Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here's what I won from Mimi-Toria's Designs!!!

I won!!! Yep, I won a Mimi-Toria Designs original necklace from my good JunkMarketStyle friend and artist, Gretchen (see her blog - she is amazingly talented - gifted, actually!!). I'm thrilled to have one of her designs - very simple, sweet, elegant design - and, I can wear it with anything!

I've met Gretchen through the website, and now here in blogland - what a great place. I'm inspired daily by the blogs I visit, and the creative, generous, fun people I've "met" - and Gretchen is one of my favorites to visit! Gretchen will soon be selling her vintage jewelry creations in Anoka, Minnesota - see her blog for information. It's going to be done in a French flea market styled setting - as an "occasional sale"...big stuff in Minnesota - I might have to come out for some market research - would love to do this in Ohio! - Another member of this group is Lani (also from the JunkMarketStyle website) here's her blog - - another very talented lady and junk friend... (Wishing you and your partners tons of success!)

Well, just wanted to give a quick "shout out" and THANK YOU to my junk friend, and share pics of the necklace, the wrapping (which is so pretty too...and as I was told...reused from a present from another junkmarket friend - I'm gonna pass it on too!).

Thanks again Gretchen! I know we'll get to meet one of these days!

What a nice thing to find in my mailbox...

Great "hand-me-down" packaging... (I'll keep it going, Gretchen!)

Up close and beautiful...
In an elegant, "buttony" setting...

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  1. Kathy- Finally lunchtime at work, so I can comment. lol
    Thanks so much for your very nice words you spoke of me in your blog post. You are a gem!
    I'm so happy you won the pendant necklace, as I know you appreciate it as well as will enjoy wearing it.
    Your photographs are great and I so appreciate you taking the time to make this gift from me and feature it on your wonderful blog. We sure do hope that you make a trip to Minnesota sometime for checking out the occasional sales, and would love to show you around and spend time with you.
    Your friendship is a blessing!


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