Monday, May 3, 2010

Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style...on YouTube!

Hi there!  Just had to share some sneak peeks of the Art & Architecture JUNKMARKET Style event in Minneapolis (this week...yep - it's TIME to head west...and, I'm packed...but it's time to "downsize"!). 

Sue Whitney is sharing just a bit...on YouTube - click here!  There are eight video clips in all - check them out!   (And from what I can see...she's having way too much fun!)  The place looks absolutely AMAZING!!!  And, of course there's one titled "750 clocks" - yep that's what we shipped, and from the videos - it looks like they've settled right in, and are ready to find new homes - maybe yours???

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S.  Here's my latest post on JUNKMARKET Style (I found the most wonderful vintage workbench - and it's the yummiest vintage-y shabby pink ever!  "Pretty in Pink"


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  2. The videos were great, the clocks and parts were amazing..thanks!


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