Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bloggers & Friends around the globe – get ready to FLEA!!



Well, it’s only a couple weeks away (oh my gosh do we have a lot to do…), junk is being collected and cleaned, painted, repurposed…and priced!  And we’re gearing up for the biggest and bestest Springfield Extravaganza ever…really!!!  And  – per my friend Deb at Talking Trash…we’re hoping to sell “to the dirt”!!!!  (Don’t ya just love that Texas way of saying things??)

A schedule has been put together, that’s gonna add to the fun of not only finding fabulous treasures at the already unbelievably awesome Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market (Super) Extravaganza AND the newly added Vintage Marketplace, but meeting new friends and fellow bloggers, sharing our junking adventures and random other bits of wisdom (because you know we’ve got a lot to share!!), partaking of a little “junk” food, and there’s even gonna be a little dancing going on (barn dance – woo hoo).

The following was taken directly from the JUNKMARKET Style site…via Sue Whitney!

Welcome to Springfield Extravaganza, May 18 - 20 2012!!!

Introducing the all newVintage Marketplace

On the cutting edge of Vintage, Art, Design & Antiques; this select group of exhibitors will inspire the next generation of enthusiasts with their unique style, energy and determination to share what they love.

Click the logo below to view the list of vendors (over 50…count ‘em) – this is going to be fabulousness overload – and in a very good way!!! vintage marketplace style

The Expert is in the House:

JUNKMARKETCreate Your Own Style, One Piece of Junk at a Time

Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET and JUNKMARKET Style is the nation’s industry leader in “junk” style. What is “junk” style? It is the combination of roadside acquisitions, flea market finds, vintage for 400 please, and antiquities all wrapped up in one very stylish, affordable, green, and user friendly lifestyle package. The world is ever changing…JUNKMARKET stays abreast of those changes and offers fresh, innovative, and approachable concepts for you and your home. From the beginning (over thirteen years ago) the original JUNKMASTER had a vision: to pursue her passion and share it with others. That’s something she will never transform.

Special Guest:

FOLK MagazineSharing the American Dream


We are all about REAL AMERICAN LIVING: the country, sweet tea, indie music, antiques, road trips, small towns, comfort, home, artists, locally grown and locally made, one-of-a-kind art, open spaces, photography, patriotism, simple living.... and the little things. FOLK Magazine will be joined by 15 plus specialty vendors and can be found in the FOLK barn all three days. Make sure to stop by and say hi! (on the map of the grounds, it’s the goat barn)

Featured Vendors:

The Vintage Marketplace is chock full of fine vendors oozing with style and offering up the finest vintage wares anywhere. Here are just a few…Urban Farmhouse, Time Worn Interiors, Histories, Nostalgia's Cottage, and Vintage Farmhouse. Check back often…we will be highlighting different vendors regularly!

Friday, May 18, 2012

7AM to Noon: Early Bird Shopping; Admission $12…good for all 3 days.

You know what they say…”The Early Bird Gets the Worm”! This is a great value for all you serious shoppers. See you at daybreak!

10:00AM to Noon: Painting Demo and Shop-Along with the Expert

A special deal for all early birds in the mood for some education…and a whole lot of fun! Join the folks from Annie Sloan Paints at the JMS & Friends Design Booth and watch and learn how to transform a vintage piece of furniture from beast to beauty. Immediately following, join JUNKMASTER, Sue Whitney in a crash shopping course. Wear you’re running shoes…she knows how to make her way around a market. This is not a museum tour with headphones, so be ready to rumble! You can expect prizes and giveaways…stay tuned for the nitty-gritty!

Noon to 6PM: Regular Shopping; Admission $7

Bring on the crowds and let the next wave of the party begin!

