Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big and Baby Ben...ticking their way to Minneapolis

Well, the TIME has come, and we've had to say good-bye to our "Bens" - Big and Baby, and some assorted other friends. We've cleaned, wound, tagged, wrapped, and packed a bunch...(not telling how many...yet) --- as well as jars of clock parts, clock faces and clock works.
Not a piece was wasted...
 A face only a junker could love...
Ooooohhhhhh.....don't ya just want to dig in???
Stacked and packed...
Load limit???  What load limit????
 We loaded them up in my van (stress tested the shocks for sure), and delivered them to the trucking company last week - it filled an extra large skid!  They've hit the highway for the great state of Minnesota, specifically Art &Architecture - for the Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style event in May... 

Is that Terri supervising again?? (ha ha)

OK - that looks....just right...

Job well done...

My fabulously creative friend, Sue Whitney (and her equally awesome team) have big plans for display and we can't wait to get there to see our happy little clock "faces" as they're surrounded by the most amazing assortment of antique and vintage finds, creations by talented artists, wonderful architecture, and more...

We'd love to see you there!

Have a fabulous day!

Hugs, Kathy


  1. OH, Kathy!!! I would love to come....I guess I could say I will be with you in Spirit...take care, deb

  2. Looks like a mighty interesting time! Take loads of pics..

  3. Can't wait to see how you get these displayed...only "time will tell"? LOL Take lots of pics and have a safe trip and a great show! xo...deb

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  5. Y'all are gonna have such a great time! Take pictures for all of us that wish we were there! Lezlee

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