Monday, August 2, 2010

To Market, to market...oh yeah...and the emergency room too

Our first annual Vintage Market Day - from start to finish, was nothing but busy!!! 
Mostly in a good way... lots of fun, lots of work...and all that other junk!

First, I have to say that Terri and I had an amazing "crew" of friends...Carol, Robin, Ginny, Sue, Linda, Ellen, Tela and Tiffany - handling everything from setting up to helping customers to helping me to the emergency room in the afternoon...  We also had Laura and Ashley selling their Premier Jewelry under the shade tree in the front yard.

Anyway, a little after 1:00 pm, I was going into my house and closing the door (and yes, I'll blame the door - not me being maybe distracted, tired, rushed or whatever - or all of the above...) caught my heel and tore it...two hours and six stitches later (thanks for getting me to the ER Carol and Ellen) - I was back - but totally sidelined and sitting helpless in the shade while everyone was busy as bees around me.  I gotta say that I have an amazing group of girlfriends (I know I said that before, but I really don't think I could say it too many times).  They took care of everything (including me).   It was a huge amount of work in a short time, on an extremely hot day...  Everybody really worked so well together, and I think they might even want to help next year????? (fingers crossed)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)

When we walked (me hobbling) into the ER, Carol said we probably looked like we stepped out of a time capsule (in our fab vintage dresses and jewelry) - so we did manage to entertain the office and medical staff for a bit!  (I tried to get them to let me change at home, but they were all pretty bossy about getting me straight to the ER - ha ha.)'s a little trip down our Vintage Market Day memory lane...

We advertised with flyers, mailings (email and snail mail), craigslist, the local newspaper, and of course blogging...

Well...I'm sitting here looking at pics from our sale - and realizing that I didn't get as many as I would have wanted...more pics of our projects and vignettes, etc..., but lots of pics of my friends, so I'm thinking the sale was a big success - we estimate about 300 people shopping throughout the day; we made some money and had lots of fun...but my friends were the stars!!!  (and I didn't get a group pic...darn it)

From our set up in 90 degree plus weather on Friday (had to take a few dips in the pool in between working) to bringing things in from the storm after midnight on resetting at 6:00 am on Saturday, to meeting, greeting, selling, checking-out customers - as well as taking care of me when I had my VERY unexpected trip to the emergency room (guess that's why they call them accidents, right??) - these ladies didn't miss a beat!  (And then there was the end of the day, when everything that was left had to be packed up (with me sitting in the shade - and I wanted so badly to be able to help - I'm definitely not good at sitting on the sidelines).

Saturday started out with a few customers stopping by, but by about 10:00 it was a steady flow for the rest of the day.  We had so many visitors from out of town (thank you all for coming).  I got to meet some of my blogging friends (yep...friends) - La of A Musing Potpourri, Patti of Crystal Rose Cottage, Midge of JMS (junkermidge) and Enjoying Life...., and some others, Sue, Jeanne & Jess, Minda & Dianne, and bunches of our "local" friends!!!!  And, I think I probably missed a few - especially while I was "away"... 

There were plenty of treasures for everyone (Carol, Robin, Ginny, Sue and Linda all added some wonderful vintage finds and handcrafted treasures to the mix)...AND, I know we had lots of happy customers...

Here we go..........

My husband cleaned out the garage just for us - it's always clean because I'm not allowed to "store" things there anyway (he's a pretty smart guy). I do have the basement, the deck, etc., etc.  And, of course it didn't take long for us to fill it up.. (Thanks Jim!)

Treasures to be unloaded from our trailer (and the basement, and about four or five of our friends' cars/vans...yikes!)

Carol keeping us hydrated...iced coffee I think...!

Terri is surveying the many possibilities (oh, and time for a dip too!!)  It was so hot on Friday when we set up.  We literally worked a little while, then jumped in the pool...all day long!

My friends, Lynn and Tracy, stopped by while we were setting up and found some things she couldn't "leave" without!!  An awesome secretary, coffee table and a cute little box!  Our very first customers at our very first sale - so now they're a part of our Vintage Market history!  Thanks!!!!

Ellen and Robin - meeting and greeting!

And the crowd is gathering...
(Such a hot day - lots of people braved the day for some great stuff and awesome prices - and door prizes and refreshments too!)

Thank goodness we had some awnings - we tried to beat the heat
(and have protection from a passing storm)

And a few clocks tucked into a fabulous old cabinet with lots of cubbies!
(You knew you'd see clocks, right???)

A little rusty - ahem....aged patina!

The Premier Jewelry "counter"...

Even some four-legged customers.  Actually this little cutie adopted us for the day.  She wandered in around 8:00 a.m., and left in the evening - hoping she found her home...

Back to school - desks and oher assorted furniture for little ones!

Some junky planters...etc.

Robin and Terri on the deck...under the tent selling some fabulous jewelry and handcrafted vintage goodies!

Some of Terri's necklaces (I didn't get pics of all the other handcrafted vintage treasures (darn it!!!)- it got a little many customers and friends - and my camera was forgotten (for awhile).

Primitives, bicycles, shutters and so much more...

Who is that shopper in the cowgirl hat (Ericka)???  She's checking out baskets, crocks and old primitive blanket chests...

Vintage aprons blowing in the wind...

 More great stuff...lots of "white" to be found!

A fabulous teacart with silver, etc.  ready for a party!