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM: Blogger and Friends Pot-Luck Party

Once again, make your way to the JMS and Friends Design Booth (in the center hub area). JUNKMASTER, Sue Whitney along with Jon Jenkins, Lanette Lorsung, Amanda Ficek, and Kathy Stantz (local vendor and blogger) will be your expert panel and impart their collective wisdom in the art of having fun! Beverages will be provided by your hosts…but you have a job too…bring your own junk! What does this mean? This is what we like to call a “junkers’” pot-luck. Bring a munchable to pass in a creative container ala junk. You can drop your dish at the JMS booth when you get to the show or bring it with you when you come to the party. The table will be set by Sue Whitney and the merriment will commence at 4 PM. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative containers!

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Barn Dance - Boot, Scoot, n’ Boogie!

Join Jon Jenkins and Sue Whitney for the first ever Boot, Scoot, n’ Boogie Barn Dance at Springfield Extravaganza. Details are in the works….stay tuned as the saga unfolds. Just a heads up…cowboy/girl get-up is strongly encouraged, but not required! Prizes just may be involved….just saying!


(yes…these are Sue’s boots – and see she’s already scootin’ her boots to Ohio…the land of great Buckeye junk)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

8AM to 5PM: Shopping

8AM to Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Vintage Marketplace Treasure Hunt

From opening bell to discovery of the hidden treasure ….a Treasure Hunt will take place under the tents of Vintage Marketplace. You will uncover clues at each of the individual dealer booths…but you have to ask! A prize will be awarded to the lucky treasure hunter who is the first to find the “booty”. Consider that your first clue! Treasure maps can be picked up at the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design Booth upon arrival. Good luck to all!!

10:30AM to 11:30AM: Summer Entertaining with Sue… JUNKMARKET Style

Summertime is the perfect time to entertain your friends and families either indoors or out. Be our guests at the JUNKMARKET Style & Friends Design Booth for an interactive demonstration on how to set your summertime tables in three different ways. Katie Palmer of SoBo Style an Ohio local will be Sue’s featured guest. Watch and learn as table tops become works of art using something old, something new, something borrowed, and maybe even something blue…or green or orange or red. Only time will tell. Attend this presentation and you WILL become the host/hostess with the moistest. See you there!

1:30 – 2:30: Vintage Bingo

Please join your host of Vintage Marketplace, Jon Jenkins, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, and the folks of FOLK Magazine, in the FOLK barn for a folksy game of vintage Bingo. Now there’s a tongue twister. Enjoy a meet and greet, play the time honored game of Bingo, and maybe even win a prize. BINGO!!

4:00PM to 5:00PM: Stump the JUNKMASTER

Feel free to bring your finds of the day to the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design booth for some expert advice. Did you find something you just had to have, but not quite sure what to do with it?? We’d love to help you out with some creative solutions. First come, first serve!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

9:00AM: Final Shopping Day Begins

9:30AM: “Final Stretch” Prize Drawing

Kick start your day with Jon Jenkins of Vintage Marketplace, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, and Ben Ashby, editor of FOLK Magazine before you’re off and shopping the final day! Coffee and donuts will be served and a drawing for the “Final Stretch” prize drawing will take place. Entries for the “Final Stretch” prize will be accepted throughout the show, but you must be present at the show on Sunday to win!! The festivities will be held at the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design Booth. Space and donuts are limited, so get there early!!!

4:00PM: Closing Bell

Until we meet again….Thank You All!!!

Sue Whitney

OK, HERE’S MY LITTLE BIT OF INPUT…(and, was I right or not…that schedule totally rocks!!) 

