Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Sweet Time at the BitterSweet Cabin

While visiting my hometown of Bryan, Ohio this past summer, my friend, Sue (she's actually my bf in Bryan) and I were told by Sue's sister-in-law about a cute little shop - and that it was my kind of stuff. So, we just had to check it out....(AND - she was SO right!)
Just a note: I had intended to post this in September (which totally got away from me...) - but decided that the style and country setting of this shop was well suited for a fall posting! Enjoy the tour!

We drove up to a house that had the most beautiful bright red and welcoming building just to the left of it... And the sign said "The Bittersweet Cabin".

Well, I could hardly get out of the car fast enough... There were many things calling my name - an old bicycle, ladders, tables, and some repurposed pieces on the front porch - there were lots of rustic and aged treasures waiting to be discovered!

Here is the proprietress - Jan - it took me at least a half hour to get past the front door - we were engrossed in some serious junking discussions immediately - our histories and our love for junk - (Kindred spirits for sure - and in our junking world - it's an "at first glance" kind of thing).
She mentioned that she was a fan of JUNKMARKET Style, and enjoyed all the creative ideas - so I got to share that I was one of the contributors on the site. She told me that she had dreamed of having her own shop - and we were standing inside her dream that day! It's an awesome thing to see the love and passion a person has for doing what they love - there really isn't anything like it! And, as she laughingly told me that her profession was "curbside acquisition" - I SO understood!!
Jan runs the shop with the help of her husband Duane, who is a master at carpentry - he builds cabinets, etc. from cast-off pieces of furniture and scraps of aged wood. They're truly beautiful! She sells everything from rustic/primitive pieces...to antiques...to the items that they rebuild and/or repurpose - a rustic eclectic mix that she displays to perfection!

The picture below is what her shop looked like before it was a shop - an old garage. It was sectioned off in pieces and moved to their property - where it was transformed into the shop that stands there today! The building itself is literally the "picture" of repurposing - an amazing find - and even more amazing save!!
Here's Jan and I standing next to a piece of furniture (it had been an old wardrobe) - it was lovingly transformed into a one-of-a-kind display piece - as well some great storage. I could see this in my house...!

Here's another cabinet - the door is an old screen painted black -with the inside finished off in some great old beadboard (beadboard is one of my favorite things!!). I love the rustic, fall-ish look of this display.

Out on the porch, she had a fabulous display of vintage camping/picnic pieces - and who doesn't love an old bench??

Here's a gem...an old light fixure hanging out on the porch waiting for either a candle or a bunch of - what else...bittersweet!!

Out front is a fenced area with more stuff...a great old weathervane, a bicycle, ladder, and more...

This bike was rusted to perfection (seriously!!)

I love the display against the red wall - it just pops - in a vintage-sort of way! :)

Me and my "bf" in Bryan, Sue (holding her son's new puppy - "Paisley") - relaxing for a moment! Thanks, Susie - for putting up with me - I can be a little "junk crazy" sometimes!!

Out back were more surprises - I really thought it'd never end...(and that's a good thing!)

Don't you love this? I think it's a chicken nesting condo! A double-decker!!

I love the fact that no surface is left untouched - too much junking fun!

Finding Jan and The Bittersweet Cabin, was the perfect end to my afternoon - and I so appreciate Jan and Duane's hospitality - and for allowing me into a bit of their dream. And, not to mention...a new friend - that was a bonus!


Now, for some information on The Bittersweet Cabin:

It is located at 4889 St. Rt. 576 in Bryan, Ohio

The phone number is 419-630-7311

Shop hours are: Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm - or call if you're in the area, and if available - they'll open up shop for you!!

EVENT NOTE: A Christmas Open House is being held at The BitterSweet Cabin on Friday, November 13th (6pm-9pm) and Saturday, November 14th (9am-3pm)!


Can't wait to stop by and say hi to my new friend, Jan, and see what she does for the Christmas season!


Take care and have a blessed day!



  1. Oh Kathy, I love your posts and pictures. Jan and her husband have a wonderful spot and you showed it off beautifully.
    smiles, alice

  2. Thanks for the tour! I am not sure where Bryan, Ohio is? I have heard of it, though. Hope you found a lot of treasures!~Patti

  3. What an awesome place.... Love the weathervane!! I am seeing to much there that I need!!! Janna

  4. Good Morning Kathy,
    Wow...what a great, fun place to find. So glad you shared it. Did you buy anything?
    Happy day.

  5. Very, very cool! It looks like you had a ball there!

  6. The chicken nesting post is superb!!! I have feeders, a wooden crate and I love chicken stuff - so this is great - never seen one. I am NOT my mother's daughter... don't know where I was hatched... my mom was no fuss, no frills, no clutter. Jennifer jennsthreegraces@blogspot

  7. Thanks all for visiting! I'm really looking forward to seeing how she does up the shop for Christmas (hoping to go in a few weeks)- so may have a follow-up post!

    Jennifer - I'm a bit of an extreme version of my mother...my hubby jokingly calls me "Sylvia" sometimes - when my finding/collecting goes a little crazy - but he still loves me! :)

    P.S. Jan reminded me what she calls herself..."junkin Jan"! Love that! :)

  8. OMG....I LOVE that store....and your blog is just precious. I love discovering super cool places like the Bittersweet Cabin....how lucky to have found it and I'm sure you're totally looking forward to returning. PLEASE post again with their Christmas Decoratings...I bet they are wonderful. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston.


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!