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My FIRST giveaway AND a special visit from Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style!

Well, you've all been patiently waiting - and my FIRST giveaway is ready to roll! My friend, Lani, of Cottage Elements , had a giveaway last week, and it went so well (see New Year, New Giveaway)...we're gonna give this JUNKMARKET Style giveaway AND interview with Sue Whitney another go......(with a whole new set of questions...)

I've been a member of JUNKMARKET Style since 2008, and now as a contributor, I've LOVED being a part of this junk-loving community! There are so many members joining, sharing, learning, and inspiring each other every day of the year!!

There are presently over 6000 members, and if you haven't visited and joined yet - please stop by and see what's going on. Sue Whitney, the President of JUNKMARKET Style has been the driving force behind all the junk happenings at the site, as well as the author of three awesome Junk Beautiful books...Decorating JunkMarket Style, Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers with Junkmarket Style, and her newest - Junk Beautiful - Outdoor Edition, AND appearances on TV, and home shows around the country.

Sue Whitney

And, back to the members (I really can't say enough...they're amazing!) AND they really are the heart of the site - generously sharing ideas, and inspiringand supporting each other - whether it's simple or complicated - a beginner or a "seasoned" junker - the projects just keep coming! I love seeing what everybody's up to - and what's new each day.

Oh yeah...the's what you can win: A very generous JUNKER'S gift package from Sue - which will include:

A set of her books two and three (autographed), with magazine and DVD!

(Sue Whitney – Author, Douglas E. Smith – Photographer, The Taunton Press - Publisher)


A Gorilla Glue "toolbox" (filled with awesome Gorilla Glue products)


Some great junk - put together personally by Sue - she calls it "building blocks of junk" - so, I'm sure it'll be the start of some BIG junk fun for one lucky winner!

Is that cool or what??? I'm so excited to be a part of this, and also for the chance to meet some new members and followers - JUNKMARKET Style and our blogging world are a just a perfect way to share all the JUNK we love!

And, now for the HOW-TOs for entering the contest:

1. Go to the JUNKMARKET Style site and become a member.

2. Leave a Comment on this Blog with your user name. If you are already a member on JMS, great! Just leave your user name here with your comment.

3. Become a follower or already be a follower of this blog for an extra chance to win.

And for an even greater chance to win, mention it on your blog, tweet it, facebook it or grab the blogger button below and post it on your blog. It's really that simple!

NOTE from me:  I'm out of town this weekend (Scott Antique Market) and I have this cute blogger button below - (but couldn't figure out how to make the link work...I guess it's my "first giveaway malfunction") (so, am still working on that - with a little help from one of my blogging friends - Thanks Lani!).  Anyway, for this part of the "chance" to win - if you could just mention my giveaway on your blog - short post or something - and link to my blog, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  And, check back - I'll get this blogger button figured out as soon as I get home - it's probably not as hard as I'm making it! (Thank you, thank you!!!)

Update - 1/25/10 - you can copy the button to the top right of my post - that should work!

The contest ends Sunday, January 31st at 12:00 midnight. One lucky winner will be announced on Monday, February 1st!

Without further's Sue!

Sue - reading members' posts at JUNKMARKET early morning ritual!

1. Sue, I know you've traveled far and wide on your junking excursions... What is your most embarrassing junking moment?? (I know there have probably been a few, right??)

"Oh, yes I have - and you know there have been plenty of embarrassing moments. Hmmm, which one to choose, which one to choose? Ah, hahaha! Well, there was the time that I got stopped by the flea market security for transporting purchased goods back to one central pick-up location via my electric scooter. Apparently I was scooting in a ”no scooter zone”, scooting over the posted “scoot limit”, talking on my cell while scooting, AND overloading a small scooter. They were kind enough to let me off with a warning. You know a girl just has to do what she has to do when it comes to junk! It was such a pretty red electric scooter."

2. Again, in all of your travels - can you name a few of your favorite places to shop for great junk? And how about a few that are on your "wish list" of places to go?

"Sorry, but I am still kind of a hometown girl. I do think that Minnesota produces some of the finest junk in the country. I believe that is part of the reason I have endured the harsh winters for all of these years. There's nothing like a good old-fashioned flea market or junk sale come spring in Minnesota. Everyone is so happy to be out of the house and back in the fresh's becomes more about community than the junk. I love that! With that said I do have favorite travel spots. Brimfield, MA, Round top, Texas, Central Coast, California, and your very own Springfield, Ohio Extravaganzas are among my favorite big shows. As we all know, road trips without a plan can produce some pretty wonderful finds. Here's to road tripping. Cheers!"

Sue...junking at Oronoco - 2009

3. And speaking of junk, and I speak from experience (as most of us do, I'm sure)...but what is the best piece of junk you "left behind" and didn't buy - but (still) WISH you had??

