Monday, June 7, 2010

Sleepless in Minnesota - aka Our Adventures at Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style

This may be a store in the Mall of America, but it was also definitely the theme of our trip...there wasn't much sleep involved - there was so much junk, and so little time - so who needed sleep?? (well...we did once we got home!)...

Terri and I took a road trip in May...all the way to Minnesota - for a little JUNKMARKET event...Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style - five fabulous, fun-filled days of junk, friends, fun, and more junk...

And thought I'd better WARN you before you start reading...there are a LOT of pictures and I tried to share as many as I this could take a while...go grab a soda or a cup of coffee - you're gonna need it!   I've decided that junkers are also camera-holics as well! (Also hoping I got my events/day/photos in order...either way - there was a whole lot of great junk going on!)

Anyway...away we go.......................................

 Do I look just a little excited??  (not a great pic, but I almost jumped out of the car before we got parked - this was my "moment" -me and Mary Tyler Moore) (LOL)
Art & Architecture AND...Cupcake!!

We arrived on Wednesday, the 5th - just in time to take a quick look around and put on our party duds for the Charity Gala.  I had purchased the perfect little black designer dress (the tag says "Designs by Elinor Gay") at a local thrift store (What Goes Around Thrift Shoppe - North Central Ohio Hospice) on the winter clearance rack for $1.00 - yep that's right $1.00 - wait till you see it!  :) 

Here we go....Entering the Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style Zone...and we're going to a gala...!  Woo hoo!
This was the night of the charity gala - they packed the house....(here's the youtube video... The Gala)
Amy (the very talented photographer, inspiring decorator, junker, etc., etc...of junkologie and Whisperwood Cottage)
and me (and my little black dress)
Terri, Sue and me (again)
Two junkfest girls (Sweet Melissa and Cassie)
Caught all four (yep all four...of those junkfest girls - I hear that's an accomplishment)
Melissa, Andrea, Cassie & Lynette 
A few of our clock faces, etc...mingling with some pretty awesome "junk"
And here's the face behind all those fabulous youtube videos  - there are 19 in all...Mark Anderson - and a very talented piano player as well!
This was almost junk "overload" - yeah, right...there is no such thing as too much junk (do I get an "amen" on that??)
Hail, hail...the gang's all here!  What a great night!

Gretchen's Excellent Junk Tour AND Junkers invade Olive Garden!!

Gretchen (of Mimi-Toria's Designs) so graciously offered to be our tour guide to do a little junking/antiquing.  SOOO, what did we do first??  Just a little dumpster diving...right around the corner from Art & Architecture.  Unfortunately the old drawers we found didn't fit in the car for the ride back to Ohio...
We made a stop at the French Flea - and, yes - we are all just a little goofy!
(Terri, Janis, me...and Gretchen!)
Me and my best junking buddy from Canada - Janis of junkdreams and one of our JUNKMARKET Style contributors - (miss you my friend!)  We had a blast shopping - just not enough time in a day though... 
Antiques Downtown...more junking fun for us - and I think there were a few happy shoppers walking outta there (and it had to do with some fabulous "bling" we found! 
And of course we had to eat...and we had a fabulous time with just a few (16) of our closest junking Olive Garden.  The hostess put us wayyyyy back in the corner in our own room - did they think we were going to make a "bit" of noise???  Well, I guess we probably did! 
Laurel, Sweet Melissa, Gretchen and Cassie
Andrea, Sue and Lynette - I think they're talking "trash", I mean "junk"!
The evening ended way too's part of our group (a few had already wandered away...)

As the junk turns...

The next morning, we were back at the sale...this picture of Sue is a little blurry - but she's a hard person to keep up with!
Sue and two of the gals from Rockler - aka "Rockler Stars"
(They did a woodworking class)
Sue's preparing for a class - doing a beautifully junky tablescape...and, of course...talking "junk"!
Voila...a table setting fit for a queen!
Martha, of Martha's Gardens - talking plants, planters and using a bit of junk too!
These planters had mixes of lettuce and some florals...they were very cool!

