Monday, July 19, 2010

To market, to market...our Vintage Market Day is this Saturday!!!

Nostalgia's Cottage FIRST Annual
 Saturday, July 24TH
9pm TO 3pm

in sunny Mansfield, Ohio

Well, it seemed like it was months away just a short while ago...and now it's less than a week (I'm typing when I should be painting, glueing, pricing....and all that other important stuff).  BUT, I wanted to update everybody and tease you with more pictures of some of our great finds/creations!!



A collage and soddered pendants (by Terri)

More of Terri's fab redesigned jewelry...

I'm parting with some of my pink "lovelies"...

A basket of buttons - "sew" many colors to pick from!!!

This sweet desk is one of a kind
 (we took out the wood and added a mirror to the door - don't ya just love it???) 
Oops...ignore the foot in the reflection :)

I know it's summer time, but a little school desk is cute anytime!

Just a few of my paperweights!

Junk is "blooming" all over the place - and this POSEY sign is no exception.
(those old faucet handles will never wither away) 
(I bet Ellen is gonna love this one!!)

And speaking of blooms...the button bokays are ready to be "picked"!

So many colors to "pick" from (even a little "bling")!

And...we've got legs...table legs that is!  Great for building your own table, or turn them upside down and they're wonderful architectural pieces for display on your mantle!

Market bags ready to fill with all your fabulous finds (unless it's a piece of furniture...)

There's so much more...but I don't want to spoil the surprise(s)...hope to see ya there!

And don't forget - we've got door prizes (given away every hour) - and refreshments too!

AND, if I forgot to mention it, we'll be the ones in some sweet vintage dresses and aprons (and hats) - that'll be worth the trip! :)  (I just love my girlfriends - they'll do just about anything for me - ha ha!!)

Have a great week!



  1. HOORAY FOR KATHY AND TERRI..... looks amazing...I see more than a few things I would love to have!!! Can't wait to see the pics with you guys dressed to the nines!
    Happy day and best of luck Kathy!

  2. I'm hoping to meet up with a few gals there on Saturday. I've saved my money so I can have lots of fun. See you both early Sat. morning!

  3. OK you two! knock um dead! (Not literally)
    smiles, alice

  4. Kathy, I hope you have a fabulous turnout for your sale, and that you fall into bed that night exhausted, but giggling!

    Best Wishes


  5. Loving the paperweights...especially the sailboat one!
    I want photos of y'all looking cute as the dickens.

  6. Hi Kathy....Hope to see you on Saturday! Looks like some great stuff!~Hugs, Patti

  7. It all looks so wonderful! Really...I would love have loved to come and shop...Can't wait to see more...Lezlee

  8. Hey girlfriend!

    Long time no talk to! Looks like you have been one heck of a busy bee!!! Best of luck with the show (which I am sure you will sell EVERYTHING) Have fun! xo...deb

  9. Ooo, looks and sounds like it's shaping up to be quite the don't-miss event. So I'm thinking I'll probably be there. I'd love a chance to meet you and any other Ohio Junkers! (I know Ohioans are great, I can only imagine how much cooler the junkers are).

  10. Kathy good luck this weekend from the Pfarkel Sister's in MN. Hope you will be this way again soon. Sell it all out so you have to go and find more

  11. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to your event. However, I am looking forward to the pics! Can't wait until you post some news about the event. I will keep in touch and hopefully we can meet and go junking one day soon. Julie R


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