"Oh my gosh.... I so know this answer! This is the time I broke all of my flea market shopping rules and still lost the prize. My bad!! I'm a big (OK, maybe huge) fan of vintage upholstered furniture. The problem is, you don't find it in good, or salvageable condition very often at a good price. Oh man, I was like thirty seconds late at Oronoco Gold Rush Days a few years ago for a sofa in mint that I loved. When I walked in someone had already showed interest. I hovered around the piece like I was a fly on you know what. Mmmm, that didn't work so well. I tried offering the vendor over the asking price and when the woman finally bought the sofa - I tried to buy it from her. Those tactics didn't work either. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the sofa found a good home. I still secretly wish it was mine! Am I bad?"

4. If you could be on any tv show and share the world/philosophy of JUNKMARKET Style with millions of viewers, what show would you like to be on, and why...?

"I still really enjoy being on NBC's The Today Show. I think that being on the show lends much credibility to what we all enjoy...junking. Junking is very good on so many levels and national programming has begun to embrace the green, economical, and stylish aspects of re-purposing cast-offs. If we continue to get coverage on the top morning shows...that's a good thing. I of course, would still like to be on Oprah. They have interviewed me multiple times, but I have yet to make the cut. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. There is one show I have always wanted to be on that might surprise you...Ellen. She's hy-larious! Can you imagine going junking with Ellen? The best of all possible worlds, however would be to have a JUNKMARKET Show. A show all about junk? Now that would be sweet! I would hope that you, Kathy would want to lend your talents to such an endeavor. You in?" (Kathy's response: Y-E-S!!)

5. What is the most important tool in your toolbox and why??

A screw gun... because what could you do without one? Oh, and some Gorilla Super Glue to go with it. I'm a big fan of the screw and glue technique.

6. And speaking of tools (and other important junker-type supplies) - what is your favorite Gorilla Glue project, and what was the last project you used it on?

I think my favorite Gorilla Glue project from the past year is the Pyrex three-tiered serving tray.... "Pyrex Trays - Take One". I hate drilling through glass and the GG Super Glue did the trick without drilling. Yeah!! I used GG products for many of my holiday projects and am working on a hinge easel now that will require their new epoxy. Love that stuff!

Up close and personal...Pyrex Trays - Take One

(Photo courtesy of JUNKMARKET Style)

7. Is there any one junk project "malfunction" that stands out in your mind (just one...!)?

Ah, hahaha! Are you implying that I have had multiple project malfunctions? You’d be correct. The one that comes to mind is the lamp I made from an industrial rubber glove. I thought that spray foam insulation would work to harden the glove, but boy was I wrong! The heavy-duty rubber did not allow the foam to dry. Instead it just expanded and oozed out all over my workbench. Plaster was a better choice!

8. What do you see in the future for JUNKMARKET Style??

I think 2010 is going to be a great year. There are so many different directions to go that sometimes it's mind-boggling. The website will continue to grow (thanks to junkers around the world joining everyday) and evolve. I'd like to make the site more interactive and add different types of content. Another book seems like a good choice. How about some group shopping excursions? Now that could be fun! I'll be writing articles and doing projects for each of the four issues of Country Gardens, A Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication. I'll be doing them this year for publication in 2011. Speaking engagements, appearances at vintage shows....and TV??? One never knows what will happen, but I do know one thing - the JMS community is one that I am very proud to be a part of and look forward to watching the community grow and flourish!

Sue - and a mother/daughter junking team (Hi Kim!!) op!

Thanks Sue! I appreciate your visiting my blog and chatting up JUNKMARKET Style, and some bits and pieces of your junk expertise. I'm looking forward to 2010 with the site, and all the new members we're going to meet!

And, thanks one and all for participating in my giveaway - it's BIG junk fun, and I'm so excited to see who wins!!

Final note...

I believe the folks from Gorilla Glue will be checking in during the week so....if anyone might have any questions about their sure to add it to your comment. Or check out Gorilla Glue on their website ( for projects, products and see what's new, OR even become a fan on facebook...
(they frequently have giveaways there too!! And, you know how us junkers love FREE stuff!).

Have a great day and THANKS for stopping by! Good luck in the giveaway!


You guys all know I love to share my pics...this is one of my favs!!!

Sue and a few JMS contributors (L-R - Gretchen, Kimberly, Lani, Me, and Candy)
August 2009


  1. I already love your blog and your giveaway is another reason to love it!!!

    I am already a follower!!!!!

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    Great giveaway! And it's a neat interview. I'm a follower of your blog and I'm a member of JMS. My user name: NancyIA.


