Wednesday, August 14, 2013

See you in September…



Me and a “dreamy” rusty truck

(just a photo op on a junking trip, but I would SO drive this)!


Alright, I’m definitely NOT wishing summer away (and still holding out hope that September will be the “new” August, and we’ll finally get the pool weather that we’re used to!!). But, it’s that time again…getting back to the business of shows…and JUNK, and all that that involves – last minute hunting and gathering, finishing up projects, packing up and hitting the highway – and loving every minute of it (well, maybe not the furniture painting as much as the rest…)…


We had a wonderful time at The Summer Market, and already have our calendar marked for 2014 (July 25-26).  Be sure to mark your calendar too! 

Erin Stack (co-hostess/founder of The Summer Market), Susan, Terri and me!


Some of our treasures…1017286_10151546592631964_991247824_n

So, we are now in the midst of gettin’r’done for the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market AND The Vintage Marketplace (at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio).  It’s always crazy the month before getting things ready.  The three of us (especially me.…) are usually working right up to show time – ok, it’s mostly me – you know, gotta create just one more thing…

Susan is busily working away in her basement “studio”…

001 (2)

Terri’s got some surprises in store…jewelry, collages and more!


And – just a peek, some of our amazing architectural finds…coming to The Vintage Marketplace!

 19908_10200251157381269_1691838801_n   1013433_10200251156581249_451829696_n


We’ve found so much this summer…some unbelievable chippy cabinets, silver trays, scales…and bunches more!!)  Here are a few more things…



Anyway…here are the IMPORTANT dates to remember for Extravaganza – mark your calendar, reserve your hotel room, get your junkin’ boots on, and fill your pockets with lots of cash (we do take checks too!!) – and put it in “junker” overdrive - and hit the aisles AND aisles AND aisles of treasures (over 2,000 vendors, really).  Wow, that makes me want to shop too! :)

SEPTEMBER 20, 21, 22, 2013

We’ll be under the big white tent (one of many…) in The Vintage Marketplace – watch for our sign “NOSTALGIA’S COTTAGE” in front of the Mercantile building (spaces 573 & 586…on the big map) – you can’t miss us…an ice cream stand on either side – I couldn’t have planned that better myself!!


It’s always a good time, being surrounded by so many vendors and artists…  And how about a shout out to our neighbors…  Rusty N’Chippy (aka Troy & Erika) – their fabulous rusty and chippy style is a sight to behold…


…(and did I mention that they’re not only creative but FUN too???)!


And, did I mention Sue Whitney, my blonde friend from Minne-SNOW-ta???  She’ll be there too – bringing her fresh JUNKMARKET Style with her (and a few assorted friends!). 

Terri, Sue, Susan, me

sue and crew

Me (of Nostalgia’s Cottage), Annie (of Grace and Corazon – with her flippin’ boots), Lanette (of JUNKMARKET Style), and Sharon (of the fabulous Pfarkel sisters)


Can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for the September show…(sometimes it’s a little scary…)


I know she’ll have a schedule packed full of junker fun…as well as being educational – how great is that???  So, will keep you updated on that as soon as I can!

The Springfield Extravaganza & The Vintage Marketplace are about everything antique and vintage…from garage sale finds to repurposed/restyled treasures, to fine antiques and collectibles.  If it’s old, you can find it at Springfield (and, no, I’m not talking about myself…)!






We’ve been doing the show for over ten years, and it just keeps getting bigger and better (and, yes, I know I’ve said that before, but it really is true, show after show!)!  And, we’re so happy to be a part of The Vintage Marketplace – where everything old is “new” again!


A window…finds new life as a message center…too cute (by me)!


An old paperweight gets a “facelift” – vintage-style (by me)!


Old wind-up watches – collected to become a fun watch-let (by me)!!


Formerly plain ol’ lampshades (by Terri) – all beautifully laced up and ready to “shine”!


And, don’t forget the food… 

Can you say cream puff??? Oh my gosh!


Woo hoo!! August 2013 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine lists Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market as one of the best romantic flea markets in America!  Page 74.  So…bring someone you love - and find treasures you’ll absolutely love!!!!


That’s all I have for now!  I’ll post again soon with a sneak peek at what we’re bringing – and an update on the schedule for The Vintage Marketplace…so stay tuned and have a junkingly wonderful day (can you find the “hidden” word???)!


(I know, that was a little bit too easy, right??)


Hugs from Junk Heaven, Ohio!


P.S.  We’re hitting the dusty trail this weekend for points west to Springfield’s August flea market on Saturday…and south to Burlington, KY for the flea market on Sunday…gonna pile lots of stuff in the trailer for sure!) 

And, we’re going to pay a visit to our friends Troy and Erika of Rusty N’Chippy’s Vintage Boutique in Xenia, Ohio – can’t wait!

P.S.S.  And, just in case you want to hear “See you in September”  here’s the link:


  1. Can't wait. So glad that it isn't the same week-end of CL Fair. You should also stop at the new antique mall in Centerville. Have fun.

  2. You absolutely got me in the Flea Market mood.......such fun pictures!


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