Monday, October 12, 2009

Hickory, Dickory Dock...our Saturday finds ROCK!!!

10/19/09 - update: We're in the midst of sorting and pricing (and figuring out how to price...) clocks, pieces and parts - and checking to see which ones work, to anyone who has emailed me interested in purchasing - I will get back with you as soon as I can - thanks so much for your patience! And, for anyone just visiting (thanks for stopping by) - if you're interested in purchasing, please let me know.
Have a wonderful day! Kathy
P.S. We've purchased the rest of the estate, so there are LOTS more to pick from!!!
Well, not sure where to begin...ok - how about first thing Saturday morning. I'm all set to go to an estate sale at 9:30, but my friend, Tela, called and let me in on a little curbside rescue that needed to be accomplished. She had spied some things, and knew exactly who to Kind of like "who ya gonna call???? JUNK BUSTERS" day was just starting out SO right!! :)

So, I hopped in my van and found the abandoned furniture just two blocks from my house (actually in front of the same house I had found the wonderful Hoosier cabinet a couple weeks before). I really think I should just run up to the door and give them my phone number for future reference!!


I stopped and packed up (all by myself) a great old green bookcase, a craft/sewing table, and another table/cabinet (not really sure what it was...) - that's all I could get though. I left behind an old sewing machine and a few other things - but was a happy camper when I drove away - I just left a few treasures for someone else!'s what I found (at stop #1)

Not bad, huh? And it was FREE!!!!!
Love the old "green" of this piece! This will be great to display the rest of the "junk" we found on Saturday... keep reading...
This will make a sweet worktable for my workshop!
This is my "unknown" table/cabinet - you can tell from the first picture, the top is hinged and it opens up... Anybody know what it is? (maybe some kind of radio cabinet?)

We'll paint it and maybe add some junky hardware or something to it...give it a new purpose in life!
Now...on to the estate sale. And just a quick little story. The gentleman who had lived there had done clock repair work for fifty-five years - out of his workshop in the basement. There were treasures waiting to be found.


The basement looked like nothing was ever thrown out - all boxed, tagged and stored for a long, long time... It's kind of hard to describe the feeling, but I know most of you can relate (you know you can) - it was like a dream venturing into the basement, where there were tubs and tubs of clocks - floor to ceiling, AND pieces and parts carefully stored away for future use. (We really wanted to jump up and down and yell a bit...but there were other people around.)

So, we searched box by box and made pile after pile of what we liked, and the man who was running the estate sale kept carrying our overflowing boxes upstairs - and an hour and a half later...AND a little bargaining...180 clocks and pieces and parts were loaded into my van. Oh my gosh - we had been to junk heaven.


Here's my van...I'm so glad they weren't all wound...the sound would have been deafening!!
Old schoolhouse clocks and lots more pieces and parts...
More pieces and parts - clock faces, gears and more!!
When we got back to my house - we unloaded out in the driveway (my neighbors have to think I'm just a bit crazy, don't ya think?) - and proceeded to sort and count (and photograph) and oooh and ahhhhh. It was so hard to know where to get started... And of course for all of our hard work, we picked out a few for ourselves (that's the fun of it, right???), and we're planning on selling the rest at our shows and probably on ebay (we're researching some of them right now). Terri's ebay name is "terraeoz" if you want to check them out. It'll take us a while - so be sure to put her on your watch list! We may also be selling some wholesale...anybody interested?


Alrighty - here's about half the haul!
And, here's the other half... Don't you love the BIG clocks (I'm keeping one of those!)
It just goes on and on and on...
A view from the other side...
Did I mention I LOVE these??
Many of them had been individually packaged and all the mates put in tubs...and tagged with the manufacturer, year made, and a price...
Clock faces...large and small...concave glass fronts of all different sizes...
Gears and pieces and parts of clocks...
The patina on each of these is just so cool - aged and crackled and faded and just so PERFECT!
One of my favs!
Still more...
Thirty-four of these "babies" and they were all named "BEN"!
Trying to catch some rays...(it's October you guys...back in the box!)
I LOVE the green one - but what about those crackly finished pink ones??
The table was set just in "time"!
Yep - even more... Sales like that don't come along very often (our "timing" was just right I guess) - and I'm just thankful and happy, happy, happy that we found this one! Hope you have enjoyed a quick peek into clock heaven - I'll share a post later with some displays that we'll be doing!

P.S. Surrounded by all these clocks, I "shouldn't" have an excuse for being late...for a long "time"!!

