravaganza and their blog...

When: May 15-17, 2009; June 26-28, 2009; September 18-20, 2009

Where: The Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ohio

Who: People who love junking, antiquing, collecting, decorating, etc., etc…

Why: Because the Springfield Extravaganzas (May and June) is a collection of close to 2500 vendors from all over the country who come to sell everything from fine antiques to garage sale finds, primitives, on so on…it's about as close to junking heaven as you can get! There are over a dozen buildings, AND outdoor vendors who cover most of the grounds. If you can’t find it at Springfield…well…you probably just can’t find it!! Tens of thousands of people (from all over the country) travel to the Clark County Fairgrounds on a treasure hunt that rivals most markets in the United States. I’ve visited quite a few flea markets in the surrounding states, and there is absolutely nothing to compare with this show (you can tell I’m a huge fan, huh?)!!

And the second reason is the food – you can find anything including fair favorites and local specialties.

There is plenty of parking; a wide variety of hotel accommodations and restaurants nearby, and antique malls just across I-70 – so an entire weekend could be jam-packed full of antiquing/junking adventures.

My friend, Terri, and I (aka Nostalgia’s Cottage) have sold at the Extravaganzas for about six years – shabby, cottage chic painted furniture, repurposed garden and home d├ęcor items, as well as repurposed/reused handmade items – like button bouquets, pincushions, collages, jewelry, “flea bags” from old fabric, etc., etc – just a lot of stuff – and always original! We’ve always had a great experience – awesome customers (who have become friends), and fellow vendors who “look out for each other”.

As usual, we’re in spaces 828 & 851 (yep - two spaces of BIG fun) – just watch for our cute sign. We have a blast setting up/decorating our area like “home sweet home” (which usually provides for some cheap entertainment to our neighboring vendors) it’s a comfortable, homey look, and people usually want to stay awhile…all we’re missing is a cup of tea!

And, like I said, the buying is amazing – I recommend bringing a cart or wagon to “haul” your buys (and there is usually a vendor who sells carts – how convenient is that???)… For some handy-dandy fleamarketing tips, check out Sue Whitney’s post at JunkMarket Style: As always at an outside venue, the weather “might” provide a “challenge”, but true junkers don’t let a few raindrops stop them…right? (Tip: If you’re planning an overnight trip, make your reservations a couple months in advance…the rooms fill up!)

I’ll be doing a post-Extravaganza post…with pics of the people we meet, the junk we find, and just the overall fleamarketing adventure that is the Springfield Extravaganza!

P.S. For the preview, the first set of pics I’ve posted are from last year…much MORE to come!
P.S.S. You can follow me on “Twitter” for “tweets” live from Springfield – my name is “ashabbychick”… Technology…gotta love it!

We're back...cute sign, huh??
Me and my partner in junk, Terri!

What a great view...home sweet home...for the weekend anyway!
A sweet little "non"smoking stand - now a great display piece...(sold!)
Terri's Mom (Joanne) and her furry friends
(no...we did not buy this - but couldn't resist the photo op!)

Here are a few new things...for sale this weekend...
One of my lampshade chandeliers...lots of crystal for bling, and old lace for character!
More stuff for sale...

One of Terri's awesome collages...(will post close-ups in an upcoming post)

My infamous "Brady Bunch" hanging light - a cheesy old lamp base transformed into it's present glorious self... See my post on JunkMarket Style:

A cute little girl's vanity (a redo - "before" pictures will be posted)...

Well...almost time to start packing...!