Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Junking far this summer!

The good 'ol summertime - good 'ol junking time!This "repurposed" tree stump was directing traffic on a street corner in Mansfield...and guiding excited travelers to garage sales near and far... (They change her attire for the season...too much fun!)
Hope you're all having a fun junking/antiquing season! Just wanted to share some pics of some of the great "junk" Terri and I have found this summer... Some of it will be sold at Springfield this fall - and some is ours to keep (for now). I just love the "season" - and would really love it if this was my day job! Shopping (aka "picking") for stores or private, just thought I'd throw that out there - in case anyone is hiring!! (My resume is packed full of great junk AND I have a long list of references too!!) :)

And...of course in my typical style...I can't just stop wtih a few photos...there's just so darned much good stuff out there...and I love sharing!

Terri found this beauty (we named her "Magnolia") to watch over her loft studio...there's lots of great junk up there (a future post will showcase her creative space - so that means there's some cleaning/organizing to be done! ha ha - Terri, my friend, you have been warned!). We found her a beautiful vintage bridesmaid dress a week later at a garage sale.
This great bookcase was a steal at $15.00 - and will be painted white (of course) and hold lots of goodies in my dining room!

A collection of finds...

Who says an anvil has to do just manly jobs??? This petite little anvil just loves jewelry...
This little set of "StanHome" coasters brought back memories of my Grandma. She used to be a representative for Stanley Home Products and did in-home parties (back in the 60s...), and I used to love looking at all the stuff on her back porch (stock room), and got to go to a few parties with her too...that was big fun for a little girl! Not sure what I'll do with them, but it was worth the memory!
The back of my van...found all of this on my lunch hour! (Just think what I could have done with a whole day!!)
Always looking for a little "ellie" for my mother-in-law...A couple very cool belt buckles and an old newest (soon to be released) post on will show you what I did with it...
A little story with this cute baby dresser set... I found it a garage sale at the screaming bargain price of $1.00 (no kidding), and as I was walking away I heard the lady tell someone that she was surprised someone bought it...I didn't get it, but maybe it was a family joke or something...nor was I embarrassed as I heard laughing as I carried this treasure and a few others down the driveway to my van...

I guess it is true, that one person's junk is another's treasure!This little guitar won't play a single tune...but in it's day, it was a fun hair brush (and this was only five cents!)And for my rusty the thrift store...two really rusty shelves for fifty cents each!
Terri and I had a heavy metal day...what great stuff!

This is an "office valet" - how cool is that?? Even a place to put your umbrellas - it'd be great in a mud room!No need to weigh in on this - scales are always a good thing!
More great junk!

Another " oh my gosh" - "deal of the day" very vintage and very well priced - $1.00 (we almost ran to the van with it before they changed their mind...)

Tick tock...rust and silver are perfect partners!
The junk just never ends!!
Some very fun windchime materials...

One can never have too many storage containers!
Just a few of my fleamarket finds from Springfield I love my chippy little step stool!

Not sure what I'll use the metal box for - but it was too great to pass by... And of course bits and pieces of jewelry to play with! The sweetest little silver pincushion - a souvenir from New York City.
(Reminded me of my daughter)
Jewelry and rag balls (I just love rag balls...)
Pretty little soap pad.
Well...that's all folks...(for now)!


  1. OM you found some GREAT stuff. Are you near Mansfield??? I grew up in Loudonville, not far from there.

  2. Christina - I'm in Mansfield - and Mohican country isn't too far away - such beautiful countryside! So glad you stopped by my blog!

  3. Kathy,
    Thats some great junk!
    You took some really good photos.
    I really like the fabric balls, scales, & the chippy blue step stool. OK I love it all..


  4. Okay, I'm comin' up and goin' junkin' with YOU!! You have a good eye for pickin', Kathy. I told a gal pal about you and I think she wants to make the trip up to see all of your treasures... And if she cancels on me, I'll be there by myself! :-) Sue

  5. We're right down the street (in the Stetson House) but we popped up for the antique show. I thought the dress on that mannequin was neat! Next time you come to town be sure to stop by!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Melissa - hope all is well at the Vintage Attic!

    Sue - ready for a visit anytime! :)

    Kerry - looked at your blog - your shop looks so cute! Wish we could have stopped by, but will be sure to when we're in town next time. Wait till you see the mannequin (Magnolia) in her new vintage bridesmaid dress - it was made for her! (I'll be posting pics soon) :)


  7. The stool? I want it! What great finds Kathy! Have a great weekend!


  8. K - The stool has found a sunny spot in my dining room...but when I'm ready to give it up - will let you know! :)


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!