Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little rusty at my gardening...

Home sweet home!

Thought I'd share a bit of my garden junk. There isn't much that can't be blended in with flowers and foliage (well, at least us junkers don't think so, right?). The beauty of most of it is that it just keeps looking better and better (who knew rust could be such a beautiful thing?). And it even looks good when the flowers aren't in bloom! Gotta love that.

I'm always puttering out there - adding some other bit of junk (but being careful not to cross the line that makes it look like too much junk - if that makes sense)! It's really a good thing I don't have a bigger yard than I do...but, maybe when I get mine filled up...I could head over to a neighbor's - and drop a little junk here and there in the middle of the night! (Nah...they'd know exactly where it came from!)

I'm getting ready to build a garden conservatory with some old windows - which will be another new spot to decorate (woo hoo)...and then there's the shed... I've been sort of stacking some things out there - and before my hubby knows it - it'll be "poof done" - and I will have put my mark on another space. The only place I'm "not allowed" is the garage (LOL) - I have a little spot for my garden tools and that's it...

Hope you enjoy the pictures and have fun with all the junk!

A cute vintage trash can (holes punched into the bottom for drainage) - and the flower kind of matches too.

A roasting pan found at a local thrift store (the bottom is removable and there are already drainage holes in it). It's sitting on a really old iron base to a school desk - and a cute little tricycle (that can be "repurposed" when there are little ones around who want to take a ride).

My front porch - the potting table and a whole lot of junk!
A nice place to relax! You can never have too many watering cans... (and don't ya love that giant red flower frog?)
A chicken feeder - with some little blooms!I love little metal tables and stools...

A tiny little garden planted in an old ceiling light fixture. (one of my favorite things!)

Close up... (herbs and flowers of course!)

This little bird bath wouldn't hold water...but it was way too sweet to put away.

A tiny little birdie resting on her toe!

A water feature! (garage sale find)

There really are some iron garden chairs hidden amongst the buttercups!

Another metal stand...

Just relax!

A rusty metal ice cream parlor chairChairs and more chairs...

One of my garden totems

An old wheel...A child-sized wheelbarrow

An iron baby bed - at the corner of our yard.

One of "my" hummingbirds!

Welcome to the deck!

Knock first! :)
A vintage baby swing (isn't it cute??) and some other "junk"!
"Bucky" hanging out by the pool (if you look close, you'll see how he got his name)! He was made by Terri's brother, Brian. He creates wonderful junk garden art - using anything and everything. I packed Bucky home a couple summers ago from Oregon (I'm sure when I checked him in at the airport, the baggage people had a laugh when they scanned him!).

A little closer...(he won't bite, I promise - his jaws are welded!)

A fish "tail" - no...a pair of pliers! And a set of forks...they're not eating utensils anymore!
Time for a dip in the pool (oops, guess I got distracted...)

A very cool flea market find! A vintage life preserver...

A sweet little adirondack chair and a scooter - aging nicely on the deck...

It's a radio flyer - and the name is "retro red" - just a bit faded now!More stuff...

My back (beach) garden (a view from the deck). When we moved in there was a huge play set there - but with no little ones in the house - it became a garden - with lots of sand!

A little closer (and...yes...that is a spray painted bowling ball in the bottom left corner!)

Anything CAN be garden art...and sew on, and sew on...

This is "Berniece" (yep...I like to give everything a name!)...she's the keeper of the rust...and trying to work on her tan!

More stuff... (the wagon can't get any rustier - well, maybe it can!)Welcome to the "beach"!

An old headboard (every garden needs a bed!)

A vent from a barn (?)... It spins in the wind - love it!

My neighbor was going to "junk" this, because it had holes in it - but he asked me first (do I have a junk reputation or what??) - and of course I said it was perfect.

And - what garden is complete without a pink flamingo (I think that's what he is)??

This corner is "in progress" - the chair has seen too much weather, and has become a recliner (LOL) - will probably just use the pieces for some kind of project, and the wooden "tiller" thing is looking for that perfect spot to retire to...

And by the garage door - what do ya know??? Another chair?

And...here's the shed...to be continued...

(the sequel should be called "As The Junk Gathers"!! - sounds like a soap opera doesn't it??) :)
Have a junking great day & God bless!!


  1. Great yard art! I just picked up a sewing machine @ the dump on Saturday to "plant" as well!

  2. Cute junk! lol Love the iron baby bed! Have a "BLESSED" week! Natalie,

  3. Kathy, this post is hilarious!! I loved seeing where you've put a lot of your 'stuff." I love so much of it!!!

    I really wish I had a front(or back) porch. We're still in the midst of doing the inside of the house, so who knows when the back yard will get started. I want a garden and stone patios to decorate. I saw an old door for $16 that I liked at a shop in Lebanon. I think I need to go junking soon-I would love to do a corner of Murph's furniture store in shabby chic and feature the Attic Heirloom furniture collection from Broyhill. I'm trying to pin my friend down to a date so I can come up to meet ya! I'll stay in touch. I may just have to come alone- who knows! Then I will have no time constraints.
    Plus more room to bring back MY stuff! LOL
    talk soon, Sue

    p.s. Your pics are not enlarging- I wanted to see Bucky up close as well as other details...

  4. I'm loving it all...come work on my garden and yard. I have no time!

  5. Thanks for the more detailed yard tour. You've got lots of fun stuff going on over in Ohio. lol
    Great post.

  6. I love all your neat junk! Thanks for sharing so many great photos!

  7. Love all the junque! Your yard looks great, and I really like the way you've mixed the treasures with the plants! Thanks for sharing! *elaine*

  8. It all is great! I love walking through other... Gardening Junkettes! Palaces! LOL it is all beautiful!
    I have to do a new post this week too! I have been collecting alot this week!
    Happy summer!!!

  9. Kathy,
    Great blog...love your yard art!


  10. So cool! And I love your sense of humor at the chair that has become a recliner! This is way too cute...

  11. Thanks for the nice comments - I appreciate everybody stopping by! I really love having junk fun in my garden!

    And, now I need to visit some blogs too! - so many wonderful things to discover and share!

    Have a blessed week! Kathy

  12. What a wonderful garden! I could look and be delighted for hours! I popped in from Sue's, my dear friend Sue!, who has told me all about you! Oh and she was right! You are something special!!

  13. Garden Junk is my favorite! Great stuff!

  14. I love your awesome "junk" I had to leave a comment after visiting(-: I will be back again soon!


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