Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Springfield Extravaganza

Welcome to the Springfield Extravaganza (don't be scared...he's stuffed)!

I heard someone say he was for sale...only $4,000.00 - I didn't see him later in the show - so either someone paid up - or he escaped to the woods he came from...!

Again...some funny/scary sights as we drove in...but no time to shop...we had to get our booth set up and it was gonna be a long night...

Well, set up kept us busy till about midnight (we borrowed a floodlight from one of our neighbors so we could finish)...so we were ready bright and early on Friday morning for the early shoppers!
Here's Terri doing some last minute re-arranging (we do a lot of that!) - and I'm off taking a few pictures...
And, here come the shoppers!!
Here's more views of our space...
A close up of one of our chairs we embellished with antique lace, buttons and fabric... and a cute folding table.
Typewriters are always a favorite!
And, look who I met - my blogging friend, Sue Sullivan of Sullivan & Murphy. We were friends at first sight. I also had the pleasure of meeting her hubby - Murphy. What a great junking team they make - he's so patient (taking pictures for both of us...and waiting while Sue shopped), and a bargain hunter as well...gotta love it!
Sue, it was so much fun finally meeting you - can't wait for our first junking adventure!
OK -back to the booth - we unpacked box after box (we didn't think it would end...did we really buy ALL this stuff??)...and had fun merchandising till we dropped (almost literally)!!!
Two of Terri's vintage hand mirrors - bejeweled to perfection!
Here are some of Terri's necklaces - made from vintage and new components - what a beautiful mix!
A few more...
And of course some costume jewelry. My daughter was "downsizing" her collection - probably to add more... Like mother like daughter! :)
Here's a print we bought at a garage sale or somewhere - we loved her (and named her "Rosa"), but had to embellish "just a bit" to give her some dimension - and a little more style! We added a necklace, some "fluff" to her hat, lace and buttons around her collar, and beads and bling to her belt as well.
A close up - isn't she beautiful??
Some little "pretties" - a paperweight that I filled with mother-of-pearl buttons and a pink pincushion (behind you can see Rosa's belt with the lace and buttons we added).
Terri's button bracelets and lots of girlie stuff!
A cute wire stand, hummingbird needlepoint and a button bouquet...
Here are some lamps that needed a "shade re-do".
I used vintage lace, trim, buttons and crystals.
Isn't the base beautiful?
Here's a small one that had a great crystal base to start with - I took care of the shade!
This one just wanted a little lace on the shade - simple style.
(I love the color of the base)
Some flow blue dishes (I think Sue bought some of these!)
A scale, holding one of our wire cloches...
Another view...
A great chlid's wardrobe and a header that was made with some old tin, glass knobs, and some new (old looking) coat hooks.
We had a few pieces of furniture that we knew we didn't want to take back home with us, so we added the sign "deal of the day", and actually sold quite a few pieces that way - everybody loves the "deal of the day"!! (Marketing...)
And, when things slowed down, we decided to have a bite of lunch (which is a sure-fire way to make sure lots of customers show up!! - And, it worked!)
This table held lots of hardware, knobs, metal, and dishware... we sold almost all of it!
A meat slicer and his friend, the coffee pot (wearing one of my favorite hats)
My window message board (see my post on JUNKMARKET Style:
And, here's the lucky new owner, our friend - Ellen!
Our diner dishes were a big hit - 4 for $10.00!!
Another view...
An old metal table top - what a fun way to hang up some reminders...or some vintage magazine advertisements.
These advertisements were fun - we used old jewelry, knobs, keys, etc. and attached to magnets...
Hey Mabel...
A large clay pot was spray painted with chalkboard paint and advertised/held the small clay pots...
Another typewriter and wire cloche (see my post on JUNKMARKET Style - From Garden Fence to Cloche) and lots of silver platters and bowls...
Don't ya just love an old typewriter??
Here's a close up of the cloche (we sold all but one! Woo hoo - making more for the next show!)
These clothespins were definitely our friend over the course of the weekend - hanging signs, holding tablecloths in place, etc... See the next picture for their most important job of the weekend!
The sun was baking us until...clothespins to the rescue....! (and a bedspread that I bought - and the use of the side of our neighbor's van) - ta-da - instant cabana for us!
Taking a break for a photo op! (Terri and I - two very happy vendors!!!)

Here are some of our collages - the first one is Terri's - lots of little cubbies with lots of little treasures!

I named this one "New York...New York"!

This one has a little bit of this and that - all old and worn, but very nice all together!

Here's a garden-inspired collage (Terri went home with this one - she traded me for one of her necklaces - what are friends for, right???)

Here are my traveling buddies - Robin, Melanie (her first time...we broke her in), Carol and of course, Terri!
OK - I couldn't stand myself...had to "create" a photo op... "i junk" for one of my good junking friends in Minnesota - Amy of Whisperwood Cottage and Junkologie...!
OK - finally done shopping for the day, Ellen (in the hat) and Company (Diane and Minda) - Ellen can shop like no one else - so these girls are worn out - and those smiles are because they're glad to finally be able to sit!! :)
And - last, but not least - we were selling AND recruiting for new members at JUNKMARKET Style - hoping for lots of new visitors and members for our site!
All in all - the show was a huge success for us - lots of sales, new friends and weather that was absolutely amazing - thanks to everyone - we feel so blessed! We're looking forward to the next Extravaganza in the spring - hope to see more of my blogging friends and JMS members there!
Our next show is at the Scott Antique Market in Columbus, Ohio on Thanksgiving weekend!! Stop by and say hi - and check out all our wonderful "junk"!!
Keep checking for details and pictures of our new finds!!
P.S. I did it again - a whole bunch of pictures - so, if one picture is worth a thousand words - there are a few milion here!
P.S.S. I didn't get a picture of our friend Ericka - not sure how she slipped through my camera-hugging fingers... But, it was great seeing ya!!