Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas...

Happy "just days" before Christmas to you all! 

I wanted to share some of the Christmas decor around my house...I was busy decorating for a breakfast and day out with eleven of my girlfriends (earlier in December), so a tree here and there, mixed with a little junk, and of course some vintage ornaments and figurines...and it all seems to go together!

It's gonna be a white Christmas...well, it started about December 1st!!

A junky little snowman guards the garage door!  (It actually used to be a Santa, but Snowman have such a longer decorating life...)  And, since my daughter is living in Florida, I "borrowed" one of her hats!

Inside...much warmer there - a "few" white Christmas trees. 
I just love how the vintage ornaments show up against the white...

A rusty little tricycle that I found at the Charlotte Metrolina (just "storing" it till the Springfield Fleamarket - then some lucky buyer will take it home!)

Just a couple little trees...

The one on the left is sitting in a rusty old (half) of a hayloader/unloader (?), and the other one is sitting on a vintage Chinese checker board (from Ohio Art).

Great colors on the game board...

So many ornaments - so I put them "everywhere"!

And, a happy new year!!!

My conservatory always gets the holiday treatment!  It's the perfect spot for some vintage figurines.

You can almost hear them caroling...

There are so many, it gets kind of "loud" sometimes!

See???  Do you hear what I hear????

A view from the side.


This is the sweetest little music box, and they skate around and around...
(I just love their little faces!)

And up on the rooftop reindeer paws...

Out jumps good ol' Santa Claus!

A centerpeice I put together for my girlfriends' day out (breakfast).

And, who doesn't love an antique typewriter?? 

God bless us every one!!

And, in the living room, the fireplace/mantle area is filled with the meaning of Christmas!

A metal tree (candleholder) sitting atop an old dictionary.

Thinking heavenly thoughts...

On the other side another tree sits - in an old ironstone bowl (about 150 years old...).

Very cool, huh??? 

More ironstone with some fresh cut greenery (thanks to my husband).

Nothing is safe from decorating...

One of my favorite spots to decorate...a little child's cabinet that I found on my first trip to Minnesota (the doors were falling off, so they're in "storage" aka "in the basement").  So it sits on the counter in a corner of my kitchen - ready at a moment's notice for a change of season or collection...
Up close...and oh so sweet...

Did I mention that I LOVE vintage Christmas figurines (well, ok - all things vintage-y Christmas!!)

An old scales weighs in on the holiday...rusty and worn- how perfectly festive is that??

And, out of my leftover clock "junk" - an old case  makes a rusty setting for some tiny things...

A shabby little Santa!

Greenery tucked into an old stamp pad holder...

Would the real Santa Claus please stand up???

On the right is a rusty little metal tree (love it!!)

A tiny little lady - "whipping up" some Christmas goodies!

Here are a few things that I made for a recent craft show...a raggedy snowman hanging out near a raggedy old tree (I used coffee to stain the fabric and added some old twine and brown buttons for a rusty look).

Here's another one - with bits and pieces of raggedy beads and earrings...

I used a candleholder for the base of one, and then turned a metal vase upside down for the other.

Another view...

There was also one made of some raggedy chenille...with clear buttons  for ornaments.

Pink is for girls, and in this case...green is for boys... 
A lady wanted to buy just one, but I told her they were sold as a couple, and also that they had been together for about three weeks, and had fallen madly in love! She bought both - sales tactic or truth???  Hey, it's Christmas...it was the truth!!!

A few of the gang...

Brrr...this is our weather report for the day...

These guys are bestest buddies - the one on the right is called "Mason"...well that's what the jar says...  And the month of December was cut from one of those calendar towels (mod podged it on and glittered).  Wouldn't those be fun to use for a birthday or wedding???

And, atop the little bell hat of our guy on the left...a little vintage "mini-me"!

A "custom-made" fur collar is just her style...

This couple is "golden"...well at least the glitter is...

I gotta say, these two are my favorite.  I found this vinegar/oil cruet (on a wire stand) at a local thrift store, and I just knew they'd make a cute couple!  And, it was love at first sight for them too!!

Their round little tummies were a perfect place to create a "snow globe"...  A little piece of a Christmas card, a sprig of "faux" evergreen, some "snow", and a few glass beads just for fun!

And, this little lady has the most fabulous hair-do ever...some little snowflake earrings and a pin (I think that's what attracted him from the start)!

See...they can't take their eyes off each other!

Ho - Ho - Ho - building blocks are not just for kids!!!

Here's a collage I made out of an old box.  It was just the perfect shade of faded/worn red.  The building blocks (very old ones) fit perfectly.

The little angels are rejoicing at the sight of the new born King!

On the top of my computer cabinet, I used my daughter's almost vintage metal dollhouse for display this year
(I even put little twinkle lights inside for a cozy look!)

On top of my china cabinet I used some mirrors and a big Santa and two of his reindeers
(weren't there more???)

Over my picture window (in the dining room), is a collection of this and that...

A little drawer was the perfect spot for "another" little Christmas scene...and a new place to decorate when the holiday is done...

Isn't she adorable??

This little piece of Christmas belonged to my Grandmother...

I received this fun Christmas card from my friend, Brenda, in Charlotte!  So clever...

And here are the two felted stockings she sent me - LOVE them!  (Thanks, Brenda!!)

My friend Terri painted this on a cabinet door a few years ago.  So, like I said...nothing is safe from being decorated in my house.  I cut out some pieces from a couple used Christmas cards (the lighthouse on the left and tiny snowman sitting in the boat on the right) - so it would fit right into the season! 

And, here is something so treasured that I had to share it - a photo of me and some of my girlfriends on our 2nd annual Girls' Day Out (earlier this month).  They're all such a blessing!!  We met at my house for breakfast and then headed out shopping for the day, and even toured a victorian home - so much fun!  (And, we're all looking forward to next year...)

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful New Year!

Joy to the World!

Thanks for visiting my blog!



  1. Such fun finds.A treat for the eyes.I have to smile as I see several pieces which are in my vintage "bag o'tricks" as well.I sold one of those Chinese Checker sets myself at Springfield once!Looks great.Enjoy the season.

  2. And I thought that I had a lot of Christmas decorations, Kathy!! Your house looks so very festive and pretty. And I just love that conservatory. Hope you are enjoying the holidays- Merry Christmas!!! ~Sue

  3. Merry Christmas, Kathy! I hope you and your family have a very festive Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. La

  4. WOW I am so amazed at all your beautiful decor. You do a very great job. Thanks so much for sharing and Have a blessed Merry Christmas. Vicky

  5. Your home looks great all decked out for the holidays...you have quite the collection of vintage Christmas!
    Merry Christmas Kathy, and peace to you in the new year....

  6. Wow...you have been a very busy elfette! Those have got to be Lefton's. The faces are so precious.
    Love all the color...makes me feel happy!

  7. Kathy your home looks so Christmasy! Looks like you are enjoying the season! Thanks for the tour of your holiday home! Merry Christmas! ~Hugs, Patti

  8. Looks like you guys had a blast.You should come up this way one day and let me show you some of my junk places.

  9. You have beautiful Christmas decor in your home. Enjoyed looking the photos.

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