Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A super-duper special event coming in May - ART + ARCHITECTURE, JUNKMARKET Style

Please stop by the new site - and see what we're planning this May in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota - in a wonderful historic setting, and of course it'll be in fabulous JUNKMARKET Style! 

Schedule of events...so much packed into this event - good times...good friends...good junk and GREAT memories!

I'll be there, along with many of the JMS Contributors - can't wait for that big group junk hug!!!  And, there are serious rumors that the JUNKFEST Girls will be along for the fun too - and a few others I'm sure (will keep you updated on that as well)!  NOTE:  Please let me know if you're coming...I'll add you (and your blog) to the list!

Have an awesome day!


P.S.  I know this is short and sweet (not what I usually do, right???) - But, wanted to help get the word out quick!!  I'll be sharing more, and you can always keep checking out JUNKMARKET Style or ART + ARCHITECTURE, JUNKMARKET Style.  Sue's got BIG plans, and it's so exciting to be a part of it!

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  1. Man alive, if I could just sell out at Zapp...I would so make that trip for my birthday! Keep your fingers crossed that happens!!!

  2. Wow! That first picture was enough to drop my jaw! I'm thinking fun is in store for y'all! ~Mindy

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  4. Oh Kathy...
    I went to my PO Box this morning & was sooooo excited to see a magical box from a far off place. As I opened it with much anticipation, I 1st came to a lovely little bouquet of flowers which I immediately sniffed because of their beauty. Next came a lovely collection of vintage fabric which will come in so handy for making my fabric flower brooches, an assortment of Gorilla Glue which will be used in all of my craft projects, a box of chocolates which has been basically devoured by now, {my personal favorite was the ones that tasted like Reeses peanut butter cups} & your sweet card. I couldn't be happier with all my wonderful goodies, thank you so much for picking me out of your hat. I LOVE winning give-aways!!! :)
    Happy Saint Patty's Day,

  5. So can't wait to meet you at A&A...I'll be the one buying up all that great Minnesota junk!!

  6. How I wish I could be there...sniff, sniff...Marie


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