Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style - comes to Ohio! ------- Part I

Just a quick note before I start - I think that Picasa is my new best friend...I don't know if I had taken pictures at a different setting on my camera or what (because they kept rotating sideways....grrrrrr)...but going through Picasa...they're magically downloading perfectly - yippee yi yo...I'm back in business!

ANYWHOOO...back to my regularly scheduled post..........................

Hello all -'s October already, the hummingbirds have left Ohio (smart little birds, don't ya think??), the pool is closed for the season (already???), AND I made it through the Springfield Extravaganza AND the Country Living Fair - big fun, lots of work - but big fun (oops, I already said that!).

SOOOOO, I'll be hibernating to my basement soon to get lots of JUNK done (a "season" of junking excursions - aka garage sales, fleamarkets, etc.) has piled up and is screaming at me to get started on some projects).

But, before I hit the projects, I wanted to share some pics, etc. from the Country Living Fair (September 24-26 - and even a little of our "pre-fair" fun...). I got to help Sue Whitney, of JUNKMARKET Style, shop, set-up a tent full of junk displays, and we threw in a little book-signing event at Sobo Style (in Columbus) as well.

And, I hate to do it - but this is going to be at least a two-parter...we packed a LOT in four days...  The first part will be a little shopping trip and the booksigning event.  The second part will be our days spent at the Country Living Fair - from set-up to tear-down - and all the fun in between (there was lots).

The beginning of our journey started when I picked Sue up at the hotel on Wednesday (September 22nd). She was still unpacking her suitcase (metal, wood and other assorted goodies were hiding there...), and we formulated our plan of attack. I already had a van full of goodies to help with the set-up of the Gorilla Glue tent. We were gonna have our "Sanford & Son" moment for sure!!

The first thing we needed to do was stop by Sobo Style and drop a few things off, AND then do a little shopping. Katie and Sue finally got to meet, and we were all excited for the book-signing event the following evening.

Sue and Katie

Sue and I made our way to our next stop - Columbus Architectural Salvage (with the help of my GPS), and met with Chris Sauer, and his trusted assistant, Mike. This place is one of the coolest places I've been to - architectural treasures from floor to ceiling - it was amazing!!

"Here's your sign!" And if you notice at the bottom left hand corner of the sign there's a dark spot in the sky...I'm pretty sure a funnel cloud was forming (there were tornado sirens going off, and we kept right on shopping - haha!).

I think it was love at first sight...isn't all this stuff amazing???

We were geared up for some shopping...

The lamp globes were displayed nicely - I think hanging a few of them on my deck would look so cool.  The ones with the opening at either end would be best since they wouldn't hold water.  The closed globes would be sweet holding votive candles. 

Vintage and antique bathroom fixtures galore....

I just loved the aged/worn look of this old photo album
(and wish I would have bought it...maybe next time if it's still there!)

 I have a few (orphans) of these tiles at my house (using them for coasters) - and couldn't believe I had found the rest of their "family"!

How much is that doggie in the window???
Sue wanted to take this little doggie home...but I think Lily would have been jealous!

Lots of door hardware - and SO organized!!  (These guys need to help me get organized at home!!)

Gobs of galvanized!! (Does anyone even use that word anymore???)

 Sue and Chris - and introducing Hazel (in the middle, and definitely the center of our attention on our little quest...).  She's no doubt traveled a distance to rest at Columbus Architectural Salvage...but Sue thought it was time for Hazel to have some quality "girl" she was off to the Country Living Fair - where she'll be the star of the Gorilla Glue tent!!! (and possibly starring in her own reality show... "Where in the world is Hazel the Junker??") 

 And, last but not least...a photo op!  (You knew there was going to be one, right???)  This marble shower was a deluxe model back in the day...and not too bad today either!!
For more pics of our junking adventure at Columbus Architectural Salvage - check out my post on JUNKMARKET Style:  "Architecturally speaking, there's great junk at Columbus Architectural Salvage"

 Thursday (and after a day of set up at the Country Living Fair, we stopped by Ellen's to get ready, and headed to Sobo Style.  Katie had the store dressed to the nines in fallish, junky splendor!!!   And, the food looked pretty good too!

Welcome to Sobo Style - Katie Palmer is the Owner, and our gracious hostess for the evening...

Books on display - ready to be signed....

What a unique cabinet - and lots of fall decor!

Wine chilling in a giant commercial steamer
(Sue really wanted this - but it would definitely put her over the weight limit in her suitcase)

The table was set JUNKMARKET Style - and Katie's Mom (Mary Kay) made the MOST delicious cookies (thanks!!!).

Feed sack bags - fabulous colors and graphics!

Sue chatting with some customers...

And did I mention we had some giveaways?  Here's the winner of my fun box 'o' junk - Kay Hoecker!  Congrats Kay, and thanks for coming!

And I didn't get her name, but here's Holly & Nadine (the Gorilla Glue Girls), our happy, happy winner of four passes to the Country Living Fair, and Sue!

Ellen, Katie, Sue and Steve (he was the only guy there at the time...such a brave guy!)

Katie, Sue & Me
(Thanks Katie - it was a blast!!)

Beautiful furniture and more....

Brenda (I hope I got it right) and Ellen - striking a pose!

Photographer at work...

Ellen helping out - anybody thirsty??

The sweetest kids' things, don't ya think?

New shopping bags for the fall season (one of these went home with me!)

More junk on display. 
 I made Katie the "SOBO STYLE" sign with building blocks, and a cute "mini-Katie" at the top!

Here's my chalkboard (an old cabinet door) - it went home with my new friend - Sherry, from Michigan!  (Saw her and her friend at the Country Living Fair the next day, and I heard they even made a second trip back to Sobo Style for a little more shopping - great job girls!!)

A few of my button bokays look right at home amongst the little  pumpkins and glass...

This little lady has great style, and some beautiful jewelry too!

Me and the incredible Ms. E!!! :)
Thanks for all your help Ellen - couldn't have done it without you!! xoxo

That's it for Part 1 - stay tuned for Part 2.  The Country Living Fair was amazing.  I met lots of people, got a little shopping in, enjoyed some of the food, and had big fun at the Gorilla Glue with Sue and the girls!

Thanks for stopping by my blog .  Hope you all have a beautiful weekend (it's going to be in the 70s in Ohio - woo hoo).  We'll be at the Ohio State Buckeyes game on BUCKS!!



  1. Thanks for the tour thru your pictures. This will have to do until I can actually make it to the show. Jan

  2. Really sweet post Kathy! Thanks for mentioning SoBo Style! The book signing with Sue was a blast!

  3. Wowzer is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well lucky duck too!
    smiles, alice

  4. Hi Kathy....Thanks for the photo tour! I will have to check out Sobo and Cols Arc.Salvage! Enjoy this fabulous weather!~Hugs, Patti

  5. Well, looks like fun so far. Can't wait to see your pics of the fair.


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