Oh...just a few more pics...our "pics" of the bunch!

Here's Terri with one of her favs...I told her not to do the cheesy smile...

but she was so stinking happy! (so was I...)

Here are three of the ones Terri picked! Ya gotta love a little bling! And here is my #1 favorite - a big 'ol schoolhouse clock - hanging above my dining room window (with a great old street sign that was gifted to me by one of my Minnesota junking friends, Amy of junkologie and Whisperwood Cottage.From the biggest to almost the smallest of the bunch!
This little guy comes to us from far, far away - West Germany...and he really loves his new home! He's already been introduced to his new clock family (aka - collection)at my house! That's it! We're both worn out after all that junking fun - but...somebody has to do it, right??

Your junking friend,


P.S. A little update - we went back and bought more goodies - clock pieces and parts (gears, faces, etc...) - anybody interested in purchasing - email me and I'll send pics when we get things sorted - we'll have some great prices on this stuff. It would be great for jewelry making, collage, altered art, etc....

Keep checking back - Ill be doing my FIRST giveaway very soon - and there are some awesome surprises in store!


  1. Yes. I can almost feel what you felt when you entered that basement! This is an absolutely incredible haul and I am thrilled the two of you came upon it! I am loving the large school clock and happy mine is on order. You're the best and so happy for you!
    Candy - AKA Junk Sophisticate

  2. All I can say is WOW!!! Great finds!

  3. Words cannot express.... just HOLY SMOKE!! What an incredible stash of clocks!! And what a lucky find at the curb! I think the small cabinet is a sewing box - but could possibly be a humidor (is it lined with anything?)


  4. OMG! What a haul! I would love to purchase one and I'm not picky either!


  5. Contact Gail @
    She works with clocks.

    Quite a stash there.
    May your autumn day be beautiful . TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Oh wow weeee

    My daughter and I have had such fun looking at your clocks - we love the pale green one! How fun! Any cuckoos?


  7. Kathy, How fun to have found all those clocks and other clock paraphanalia!! Nice roadside finds, too. I think the hinged box is a sewing box- I had a grandmother who had something that looked just like it. I want a small brownish looking clock to set on a bookshelf- maybe you can hunt one down from the collection? Oh, and we are thinking the first or 2nd week of Nov. for an Ohio bloggers meet. How does that sound to you? Shoot me an e-mail- I'm trying to get an idea of people's schedules. hugs, Sue

  8. I just saw that I did not spell paraphernalia correctly. This English/journalism major is now ashamed~ head hung low.... Sue

  9. WOW again!I cannot beleive all those clocks. I am working on some clock jewels right now! Give me a heads up when you get around to the pricing and putting out for sale.
    Smiles, alice

  10. Oh my stars!*!*! How blessed r u? So much fun. Yes I will be watching your blog..or e-mail me @ when you have some of these beauties up for sale!
    Yay you!!:-)

  11. My heart is beating so fast and I can't wipe the drool fast enough!!!
    I am having some serious clock envy!!!!

    What AWESOMMMMMMMME finds!

  12. Pleeeeeeeze email me when your clocks go up for sale.....

  13. Kathy-
    1 big ben watch
    pocket watch faces
    clock faces.
    Let me know when available dearie!
    I'm so excited for you.

  14. Thanks everybody for visiting and your comments - it is just pure clock craziness isn't it??? I'm keeping a list of names to contact - we're spending Friday sorting and pricing ( may take a couple days...) - and will be able to share more next week.

    Eileen - the little cabinet isn't lined...there's a tiny label on the side that I haven't looked at closely yet.

    Sue - will get an email out to you tomorrow. (and a journalism major huh?? I'll be watching closer now! ;)

    Marble Rose - no cuckoos...sorry.

    Well..."time" for me to get back to my clock research! ha ha!

    Hugs, Kathy

  15. Uhm...excuse me you have the time???


    Hey, don't forget, that bookcase would make a GREAT faux fireplace!


  16. Good golly Miss about having time on your hands! Y'all must have had the time of your life going into that basement! BTW, what time does that 4:30 bus get here?
    I would be very interested in the cream clocks with the brown faces. Love 'em!

  17. Missy - It's kind of cool - it can be any time I want it to be - I LOVE THAT! ha ha!!! (For now...the bookcase is going to be clock storage - but I think it'd make a fab fireplace too!!) Don't the junkfest girls need a few tick-tocks???

