Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some wintery junking and deadline for my giveaway - a quick note!

"JUNKUNC BROS"...too cool, huh??

Just had to share a pic (sneak peek) of my junking finds heading to sunny Florida.  On a visit to an antique store in Brunswick, GA - I came across a couple boxes of old girlfriend, Robin, and I actually counted them last night (yep, we're on vacation and doing silly stuff!).  Anyway, the man told me he had bought out a locksmith about 35-40 years ago, and this was what he had left.  He thought there were probably about 800 - I "guesstimated" 400, but when it was all said and done - over 900 - and some very cool ones with a "rusty patina" that will look awesome in collages, wind chimes, on necklaces...the possibilities are almost endless!!!   I'll share more pics later - going junking again tomorrow (the forecast is for a cloudy not good for the beach, but great for shopping!).

But, for the real reason you stopped by - the giveaway deadline is almost up (midnight tonite), and I'm going to have my hubby draw names for two lucky winners (one for Sue's fabulous junk package, and one for my junk "surprise" package) - yep, I brought it with me, and I'll mail it out as soon as the winner claims it!  So, be sure to stop by tomorrow or Tuesday - I'll be posting the winners' names (not sure exactly what time...).  If you see your name listed, please be sure to email me as soon as possible at and provide me with your name and home address and email.  If I haven't been contacted by the winners by Thursday, February 3rd, I'll draw another name...and try again. 

I appreciate all the nice comments, new followers, as well as new members to the JUNKMARKET Style site - (so far I've gained 35 new followers - woo hoo - I think that's so awesome!)!!!!  I've tried to visit many of your blogs too - there are so many wonderful bloggers out there - with so much creativity and talent - it really is mind boggling - and SO inspiring! 

Thank you each and every one!

Going for now..."see" you tomorrow!


P.S.  Here's one more thing I've found favorite thing so far...(had to share...)

This fabulous turn-of-the-centry scale was relocated from an estate in Essex, England (about 3 months ago) to a wonderful antique shop in Brunswick, GA, where it sat patiently waiting for my visit - and it was LOVE at first sight!  I couldn't leave without it.  It has a wonderful patina, and a little removable metal bowl on top - and the most wonderful detailed ironwork ever - it's really going to love living at my house - it's not a quaint old English estate - but it's definitely home-sweet-home to me!

I know a couple of my girlfriends are going to try and talk me out of this...sorry girls! ;)

And I found it here...

Thanks ladies - what a great place to shop!

Ok, I'm really going for now! 
Hugs, Kathy


  1. You better see if you can make one of those keys work in a lock and put that scale under lock and key...someone is bound to try and make off with it!

  2. Hey Kathy.....Cool scale! I will be taking the same route as you to will have to let me know the great antiquing places on the way! Have fun! ~Patti

  3. Hey Kathy, thanks for stopping by my blog today and becoming a 'follower'. Who'd ever thought I'd have followers before this blogging thing? Love the clock, and speaking of time, just a few more hours untl the giveaway!

    What part of Florida will you be visiting? I'm in Orlando!

    Thanks again

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  5. LOVE the scale too! Not surprising since I'm pretty sure we have similar taste (I love all your projects on JMS!). This summer I'm hoping to collect a few junk-loving friends here in KC and maybe take a girls' weekend trip to some of those great places up your direction!

  6. I am so envious... hope you are enjoying your trip.

    I am drooling over that scale, I have never seen one of those before... I have several old scales it is kind of a weakness with me... but that one is a keeper for sure.

    Hugs, Deb

  7. Oh Kathy.....I think you are having way tooooooooooomuch fun!lol!!!! Love living through your good junking eyes! Keep on Keeping on!
    smiles, alice

  8. Hi Kathy, I'm not sure if I entered before- these past few weeks have kinda been a fog! I heard your met Patti! How fun. I hope we can all get together soon sometime. I am kinda tied up being Murph's nurse,,, we'll see. Hope all is well on your end! xo Sue

  9. Glad you're all loving that scale...I've never seen one like it before - looking forward to decorating with it when I get home.

    Susie, we're in Daytona Beach, and will be visiting Mt. Dora (near Orlando) for some antiquing.

    Joanne - would love to meet you in Ohio!! Let me know. We do the Springfield Extravaganza in May and September - the best fleamarketing in the midwest! :)

    Sue - Yep, met Patti at Scott's Show - and hoping we can all get together soon too! Take care my friend!

    Now, gotta do my post and announce a couple lucky winners!! :)


  10. Kathy, I love that beautiful old scale, it's so wonderful! I'm always looking for scales too, my dad was a retired commercial scale mechanic! They always make me think of him! Marie


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