Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the road again...

Opening for business...soon...

Well...we're hitting the road to the great state of Kentucky - Burlington, to be exact. It's our first flea market of the season, and we're ready to set it up and sell it!!! We've got some great stuff and wanted to share a few pieces with y'all (getting into the spirit of the trip south - and actually back to my roots - my Mom was born in Kentucky...)!

Terri and I are heading out Friday (trailer in tow - and packed to the roof...), and picking up our two best junking buddies in Columbus - Ellen and Ericka. We're planning on hitting a few of our favorite spots in the Columbus area, and maybe some new found favorites along the way - we'll definitely take the scenic route...! Set up is on Saturday - so that's when we put our traveling buddies to work (oops, they don't know yet!!). It's going to be great girl fun, and hopefully a money maker for us too!! (so we can buy more...I know you guys understand how that goes...!)

Busy, busy, busy...
We've been fixing, painting, sewing, glueing, and pricing our fingers off the last few weeks - and now we're all packed up and ready to go. Praying for nice weather and lots of new customers! If anyone is in the area, we're at the Boone County Fairgrounds this Sunday, April 19th. The link: You'll see our sign "Nostalgia's Cottage" and of course all our wonderful painted furniture and great vintage and junk home decor! A little bit of rust, and lots of white!!! Also - lots of great handcrafted stuff too - pincushions, button bouquets, collages, flea bags, etc... (all using vintage/antique materials).

Here's your "sneak preview":

Some great old boxes, a farm table, and a fabulous sideboard...
An old needlepoint - with lots of meaning...
A fabulous waterfall vanity (here's the you'll see the before - a definite improvement)...
See what I mean??? It was screaming for a makeover! Terri and I did this collage together - hard to part with this one - we had too much fun doing this one - and made a huge mess in her loft too...Garden tools, anyone???
A shelf I made from an old drawer front...lots of possibilities for seasonal decoration.
Some great old feeders - great junk, don't ya think?
A "smoke-free" smoking stand - will look darling on a porch with a plant on top!
This box is super sweet - and we didn't even have to paint it! Next stop...Springfield Extravaganza...

We just keep going, and going, and going, and going... This isn't a new picture, but it's us...singing "on the road again"...


  1. Consider the 'desk organizer' in the last picture SOLD! It is sooooo mine.
    Seriously. mine, mine, mine....

  2. Kathy, here's wishing you an awesome sale and good weather! That box is pretty incredible. I guess it's already sold. Ha!


  3. Hope you sell alot of your stuff...then you can find more stuff! Wish I could be there!


  5. Could you stop by and pick me up? Thanks, I'll have my bags packed..
    Sale lots! Can't wait to hear about it.

  6. Your things look wonderful I'm sure you will do well at the Flea Market.
    I enjoy looking at your blog. Have a great day and good luck.

  7. Hi Kathy, it's me...Kennesha aka Junk in My Trunk...from JMS...anyhow, love your blog, love your stuff. I just left you a message after your most recent post on JMS...look forward to seeing more stuff from you and getting to know you better! Perhaps one day we will meet! Until then, you've got a friend in the islands! Aloooooha! Check out my blog and follow me on my

  8. You guys are great - thanks for all your good wishes!! So glad you visited my blog and perused all our wares! We've got so much more...will post pics after we set up our space - and give you the scoop on how things went for us - we've not sold at this show before, so we're excited to meet some new people! (And, excited for a girl's trip - it'll be "huge" fun...right Ericka??)

    Melissa - would love to have you come with us - maybe we should buy a bus...we could probably fill it! :)

    Kennesha - thanks for visiting from "so far away" - Hawaii is at the top of my list for my dream vacation - how wonderful to live in such a beautiful place. If you come junking on the mainland...let us know!! And, I will definitely visit your blog.

    Hope you all have a great junking weekend!

    P.S. Yep, Lani - I guess the box is sold! LOL

  9. Oh, I wish I could come! I especially love that pretty aqua-coloured table. I'd be buying that one for sure!!

    Thanks for visiting me. You have a lovely blog here...!


  10. Would love to see your stuff someday! Until then, we're giving you an award....check out our blog for the details!

  11. very impressed with your creativity and stamina!!
    a true Na-Da Farm Chick!!

    are you? did you sign up yet??

    good luck at the shows-
    Blessings-Anne Marie

  12. Thanks girls! Cassie...I'm heading over to your blog - an award? How fun!!

    Anne Marie - I think I am...let me check.

    Linda - thanks for visiting - I love your blog too!!


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