Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Market - our day in review - coming soon!!

Me and my new best friends (see pic below) - have put my post a little behind.

Our first annual Vintage Market Day was a big success - even if I made an unexpected trip to the ER in the afternoon.  I caught my heel on a door and ended up with six stitches - so I'm moving a bit slower.

I'm taking care of "sit-down" jobs - yesterday I even balanced my checkbook - ha ha!  And, I'm working on my post right now (and hoping to gather some pictures from my friends - I missed just a bit...).  Please visit my friends' blogs - they've already posted and have taken some great pics and shared their finds!! 

Patti (left) - at Crystal Rose Cottage
Sue (middle) - at Sullivan & Murphy

And...La - at A Musing Potpourri  (I don't have a pic...)

These ladies have awesome blogs and it was so much fun spending time with them (and thanks for your help Sue). 

So, stay tuned - my friends bent over backwards (just like our smiley balloon in the pic) to make our first sale a success...it was amazing!

Have a sunny day!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

To market, to market...our Vintage Market Day is this Saturday!!!

Nostalgia's Cottage FIRST Annual
 Saturday, July 24TH
9pm TO 3pm

in sunny Mansfield, Ohio

Well, it seemed like it was months away just a short while ago...and now it's less than a week (I'm typing when I should be painting, glueing, pricing....and all that other important stuff).  BUT, I wanted to update everybody and tease you with more pictures of some of our great finds/creations!!



A collage and soddered pendants (by Terri)

More of Terri's fab redesigned jewelry...

I'm parting with some of my pink "lovelies"...

A basket of buttons - "sew" many colors to pick from!!!

This sweet desk is one of a kind
 (we took out the wood and added a mirror to the door - don't ya just love it???) 
Oops...ignore the foot in the reflection :)

I know it's summer time, but a little school desk is cute anytime!

Just a few of my paperweights!

Junk is "blooming" all over the place - and this POSEY sign is no exception.
(those old faucet handles will never wither away) 
(I bet Ellen is gonna love this one!!)

And speaking of blooms...the button bokays are ready to be "picked"!

So many colors to "pick" from (even a little "bling")!

And...we've got legs...table legs that is!  Great for building your own table, or turn them upside down and they're wonderful architectural pieces for display on your mantle!

Market bags ready to fill with all your fabulous finds (unless it's a piece of furniture...)

There's so much more...but I don't want to spoil the surprise(s)...hope to see ya there!

And don't forget - we've got door prizes (given away every hour) - and refreshments too!

AND, if I forgot to mention it, we'll be the ones in some sweet vintage dresses and aprons (and hats) - that'll be worth the trip! :)  (I just love my girlfriends - they'll do just about anything for me - ha ha!!)

Have a great week!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Announcing....Nostalgia's Cottage FIRST Annual "Vintage Market Day"

In just two short weeks (yikes...really short...), my friends Terri, Robin, Carol, and Ginny...and maybe a couple others, will be hosting our very first Vintage Market Day at my house (actually on the deck, driveway, garage and yard)...hoping the neighbors don't mind!   And hoping my husbands forgives me for the "mess" piled in the basement - and yes, we can still walk through it...for now.........  But, believe me, there are some treasures down there - waiting to be "unearthed" and taken to their new homes!

Here are the details:

Come one, come all (and bring a friend or two or three…)

Nostalgia’s Cottage - “first annual” VINTAGE MARKET DAY

In sunny Mansfield, Ohio

1985 Richwood Drive…on Saturday, July 24th – 9am – 3pm (one day only!)
(Parking: on the street - please be careful not to block driveways or pull onto neighbors' yards - thanks!!)

Stop by and shop for wonderful vintage finds, one-of-a-kind redesigned jewelry, trash-to-treasure designs for your home and garden, antiques, primitives, furniture, linens and fabrics, and lots more for all you collectors, junkers, decorator, and thrifters...
You might even make some new friends too!!

Our prices are unbelievable – and we’ve already done the work (repaired/repurposed, painted and cleaned) and it’s all ready to settle right into your home or garden! Come prepared to fill your truck or trunk!!

We’ll throw in a few awesome door prizes just for fun (because it’s all about fun, right??)
and some refreshments to keep you going!

…and if that’s not enough - you can visit more GREAT spots for antique/vintage - and junk finds in Richland County…(we’ll provide a map)

Mansfield: Carrousel Antiques, Mid-Ohio Antiques, Treasure & Tea, and local thrift stores
Bellville: Pumpkin Hollow Antique Mall, A&W’s Emporium, Rainbow’s End
Ashland: The Gleaner, Antiques on Main, Susie’s (and more…..)

It's gonna be a GREAT DAY!!!

And for a little added "bling" (because you know you can never have too much "bling") - Laura and Ashley will be showing off some of their beautifully stylish Premier Jewelry - stop by and say hi - and try some on!

I'm also cleaning out some of my personal "stash" of great junk, antiques, etc...(to make room for more - ha ha) - some great things ready to go, and some waiting to reach their full decorative repourposed potential (aka DIY projects).

And here are a few pics of what we've collected just for you!

We've got silver...and what a great enamel top cabinet...

Here's just a "peek" at some of our furniture!

A sweet nightstand/sidetable, and another view of the secretary (and no, we're not going to paint it white too...) :)

More silver - and garden/patio furniture too... (the teacart is super sweet)!  Can't you picture it laden with ice cold drinks and some yummy cookies???  It'll sell fast I'm sure! :)

And, if you've got some traveling in your future, or just want some cool storage - these vintage suitcases will fill the bill - with great style!

A stack of vintage trays with a nautical theme - ahoy matey!!!

Vintage pottery and books... 
(There's a lot more pottery buried in boxes - we really DO have a lot of things to organize)

Bottled baubles and beads for your crafting pleasure!!

A sample of a few of Terri's vintage redesigned jewelry pieces (the ones pictured are from a previous show - she's working on new pieces as we speak!)

And here's a sample of Terri's collage work and one of my button bokays
(again, the ones pictured are from a previous show...so, you'll have to stop by to see what we've been working on)

I've got a whole batch of "new" paperweights - wait till you see... :)

We've got other projects...antique framed chalkboards, signs, and more - but, I can't show you everything - I don't want to ruin the surprise!  Carol and Robin are working on some things too - but it's definitely a secret - they don't even want us to know...

That's it for now - I'll be posting more pics soon, as we're beginning to organize and price things on Friday - so, stay tuned and I'm sure you'll find something you can't live without (we all have a "few" of those things, don't we???).

Thanks for stopping by and happy junking, blogging, etc...


P.S.  I'm really hoping this will be our first of many "annual" Vintage Market Days.  I've been inspired by my friends the junkfest girls in North Dakota and Gretchen and Lanette and the shop they sell in each month called The French Flea in Minnesota.  I've heard of a few in Ohio too, so this could just be a start for us Buckeye junkers!    Anyway, I've got my eye on a new (bigger) location for next year (always planning ahead...) - (and my neighbors will thank me I'm sure!)!!

P.S.S....And, yep - we'll have a few clocks for sale too! 

Email Kathy at ashabbychick@hotmail.com
or Terri at painterlady2@centurylink.net for more information, directions, etc..

See ya soon!!!