Miscellaneous Junk (Days 1-5)

Is this an awesome fountain or what?  Some heavy metal for sure!
A lot of great things to look at.  The piece on the right is a folding frame for a raised flower bed (or whatever you want to make it)!
Who doesn't love the circus???  This was just a very fun poster!
A little garden inside an old piece of a tree...
And, if you're familiar with JUNKMARKET Style, you'll know whose wonderful creations these Canadian friend, Janis!
And, let's take a look at Gretchen's space - she had some awesome pieces of her redesigned jewelry - and sold a whole bunch of it too!  Congrats Gretchen!
She was busy as a bee the entire evening!
Parts, and more parts...and I loved those metal florets!
More junk...
The evening was a HUGE success - there should have been a standing ovation for everyone who worked so hard to make it what it was!!!  Applause, applause!!
Signs, signs, everywhere signs...
Here's Sue's tablescape - which was literally "run" down to the sales floor after the class was ove - whew...just in time for the show to go on.....
The kitchen area was picture much to see...
Some great wall art...and I LOVED that little shopping cart on the right...
A lamp made by Amy's hubby, Ron - very cool, don't ya think??
Unique furniture and decorated in fabulous junky style!
No words needed...
Some very clever lighting...
Look - even the junk was "smiling"!  Ya just gotta love happy junk!
Can you spell fun???  Yep - J-U-N-K!
These old gym baskets are fab - I'd love a whole wall of them...
This bedroom setting is just dreamy...
Do you hear voices??? 
This vintage bicycle actually provided some fun transportation for Sue...and she didn't run into anything! Ha ha!
Striking a pose...
All hands on deck...there's still lots fun/work to do!
Everybody needs a "new idea" every now and then - this event provided ideas at every angle...
This is Leo - Mommy was shopping, and he thought he'd take a water - but what a great photo op! many uses and awesome all on their own...
Laurel and Kim (of Rockler) - Kim bought a couple of Laurel's repurposed drawers - I think she looks pretty happy about it too, don't you? 
(And by the way...these girls are just as sweet as their beautiful smiles!!)
OK - had to share a few more clocks!
Here's one of my paperweights - with a French flair...
Showing off my cute vintage apron (oh, and a few more clocks)!

The last day...

Time for a little fashion from Anthropologie - great fashion and great junk are a match made in heaven!
And here's our first model...
These ladies have such awesome style!
One of our junkmarketstyle contributors, Laurel Putnam...she's a natural!
An outfit to match your parrot - a definite fashion necessity, don't ya think?
Elena - looks like she's been doing this for years!!
Congrats on a great show!
(anyway - who doesn't like to play dress up - and especially in such fabulous style!)

Me, Gretchen, Sue, Laurel & Lani (almost time to say goodbye...)
As we drove away from Art & Architecture I think we caught Amy sneaking away with a fabulous junk treasure...(and she looks quite pleased!!)

P.S....And (Day 4?), before I go - had to share...Terri and I snuck away for a little side trip - the Mall of America!!!  (Checked this off my bucket list...)  (Found a few things - and loved the DSW store!!)
So many stores and so little time...
Fun for the kiddos too!

Alright this is it...promise!

P.S.S.  Sue - you can see that Miss Lily was a bit ticked that we were leaving...note the attitude (LOL) - head turned away and ears down (I'm sure she recovered just fine, and is back to work guarding you from killer squirrels).  Thanks so much for the hospitality and the adventure - looking forward to our next stop!

My friend Amy of junkologie has taken some wonderful photos...check out her blog and also JUNKMARKET Style  And, last but not least - here's my latest post on JUNKMARKET Style for more AAJMS junk...
Take care and happy junking.  I've been doing some garage sale-ing and junking - so looking forward to sharing some pics with you.

Also - will be sharing more details on our upcoming Nostalgia's Cottage FIRST annual "Vintage Market Day" - July 24th at my house!!!

Happy summer junking...Kathy

Thanks for your patience and making it to THE END!


  1. Whew! That's a lot of photos!! You captured it all, Kathy!!

    Looking forward to pics of your finds and details on the upcoming show.


  2. Kathy,
    Thank You!
    I almost feel like I was there.
    You look great! and love all the treasures!

  3. Great re-cap! Was SO FUNNNN meeting you guys! Next time, we stay longer!

  4. Great pictures! Hopefully, I can make in to Mpls. in Sept. for the show. That's my plan. Jan

  5. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures, it looked liked so much fun! You all are soooo talented!! What inspiration!!!

  6. Kathy,
    Great job! thanks for the memories!
    smiles, alice

  7. Wonderful photos, Kathy~ You did a great job of sharing all the happenings and the feeling of the event!

  8. Hi Kathy,
    A wonderful pictorial of this fun and fabulous event. It was so much fun to meet and spend time with you, and I so wish you were one of my neighbours!

  9. Ooo-weee - I am jealous! What a great place! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  10. Wonderful pictures, Kathy, capturing all the fun moments at AAJMS! Just wish I could have gone junking with you girls :( Maybe next time...



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