Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In the good ol’ summertime…and a little bit ‘o’ random junk!

Happy June y’all!!!

Hope your summer is starting out with sunny skies and lots of big plans for some summer fun! Since March (my last post…oh geesh – time has gotten away from me!).  Well, in April and May we had two occasional markets at our shop in Mansfield - both were well attended – beyond what we had hoped for, and we are so very thankful for the support - and making new friends.

Susan, Terri & Me!

Welcome! (An old mailbox turned on its side…who knew???)

Our Momma Ruth sent her opening day wishes!  (XOXO to you too!)nosyjune23
Busy, busy, busy!!

Friends with flowers…thanks Kim!!

Nostalgia’s Cottage and our sweet neighbor, Violeta! 

Vintage love…


A corner of the shop…

Susan’s reclaimed wood frames…and doorknobs!

Terri’s crosses and collages and lots of other loveliness!

One of Susan’s pillows…

And of course - ya gotta have cookies!!!

Some of my “bloomers”!

And also in May…we went to Springfield and back for The Vintage Marketplace!  (OK, that’s where our time went…!)
 spfd1 - Copy

And, Springfield is always fun – getting together with our “neighbors”, selling our “junk”, and just having a great time with everybody we get to meet!  The weather was a test for sure, but flea market shoppers are a hardy group (as well as the vendors) – we all try to make the best of it, and since we can’t control the weather – you then have to remember that old saying “the show must go on” – and it does!

Here’s a peek at what we brought…

spfd2 - Copy

See, we had hope the weather was going to get better – and it did!

So, now it’s June, and what the heck are we gonna do now you ask (and even if you didn’t…cuz that’s what I do…)?? 


Well, Terri will be taking a well deserved vacation (and then back to the busyness of ”junk”); Susan has recently left her day job so she’s been traveling a bit and gardening a lot; and in a week, I will be leaving my day job due to changes with my employer.  I’ve been doing office work for many years, and actually, when I think about it (and I tell people this too), I’ve been sitting at a desk since kindergarten (alright that’s about 50 years – ouch!!).  So, with this change comes lots of thoughts of what will I do…  And, honestly – I’m not sure.  There are definitely thoughts bouncing around in my little blonde head!  I know I have to continue making an income, so the first thing I’ll be trying to do is make “junk” my day job if I can, and like that little train – I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN!!  I’m also going to be helping a friend with estate sales (another part of my plan for my day job).  Other thoughts are possibly having our shop open maybe a day a week (in addition to our occasional markets), custom painting furniture for clients, maybe some “design on a dime” decorating for clients – helping them use what they have…  All things I love doing.  I just don’t want to get myself so scattered that I’m not able to do one one thing well.  So, after all that – I DO have faith that God is closing this door, to open another one – and it’s wide open for possibilities – but, for right this moment, I’ve got to go through what I’ve got to go through…to get where I’m supposed to be!  I’m also so thankful for a supportive husband, family - and my friends – I couldn’t do it without them…

So, in the theme of “changes” in my life…my husband and I want to downsize, and hopefully find a smaller home (with a much smaller yard) early next year(ish) – so , you know what that means…it’s time for me to get rid of some “junk”…a garage sale is in order for some time this summer (so that’s one thing on my “to do” list) – so that we’ll actually be able to fit into a smaller home.  I’m looking forward to less outside work (pool and yard), and to have time for my “job”, visiting our kids in Maryland, and hopefully a bigger chunk of our time spent in Florida in the winter – so there’s my dream in a nutshell! 




I want to invite everyone to The Summer Market in Avon Lake, Ohio – June 25 & 26. 

Friday, July 25, 2014
4–9 p.m.
Saturday, July 26, 2014
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Veterans Memorial Park
Avon Lake, Ohio
at Rte. 83 & Lake Road

Click on the picture below for more details. 

This is our fourth year as vendors at this amazingly wonderful show!  We are honored to be a part of it.  Erin Stack and Kristen Weeden of Girls Give Back are the fabulous women behind this family/community oriented organization who host The  Summer Market – and they really do what their name says…give back.  They help families in need, and also participate in random acts of kindness…they inspire people of all ages with their caring nature, and are passing it on to our younger generation as well.  Here’s more info: 

The Summer Market Rotating Header Image

There are over 70 vendors this year (including artisans and food vendors), and the uniqueness - and sheer creativity of the vendors/artists is not to be missed.  There will be lots of oooohs and aaaahs - and plenty of buying – because so many things are truly one of a kind!  There are wonderful local food vendors, and musical entertainment too!  A great family day - or girls’ day trip!! (some of the photos below are from The Summer Market’s facebook page…stop by and LIKE it!!) 

The crowds pouring in…it’s always non-stop busy and non-stop fun!

Welcome to our little corner of the park!!

I’ll be making lots of signs with some pretty cool junk!!

Feather Your Nest!!

Shabby Shore!

The Market Chicks are probably the most helpful, sweet and energetic bunch of kids you’ll ever see – oh, and did I mention cute???  They’ve got that too!


We will be busy creating over the next two months, as well as junking our hearts out to bring some pretty cool finds to the market (if we do say so ourselves)!!  I will post some pictures as we get things done…right now my basement is lined up with projects, and I’m “digging in” this weekend to get the ball rolling!!  My own little “projectapalooza”!

And, on that note…I found an “armload” of oars last summer…and yes, the girls had to stop me from getting more!  I’m determined to make something out of each and every one for The Summer Market…“OAR” else!!  (Stay tuned!!)


Here are some of our past projects (jewelry, etc.).  Stay tuned for pictures of what we’re working on now…


Here’s a link to last year’s post on The Summer Market – click on the picture below…




In August, the 22nd and 23rd to be exact, we will be hosting our third occasional market of the year.  Our shop will be full of “new” items – our creations, found treasures, furniture, and lots more…ya just never know what we’re gonna come up with!

Here is the schedule:

Friday, August 22nd – 10am – 6pm
Saturday, August 23rd – 9am – 8pm

Our Saturday market is being held in conjunction with the annual Heart of the City Cruise-in…hundreds of vintage and antique cars roll into Mansfield for the day…and when the ladies “tire” of looking at the motorized treasures, it’s a short walk to our shop to check out all of our vintage treasures (we’re right on the square too!!!)…sounds heavenly, right??


A little heads up to local shoppers, on Friday the downtown parking will be a lot to easier to find, but if you’re wanting to visit the cruise-in AND our shop – Saturday is THE day!!




Our annual girls’ trip (the first weekend of August) is taking the five of us along a familiar route – actually two routes…State Route 30 west on The Lincoln Highway Buyway) AND then south on State Route 127 – The World’s Longest Yard Sale.  Two great events (that meet at Van Wert, Ohio) – happening at the same time!  We start EARLY on Thursday, August 6th, and travel as far as we can for the next three days…woo hoo and happy trails!!


Time to go, so I’m wishing you  …

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way



P.S.  Be sure to stop by our facebook page…click on the pic below and LIKE us!!  




  1. I second the more trips to Maryland!! Oh and there are some great shops out here that I'm sure would love to sell your fabulous "junk" and treasures. Great things are coming your way!!!! Love You Dearest Mommie! xo


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!