In the garage we had three tables of "smalls" - and "not so smalls"...lamps, little cabinets, mirros, chalkboards, etc.......

Isn't that little cabinet sweet??

We had no shortage of pottery or silver...

On the deck...mirrors, stands, and lots 'o' stuff!

Vintage frames turned shabby chalkboards.

A cabinet panel...has been "posied"!  Old faucet handles never need watering (great selling point, right??)

A vanity and slipper chair...a table of fabrics, doilies, etc. was set up on the right.

Another vanity, a secretary and look...clock parts in a jar!

 This is the sweetest little chair - oh, and a tray to match! 
My blogging friend, Lori (aka La of A Musing Potpourri) fell in love with it!

Carol made this very creative outdoor "chandelier" - perfect for a deck, patio or garden!

Sue (on the right) my bf from Bryan, Ohio, and her sister-in-law, Linda
(in our official "uniform" of the day...vintage dresses and aprons - my girlfriends love me...ha ha!!)

Fresh off the set of "Leave it to Beaver"  the Cleaver Girls! ha ha!!!

OK - back to work...Linda is busy helping our customers...

Ellen, looking oh-so-stylish in her brown dress - helping a happy customer!
Me and Patti (from Crystal Rose Cottage)

Ethel and Lucy...I mean me and Tela (don't ya just love my glasses?)

Me, Ginny, Suzie and her friend (yikes...I forgot her name - sorry).  It was great seeing my friends on Saturday (and making new friends too)!

Customers signing up for door prizes.  We each put in something, and I also received t-shirts from Gorilla Glue, and an autographed book from Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style.  (Thanks!!!!!)

Check-out central (Tiffany and Tela) ran smooth as silk, right girls??? (A BIG thank you!!!)

One of our young customers - she loves vintage clothing, and had to have the hat!!!  So cute!!

Busy, busy....

Ginny taking a well-deserved break in the shade - what a great chaise!!!

Just peeking in...

I just know they're talking about some vintage "bling"!

Minda, Ellen and Dianne (our friends from Cleveland & Columbus)

Patti, Sue (of Sullivan & Murphy) and me (again!)
(Sue - thanks for your help too!!)

Me, Sue Miller (on the right) - and Sue's daughter, Amy (on the left)...a member of the next generation of junkers!!! Thank you both so much for coming and for the gift - I love it!

And, did I mention that one of the highlights of the day was that I met MIDGE (junkermidge from JUNKMARKET Style and Refunction Junktion).  She and her hubby traveled all the way from Hudsonville, Michigan for a visit...over four hours! 
So happy to meet you guys and THANKS for coming...and for the gift(s)...

A box of springs - woo hoo - these are gonna be fun!!!  (Thanks!!)

Here she is.  I'm really hoping she found her owners...  It was such a busy day, we didn't see her leave!  She was so sweet.

Me and my injured heel...sitting in the shade with an iced coffee.  I felt terrible not being able to help pack up, clean up...and all that end of the day stuff.  But, I wasn't in any shape to do anything but count the money - and was having a hard time doing even that...

Last but not least...Jim's garage is back to normal...  Thanks for putting up with me! :)

Next year, we've decided to find a small commercial location to rent and have the event under cover (out of the rain - or threat of rain, and out of the heat).  AND, we'll be inviting a few more vendors as well - stay tuned for our Second Annual Vintage Market Day - 2011!!!!!  It'll be bigger and better - and I promise not to leave in the middle of the show!

Have a GREAT day!


P.S.  Again, I want to thank my girlfriends - you're all so a part of my heart and such a blessing to my life; and our friends and customers for an awesome day!!!  And a special thank you to Patti, La and Sue Miller for helping me with some extra pictures!!!  I appreciate them so much!!

P.S.  My foot is healing well...I'm walking normally (I really hated using those darned crutches), and I get my stitches out on Thursday...then, it's on to the World's Longest Yard Sale on Friday! 



  1. Kathy~ looks like a fun sale with great friends!! Lots of goodies, too!

  2. Looks like it was fab.Sorry I couldn't make it up but the drive seemed a bit too long for up and back in a day.Plus I'm supposed to be selling and not buying more...!!!!Looking forward to your next one and your venue choice.We've been trying to find a commercial location to rent (REASONABLY!!!) in the Lebanon area to host our own sale.Glad you're healing.

  3. I can hardly wait for next year's market! La

  4. Kathy,
    Loved the pictures. I am so tickled you got to meet Midge. What fun! Glad you are on the mend and raring to go on the road.
    smiles, alice

  5. Hi Kathy..I am so glad that we made the trip up to your show! Actually the trip didn't seem that far when you go the backroads! Sounds like you are on the mend and feeling better too! I will be anxious to see you at the next event! Take care, ~ Big hug, Patti

  6. Hi Kathy,
    Looks happy to hear all about your day and see the pictures. Glad you are healing up well!

  7. I will be heading to the WLYS as well! I am leaving early thursday morn and spending the night along the way! Hope to score some delicious junk! Good luck on your hunt as well!


  8. What a great sale! Why don't we ever have sales like that in my hood???

    You look so cute there with your leg up. Watch out for those doors that jump out and get ya! ;-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Did you get a purple heart for your war wound? You all deserve a medal for the hard work y'all put in. Fantastic looking sale and I love that chandi!

  10. I so want to do one of these in Jersey... You are slowly pushing me forward.....



Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!