Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Extravaganza and other important junk…



Well, it’s been a few weeks (alright – a month…where does the time go??) since Springfield Extravaganza, and WHEW…what a whirlwind of big junk fun it was!!  Besides being blessed with the sunshine and comfy temps, and being surrounded by fabulous vintage and antique treasures from all over the country (and did I mention all the great “junk”???  Oh my gosh!!)…this show is made up of the best vendors, artists, and last but not least…fabulous customers anywhere!! 


Susan, Terri and I (and Susan’s sweet mom, Ruth, and Terri’s fabulous mom, Joann) had the best time seeing our loyal customers and making new friends…and oh, having our most profitable show ever (feeling very overwhelmed and thankful about that) – it was nothing short of amazingness for four full days!!

         Terri & Mom                                                 Susan & Mom



Me and Momma Ruth                                        Ruth & Friends from California  

DSC08599      DSC08649

The girls from Alley Cat Chic!  DSC08631 

And our fabulous friends…Cindy & Lydia – we just love those girls!   (and, yes, that is a giant ice cream cone behind them)


And my newest junkin’ buddy…Abby Rose - she went on a shopping spree…and couldn’t help herself – had to buy her mom (Erika Friend) a gift (what a sweet girl)!     DSC08650

Taking a break from all the bizzyness…Sue and friends!DSC08646

I got to spend time with my Minnesota girls…woo hoo – always a hoot…right Sue?? And, there was even dancing – after all it was Sue Whitney’s 29th birthday…AND how many times does that happen???  Well, apparently at least twice for my blonde friend!

Julz, Sue, Me and Lanette


And, my very special junking buddy, Candy Allen – she was welcomed back to Ohio in true fleamarket style!!! And, I think she’d agree!!

Candy & SueDSC08652

Graham wanted the first dance!DSC08668 

Striking a pose - or are they resting???  You know it’s not as easy turning 29 as it was the “first” time!!                DSC08671

And, after the show…still smilin’….


Here are pics from our space:  (It was almost ALL gone by Saturday afternoon – actually pretty darned picked over by Friday at closing time!







Punkin time…painted and waxed!  Sweet, right??



Susan’s sweetly salvaged picture frames were a big hit!  She uses copies of her family photos…on the left is her lovely momma!


This sweet customer came all the way from Ft. Wayne, Indiana just to get first dibs on the luggage set!  She was one happy girl when she left!!!



And a few other sights of Extravaganza…..



Yes…the “S” is just a bit taller than my friend, Susan!  Not saying she’s short…the “S” is just a little taller! 


Terri and I “schlepping” an antique wicker settee – it will be fabulously redecorated for the spring Extravaganza!


My cute vintage dress…just had to share!


The show is over…and darned if we didn’t almost sell to the dirt (or asphalt)!


Well, hoping I didn’t put you to sleep with all those pics…you know me! 

AND…Just a couple more random thoughts/pics to share…

A little autumn re-do in my dining room…  We found the crusty old shutter in a dumpster in Baltimore.  I cleaned it (lightly – didn’t want to lose all the great chippiness) and sealed it – and “voila” a table runner (or who knows what it will be…).  Everything else was junk found at my house – I know…I know…I have a LOT of junk – is that a bad thing??


VINTAGE MARKETPLACE at Tailgate-Music Valley Antique Show – October 25-27 – at the Hendersonville Expo Center, Hendersonville, TN.  Stop by their facebook event page for details: VINTAGE MARKETPLACE  It’s the second time the Vintage Marketplace will be at the Expo Center – and it promises to be even bigger and better.  Sue Whitney (of JUNKMARKET Style) and crew will be there with some very cool Minnesota junk - and lots of fun for sure!  Stop by and tell her I sent you!!  Terri and I went in February and had a great time.  I got to meet my newest junker friend, Ruth Barnes of Southern Junkers – she was a hoot and a half!  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this show – vacation calls…  So, I’m wishing them an awesome show – loads of new customers and tons of fun (that, however, goes without saying, right, Sue??)

The beginning of November takes me to one of my favorite places to visit – Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Metrolina’s Extravaganza – November 1-4th – here’s the link if you’d like to check it out!  Metrolina  Also, a favorite stop is The Depot at Gibson Mill – it’s just aisle after aisle of vintage/antique amazingness – actually 85,000 square feet and almost 500 vendors!!  Looking forward to seeing Janna at the Mill, and meeting up with my friend, Brenda too!!

AND, last but not least, Terri, Susan and I are getting ready for our last show of the season…the Ontario Craft Fair – Saturday, December 1st – at the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, Ohio.

OK, I’m gonna make like a tree, and LEAF for now (see a little fall humor)…!


Hugs and wishing you a happy autumn!!



  1. Looks fabulous mother dear!
    Hopefully I will be joining you next year :-)

    1. I hope so too! :) Together we'd be very dangerous at Springfield - in a good way!


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!