    Debbie - the 4:30 bus...let me check! :)

    Amy - insane pretty much covers it!

    Friday is sorting day - it's gonna be a long one!

    Take care all! Kathy

  18. Yes, hello. I'm calling about the clocks you have for sale? How about sharing some clock love? I spy a few I just cannot live without...hope they're not your favorites too!
    Email me please!!!

  19. OMG!!!! Ya'll really hit the mother load of clocks. you have got to contact me on the faces of these cuties for my jewelry! Send me pics (LOL)


  20. Hi Kathy! really hit the mother load didn't you? holy cow...........

    you could open up a shop!!

    I have that exact schoolhouse clock, will not hang it up - because I hate the cord showing; any suggestions??

  21. What a haul! You have loads of Baby Bens (like the cream and brown ones) and Big bens...similar styles and larger. They have some value based on their condition and where they are made etc.
    I have a collection of them in the attic somewhere...I switch things around now and again. :-) Maybe it's TIME to pull them out again! LOL

  22. Oh my goodness!!!!! What an incredible day for you!!!
    I'd be interested in watch/clock faces pretty please.
    many thanks!

  23. Almost brings tears to my eyes....I thought I had a great haul from an auction-see here:

    But this....SO FAR BEYOND. Found you through the junkmarket site.

  24. Kathy--
    Sylvia's Vintage Daughter has been awarded the Honest Scrap Award! Please jump over to The View from White Pine Lane to pick up your award can get the details. (You will recognize quite a few of the other recipients! ...OK - you'll recognize all of them!)
    Have fun with it!

  25. So glad you're all enjoying this fun little find we had - we're knee deep in ticking and tocking clocks - I've beent trying to keep up with emails - so, if you haven't heard from me - send me a reminder!!

    Love ya all for visiting my blog and having junk fun with me!


    P.S. Kim - thanks for the award - will grab it (it's my second Honest Scrap Award - a double - woo hoo) - and will see what I can do! :) Thanks again!

  26. What a collection of clocks - the large ones are great. Wouldn't mind having one of those on the wall.

  27. Wow! What a haul! That was one fabulous sale!

  28. If I was crying so hard over that hoosier cabinet I am sure bawling now... I am a clockaholic, I would have thought I died and went to heaven... those schoolhouse clocks are to die for...looking for someone to do CPR real quick, I am gasping for air... oh I wish I lived close to you I would be running over there right now... what a once in a lifetime deal you got... there is an angel looking over your shoulder... I am so happy for you...

  29. kathy...i would love to buy some clock faces when you're ready to sell:) what an incredible thrill that must have been...i would have felt faint from the shock of it all! but i would have gone crazy and scooped everything up, too...


  30. Hey Kathy-
    I'm sure your knee deep in clocks still, but wanted to let you know that my friend, Carolyn would be interested in a price for one of the tan/brown Big Ben clocks as well when you figure it out. Let me know and if she decides to buy one, you can send hers with my items. Hers doesn't need to work either.

  31. This clock thing just keeps on going and going...Love all your comments and support - and praying your junk angel is watching over all of you today!!

    I'm just so excited about all the new visitors and followers I've had - such an honor to "meet" you all!! And will be checking out your respective blogs as soon as I can.

    As of yesterday - we sorted/counted over 2500 clocks (and haven't even got to the parts yet...) - that's a lot of clock faces staring at us right now!! (I know I've just put some of you into shock with that number...just breathe deep!)

    Anyway - too much junking fun and will post my follow-up soon!

    Love ya, Kathy

    AND - P.S. to all of you who have emailed me - you're all on my "to do" list now - so thanking you for your patience! :)

  32. Hi fellow collector. I just found your blog today and I love it. I am going to follow you so I can keep up on you adventures...

  33. wow! what a score! so I need to look to see if you have an etsy all the clocks...think I need one or two or ....


  34. Just had to "chime" in again because this is've been BOO'D. The JUNK sOPhistICATOR is stalking and YOU are its next victim! Visit my blog to see what what's next!

  35. Add me to the list of clock lovers who is interested in buying some clocks once you have sorted, priced, etc. I have a collection of vintage alarm clocks and I am extremely jealous (but happy for you) of that haul!!! Unbelievable....I'm a follower now!

  36. OMG OMG OMG - Just for a moment while looking at your photos I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!! Is there anything better than clocks, clock parts, watch parts etc?????? Can't wait to see when you are selling - I'll be in the loooonnnnngggg line of folks wanting in on your good fortune!!!


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!