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  6. Love all you JMS girls.
    Already a member, already your follower.
    I participated in the GG event with Sue on Facebook a few weeks ago. Great fun.
    I love that you are all so generous in your time (and talent).
    I met Sue several years ago at the Des Moines Home and Garden Show. She took a minute to play with my little guy, who was about 1 at the time. She wrote in my book that he was a future 'junk hunk'. :) I have been a huge fan ever since.

    Great giveaway. I would be over the moon to win.
    JMS user name is TheLemonCottage
    Love your blog,

  7. OK Kathy, Who do I have to brib! he he! I love all your posts as you well know! JMS is such a wonderful springboard for newbies and oldies as well. Alicemom is my name and junking is my game!
    smiles, alice

  8. I love contests and giveaways! Count me in! Your blog is great and I hope to have one of my own sometime soon. Not to mention that booth I'm still after. My basement is overflowing with parts & pieces of great future projects... (Been working on organizing and making room TO work down there!)

    I always love your posts on JMS, too. Can't wait to see what you (and everyone else) come up with next! I'm suewannabeinkc on JMS.

    I'm with Alice and all others above - Junkin' is my game too! (especially when it's free... last night I stopped to remove the brass hardware from an old dresser my daughter's friend's mom was throwing away. It wasn't real wood - but the pulls are great and are now ready for repurposing! And my daughter wasn't embarassed a bit ("That's just my mom", she probably was saying).

    Have a great day!

  9. JMS is a wonderful community, it was my first real into into the fab online junkin' world!

    You know, I never really noticed it before, but you and Sue look a lot alike! :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  10. Great interview with Sue! You guys look like you all have so much fun together! Count me in for the giveaway...I'm junkfestgirl on JMS. I'll try posting about this on my blog, but I can't always figure out the link buttons!

  11. Hi Kathy--
    Thanks for including the picture of Lauren and me with Sue at Oronoco! I was already enjoying your post but LOVED it when I saw that. (Lauren thinks we're famous!)

    Great interview. Love you junking gals!

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  13. I'm already a member here is my user name nancyscorner and I just became a follower of your blog.

  14. Wow. First of all, I love gorilla glue. I've used it to hold trim on my car, put molding is an amazing product. I do less junk decor in Arizona then I did in Ohio. In my last home there, built in 1813 I was a really serious re-use, recycle girl. Here I just go to open trash day in the old part of Phoenix and once in awhile get something cool!

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    Good luck to all of those of you looking towards winning this fabulous junk giveaway.

    Contributor on the fabulous JMS site :-)

  19. Oh, I'm so HAPPY to see so many comments from existing followers, new followers, and members of JMS! Thanks all for participating! This interview was exciting to put together...and Sue is such a fun and generous junker!!! (Thanks Sue!)

    I really do appreciate all of you, and I'm hoping to visit some of your blogs as well over the next couple weeks!

    Hugs, Kathy

    P.S. Thanks Lani!

    P.S.S. Good luck everybody!

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    A fun post and interview with Sue! You know how I love the junkmarket style site and your blog.
    Happy day!
    xojanis (fellowjunker)

  28. Kathy, great post!! Love JMS. It has been such an inspiration of great projects and I have met some really great peeople on there that I now call friends. I hope to have a reunion of JMS junkers again. That would be so much fun!! Hope to see ya this year at one of the junking extravaganzas! I am NebrJunker on the site.

  29. Hi Kathy,
    Love your projects on JMS...they have given me many great ideas for my "junk" projects. Your give a way has inspired me to join.
    Patina Blue

  30. Welcome!!! So glad to "meet" more new followers & members... I think I'm going to have to throw in a little something "extra" - for a second'll be a surprise though! :)

    Thanks & big junk hugs!! Kathy

  31. Well don't add my name to the junking pot, but I just wanted to add that I think this is a fantastic giveaway and a really fun interview with Sue. Loved the questions! Loved her answers! (I added your giveaway button on my blog too.) This place and JUNKMARKET Style are two of my favorite places to be seen. ;) Excellent job, my friend, and keep those awesome junking ideas coming!

    Candy Allen
    JUNKMARKET Style contributor

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  40. Hi All,

    First of all...Thank you Miss Kathy for the opportunity to do such a fun interview with you. I enjoyed your questions....some how I knew you would ask about junking snafoos. Ha! Also, many thanks to everyone for your kind comments and for following JMS and Kathy's blog. What a wonderful community to be a part of! I'm a lucky girl. Good luck to everyone! Happy junking...

    Be Well,

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    Again - thanks to Sue!!! You have a gift for bring us junkers together, and of course, you know I LOVE your junk style too!!!


  48. I found your blog while blog hopping. I was intrigued by the junk pictures on your blog, since I'm someone who also collects junk, much of which comes from dumpster diving. I use it in my art and call it found objects.

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