AND…About this blogger & friends party – I’m so excited to be a part of this, and am hoping it’s the biggest one ever – with OHIO represented, and all of my other blogging friends and followers too, AND which I don’t want any of you to miss…SO – please (pretty please) feel free to share this on your blog, facebook, pinterest, twitter, roadside billboards, or a little ol’ fashioned skywriting would be really cool…  I’d love it if you’d leave a comment when you share, so I can mention your blog in my next post – thanks!!   Also, if you’re planning on attending the party – please comment and let me know! (thanks, again)

Participants are asked to bring a bit of junk food to share (chips, pretzels, dip, veggies, cookies, candy…you get the idea…), but most importantly…the container in which it will temporarily reside (because you know we’re all going to be starving by 4:00) – a piece of junk that you have found or repurposed that would make for a unique and fun conversation piece on the table (food-friendly of course) – and, hey – the winners will get a prize (that’s a surprise though, so don’t ask!!).  You can drop your items off at the JMS & Friends Design booth (in the main hub area) anytime during the day – Sue will be setting the table as she receives your goodies (and she can dress up a table like no other!!!) (and no nibbling until 4:00) – and yes, we will have great photo ops once the table is set!!

Here’s a pic of a little something I made for a blogger “junk food” party in Oronoco a few years ago – a vintage lamp base and ceiling fixture – put together to hold a sweet snack!  (and, p.s…I won 2nd place!)  (So, put on your thinking caps – I know we’ll see some very cool creations!!!)

Pinned Image

And here’s a link to a blog  by one of the greatest junkers/photographers of all time (no kidding) – Amy of junkologie (a little blogger party in Minnesota in 2009 – fun, fun, and more fun – check it out…


And fyi (trying to be helpful as I can…) – here’s a map of the grounds (feel free to share) – Vintage Marketplace will be located in the center (main hub of the grounds)

Terri, Susan (our newest member of Nostalgia’s Cottage), and I will be under the tent at Vintage Marketplace (spaces 573 & 586…it should be our normal spot, but will post if that changes).  We’ve got a TON of fabulous finds and repurposed treasures – all new this season!!! 

Here are a few pics of what we’re bringing…

Don’t you think they’ve got some great stories to tell?


Quilted wire flowers…by me!




  Someone is going to LOVE this fabulous old porcelain sign!!  (and…ice cream…one of my favorite things!)


Here’s a perfect place to hang your hat or jewelry!


A collection of “stuff” in my basement…


Vintage doll dresses and more…


A little rusty and chippy – a perfect combination!


An old pastry board…now a functional chalk board and “catcher” of random stuff…

A shelf/towel rack


The girls are catching some rays before the big show! 


Tick tock…we’ve still got a few clocks!!



She’s dressed in her finest rags – no kidding!


And, of course don’t forget about the jewelry – all the girls love a bit of bling!




  DSC05989     DSC06009 


A fabulously creative assemblage angel by Terri!


Terri, do you hear a little traveling music???


Paper roses….and rag vases!


And a few of Susan’s sweetly salvaged things…




Bottom line is you know there will be a LOT of…


See you there!!!


KathY, TerrI

and SusaN


(And, like all the other vendors for the Vintage Marketplace…it’s back to work for us – well, it’s really more like play – cuz we LOVE it!!)


  1. Amazing post, Kathy! You always have "good junque" girl!!! See ya soon...

    1. Thanks Sue! Looking forward to our working/playing (not necessarily in that order) weekend at Springfield!

      Hugs, Kathy

  2. Hi, Kathy. I'm here because Sue (hi, Sue! you just beat me to a comment by a few hours!) told me I needed to be here, and then I find I was already following you, but my Blogs I Follow list is a little messed up. Now FOR SURE I'll be in the loop with your blog! Hope to be at the Vintage Marketplace on Friday, especially now that I have so much info from your post--thanks! Hope to meet you soon! ~Zuni

    1. Thanks for stopping by Zuni! Looking forward to meeting you too! Will stop by your blog too.


  3. It was so nice meeting you at Springfield, when I came by with Sue to your booth, Kathy! You were really jumping Friday so I hope the rest of the weekend was just as busy. I got a good laugh that day at the picture you took of me with "Ellen"; whom I didn't even know. : )

    1. Kathy - thanks for stopping by! And, isn't it fun to make new "friends"??? Us junkers can find a friend at every turn, can't we??

      And, the weekend was bizzy for sure - it was fabulous!!

      Hugs, Kathy


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!