Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Country Living Fair - a few of my favorite things!

I was going to do a "Top 10", but that was impossible for me.  There were so many vendors and unbelievable creativity on display!  There was so much to see, and I know we didn't cover it all (we did spend a lot of time working/playing in our own little corner of the Fair), and so we toured the grounds in little jaunts...up one row and down another...
We saw beautiful jewelry for sale...

Ellen found a little something for herself - and I think they caught it on film too!

I ran into a good friend (Inez), who was working in the Pine Tree Barn tent - they had beautiful home decor and gift items for sale AND the most divine lemon muffins (had to get some of those!).  Their store is located in the beautiful countryside near Wooster, Ohio - it's definitely worth the drive (and there are some antique stores in town as well!).

Homegirl - such a fun spot...

There goes Ellen again...what am I doing behind a camera???  She's having all the fun!

OK - this wonderful area was definitely sucking us in...isn't it amazing??

Here we go...

And they had dancing girls - ha ha!!

I so want one of these little beauties - for camping, or just to park in my backyard to decorate!

Simply sweet!

And, look - it's Barbie's best friend, MIDGE! I loved Midge!

Nap time!!!

I like these ladies' style AND attitude!!

And, of course they had a place all set up for photo ops!!

Beautiful antiques - found throughout the show...

The color and patina of this dresser was absolutely worn to perfection!

And, it's fall in Ohio, so you know it's punkin time for sure - and these had a style all their own!

Who knew pumpkins could look chic???  Tres chic!!

Urban Farmhouse - it was an "oh my gosh" sort of fabulous - vintage, chic, country treasures galore...
Did I mention amazing??  AMAZING!  These ladies know how to put on a show, and you can even visit the store in Thornville, Ohio - Urban Farmhouse - (we'll be visiting soon).
Definitely the place to be...
There was a line to check out...but it was worth the wait... :)

And, while we were visiting Urban Farmhouse...Sue did a little "last minute" shopping  for some must-haves for our space.  Aren't those baskets fab???  They were a little heavy too - so one of the Country Living guys loaded them up and drove us back to our tent - what great service!!
Sue did a post on JUNKMARKET Style on her visit to Urban Farmhouse's tent...an Ohio Hot Spot!!

And this space was just totally amazing...  British Route Sign Designs - the ultimate in repurposing, using vintage Bitish transit signs with great style and function.  Wall hangings, furniture, pillows, etc... (Sue was so in love with it all she even put in an order for a skirt - I saw a pic on facebook - she looked quite cute in it! :)  I think I'd like a market bag... :)

Check out their website and take a look at what they're creating...we were in awe...

Love this washed out look...don't you?

Any little birdie would be happy to call these home - or maybe just for display inside - like in my dining room... 

Home TWEET Home!

We saw flowers in all shapes and hues of rustiness...

A couple new friends from Michigan (met at SoBo Style...and again at the Fair)

And some old friends (not old in age...ha ha) ;)
 Ellen, Carol & Terri  - braving the elements.
It was so hot  (a little lemonade helped)

And, one last thing - a little history (well, we were on the grounds of the Ohio Historical Center) - even in the restroom stalls... (there really was history everywhere!!!)
I think there was a different bit of history in each stall - never a dull moment at the Country Living Fair...!

That's it for the Fair.  I wish I would have taken more pictures, tried more of the food (but wanted to at least mention that we did enjoy some Jeni's Ice Cream...it is way too fabulously, delicious goodness to describe - (visit their website - they'll even ship it to you!), made a few more purchases, etc... 

But maybe next year some of you can come and experience it.  There's plenty to do in the Columbus area if you can make a weekend of it.  If you're interested, you can check with me and I'd be happy to share some of our favorite spots, and maybe we could even have a little ol' blog party somewhere!! Hmmmmm....what a fun idea (ok - wheels are turning - let's see what I can come up with!  It never ends.....................).

Have a great week!



  1. It looks fabulous, and I would have been fighting Sue for those baskets!
    Loved the dancing ladies,it all looked wonderful!

  2. Did someone say "party?" Count me in :D

  3. Well...maybe next year. Great pics of the show!~Hugs, Patti

  4. Looks like great fun, Kathy. I wanted to go this year, but something came up. I wish you hadn't told me how good Jeni's ice cream is...there is one just a short distance from my office. I drive by by going to and from home. TEMPTATION! La

  5. Beautiful, fun stuff AND a history lesson to boot!

  6. sorry i didnt get to meet you..been reading your blog for a little while...maybe you never made it to our side of the show...(sue stopped by, but she was by herself),,,mayber next time...loads of pics on my blog if you're interested from both shows.

  7. Hi Kathy, great pix! Thank you so much for sharing my little ol' tent with your readers!!! We have such fun at the fair! Wish it was 4 times a years, one to kick off every season...wouldn't that be grand? Exhausting but grand!! Thank you again!

  8. Hello, just came across your blog. I was wondering about the booth that had the huge windows/french doors that drew you in, if you knew whose booth that was? Just curious, it looked like a great show. Thanks, Theresa

  9. Completely random thought that has NO relation to this post... I recently inherited a waterfall vanity (I noticed a previous post of yours that had a painted one).......the top of the vanity near the back has about an inch gap with no wood. I'm assuming this was probably where there was once wood that held a mirror in place. Right now you can look down and straight into the drawer. Any ideas about what to do with the gap? Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

  10. I was just at the Pine Tree Barn last weekend and I loved it. Now I have to get on over to Urban Farmhouse. Thanks for the tour.

  11. Oh My I LOVE your blog, my heart is pitter-pattering, i love your style your stuff everything so GLAD to of found you and be a new follower...


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