Thursday, September 10, 2009

TGI - ThriftDay!

Yikes, today got away from me, but here's my THRIFT-DAY story...
and what I did with my "find"!
See what $10.10 bought (not sure where the 10 cents comes from, but what the heck) at a thrift store last March (here's the link to my post giving you the "scoop"... "Thrift Shopping on a Friday". It took a few months for me to get around to painting it - but it was worth the wait.

And here's the big "reveal" new tv stand - in the most beautiful-est shade of white! So much detail in every part of it - and I LOVE it!
And the perfect spot for the DVR...(just an inch to spare on either side...whew!)
And a nice spot for my sewing box to rest...
Six beautiful drawers for storage...hmmmm - haven't decided what to hide in those yet!
And a side view - Such wonderful detail...they don't make them like this anymore!
This is short and sweet - guess I'm being "thrifty" with my time today - ha ha!! But next I'll be posting on our next show at the SPRINGFIELD EXTRAVAGANZA - September 18-20, with a SNEEKPEEK at what we've got! There are over 2000 vendors - with so much to see you can't do it in a day! It's a MUST SEE in Ohio!

God bless and have a great junking day!



  1. LOVE IT! I wish I had thought of this for all the machines we've had. Yow-za! Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. WOW-ZERS Kathy....this IS a beauty. I absolutely love how you re-finish things. I got up early after my night shift cause I was so excited to paint a few projects in the garage---end result--I realize I AM NOT A PAINTER--drips everywhere what a mess--any suggestions!!??!!

  3. Kathy, isn't it amazing what a can of paint can do to a piece? Great save. I think those drawers on the side would be perfect for your remote controls, don't you? But if your house is anything like mine, they'd never find their way there. Ha!


  4. So happy to see one of these beauties put to a good use! They are beautiful in all their detailing, but other than for a boat anchor, not very practical. This is just a fantastic spin and a perfect fit!

  5. Kathy, this sewing machine cabinet turned out GRRRRrEAT! I sound like Tony the Tiger, remember him? I like how you kept the black metal showing on the logo. The side embellishments on the drawer are something I haven't seen before- just plain drawer side...
    Can you believe TW's DVR box actually fits? I love drawers, but they're always filled to the brim with stuff I forget is in there!
    Mr. S will be accompanying me to S'field next week. He was wooed by "fair food" and the fact that he thinks he is an expert at finding "things." too funny. I will leave him with his perception of himself...
    til then- hugs, Sue

  6. That is just gorgeous and inspiring. I want to begin painting my furniture, but I have a lot of fear to overcome first. Everything in my house is just way too brown for my liking.
    Beautifully done!
    ~ Anne

  7. Very pretty idea! It's always difficult to make the television look good. I love the way you've tucked the DVD player into the bottom! I wonder what our great-grannies would think if they only knew where their sewing machines ended up? LOL!

  8. Thanks for your comments! I was so glad to finally get this painted - and get it in my tv/sewing room. And, white magic! :)

    Sue, I'm with you on drawers - I'm afraid I'll forget what's in there - out of sight out of mind...! :) Just one more week until Springfield - see you and your hubby there! And, at least you'll have someone to carry all your "finds" - and if finds some things too - that's a bonus for you!!! :)

    Janis...just a little practice you'll be fine. We use foam pads for sides - and just start out light with the paint - better to do a couple coats than trying to get it all covered in one coat...hope that helps! :)

    Take care everyone and have a great weekend!


  9. Love it! Filling the space with the DVR? Brilliant! ~Mindy

  10. How'd I miss this post? Love it Kathy! And what a deal at $10!

    Excellent job, my friend.
    Candy - AKA Junk Sophisticate

  11. i recently stashed my old singer in the basement under a sheet...i may have to rethink that now...i will probably be visiting the extravaganza on saturday...not sure yet if i am up to the drive...but if i make it there...i will look for you so i can stop over and say hi...

  12. Such lovely items... I pray y'all do well!

  13. Great post Kathy. Love what you did with your Singer machine. I too thought remote controls in the one drawer, but men don't like things put away and hidden, so that may not work. lol
    Fabulous how the DVR fit in the underside too.
    Great project!


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