Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't you love a challenge? Sue does!

Over at --- me and my big mouth (scratch that...) I mean I had this bright idea (oh wait a minute), OK - I sweetly and thoughtfully (and quite innocently) suggested to Sue, head junker extroardinaire, that I thought maybe instead of the traditional "contributors' challenge" where she sends out a pre-packaged bunch of goodies (of HER choice) to the contributors and we then produce a fabulous creation out of her "gift" - and then share it (for all the junk world to see) - AND...ultimately for her delighted junk entertainment pleasure - that we (the contributors) turn the tables (so to speak) and each one send Sue a little something (of OUR choice), for her to put her thinking cap on (or giant metal funnel) and create her little heart out!!! - (for OUR junk entertainment pleasure).

Sue Whitney of JunkMarket Style

To my surprise, Sue said "YES"! I know our fearless leader is just as fearless when it comes to taking something totally "off the wall" (sometimes literally), and creating something spectacular - so I guess it really wasn't surprising at all.

Well, I gotta tell the pressure is on. What the heck do you send to the junker who has (almost) everything??? Sounds like quite a dilemma - but I know the contributors are up to the challenge! Don't tell Sue, but I've got a little collection "growing" in my basement - and will probably have to load it up in Candy's van for our trip west to Minnesota in August - nothing scary - just a LITTLE bit of this and that...

I can see her now...every day when the UPS or US Mail person drives by - Sue is peeking out the window and holding her breath in anticipation (or fear) of that next package................ it's like Christmas in July! :)

So, here's the link - please go and check out the hilarious junking banter going around - definitely building up to some big junk "reveals"!!!

Maybe a "watchamacallit" would do...

Or the tiniest anvil I've ever seen...

You can always find a use for an old window or dresser parts, right??

And, when you're done claiming your crown for the "World Championship of Croquet" (is there such a thing??) - I know these pieces and parts are fun vintage project material...

Hmmmm - glass insulators...I know Sue doesn't need any of these (she's selling a bunch at her garage sale this week). See her post for dates and times... Really wish I lived closer!

This is old "air mail" stamp. My junk won't be coming air would cost way tooooo much.

Old bicycle pieces and parts - Sears would be done up proud, don't ya think??
I should probably rethink that - my hubby might get a little upset if he finds any parts missing... :)

Sue - I guess this could be seen as a warning (or just a cute little flash card - you make the call!)...
Anyway - isn't this just her "type" of junk??

Roller skates - now that could be dangerous...

Boxes - wooden and metal - screaming "organizational tools" don't ya think??

And, isn't this just the "gratest"?? I know this piece will have fun in it's next life...what should it be??

Metal....that's all I need to say - all junkers love a little metal in their projects! (The piece on the top kinda looks like the Tin Man lost his hat...or could it be a "junker's" thinking cap???)

These little guys are playing our song... they're just a little rusty!

Not sure what these are - but I liked the picture...another clue??? Maybe!

I bet she'd love this for some kitchen storage - nah - it'd be something way more interesting than that I bet!

Beautiful old glass doorknobs...any junker would be proud to own these!

A couple folding yardsticks, with a wooden "whatsit" on top... Again, great project material!

Glass bottles - great junk decoration...

Here's a "piece" (clue) of a little something I've chosen for her! :)

Button, button...should I give her some buttons? There are plenty - and I don't remember seeing those in one of her creations yet... :)

I'm really praying that Sue has a short memory, and when the next contributor's challenge comes along - she'll be kind (she may be thanking me for all the great junk the contributors "gifted" her with) - so...this could definitely be in the categories of a "blessing" or a "curse"... ha ha (I chuckle bravely...)

(The old saying "what comes around goes around" comes to mind...)

Stay tuned...challenge results in the coming weeks...!


  1. I wanns come shoppin' in your piles of goodies!! I had old skates that attached to my shoes- had to wear the key around my neck so I wouldn't lose it... wow, what memories... And those glass bottles and door knobs.... I hope you come up with a unique package to send off to Sue!

  2. Lol, Kathy! "The junker who has everything" is an understatement, I tell ya, but you're giving her a run for her money with this post! I think it would be hilarious if you dropped off a box full of those insulators, mere weeks after she FINALLY got rid of all hers at her glorious sale! Now that's just mean...but funny!

    Great post my friend! Looking forward to our travels together.

  3. Can't wait to see the outcome....maybe a new book will come from all of this~ thanks for all the eye candy.

  4. How much fun are you having? I sure hope Candy's a/c is fixed by then! I, personally, would like the grate sent via airmail to my place. K? ~Mindy

  5. Such FAB stuff!! Particularly love the folding yardsticks and wooden boxes, sigh...

  6. Hey!!!! I'm a junk lover, too! So nice to find you! Happy day!

    Christina :)

  7. Hi, I linked over from Love2Junk. Ohio is, in fact, junk heaven. When I lived in NYC, I used to travel a lot for work. I once was in Cleveland and missed my flight because I couldn't stop junking to get to the airport. Awesome thrift stores! Stop by sometime when you have a mo.

  8. Thanks everybody for visiting my blog - and sharing in my junk. When this challenge is done, I need to start challenging myself and get busy with some projects (or start selling some of it...) - with a show to get ready for in September - I need to git-r-done!!

    And,'s it coming with the A/C??? :)

    Hugs all!! Kathy

  9. Sue...maybe I do need to open up my bargain basement of junk for a little sale one of these days!! :)

  10. Kathy - I really want to see Sue with that giant metal funnel on her head! Does it help the creative process, do you think?

  11. Kathy- Can't wait to see what Sue comes up with the Junk challenge you hand delivered her from Ohio. What a hoot!
    Now, I would like that little anvil. How cool and perfect would that of been for my studio with my jewelry design? Should of looked at this post sooner, and could of had you bring it with from Ohio and I'd have purchased it. Too late now, and tooooooo heavy to have you ship. lol
    Can't wait to see your post on your trip. It will be a few days before I get one up. Time to get off this silly pc and get to cleaning. Yuck!


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