Tuesday, September 21, 2010

REMINDER: Country Living Fair - and Sobo Style Pre-Fair Event

Hello there!

This will be short and sweet (a big change for me - ha ha) but, I just wanted to send out a little reminder that Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style will be at the Country Living Fair this weekend in Columbus Ohio (and is being sponsored by one of my fav things...Gorilla Glue).  She will be doing two demonstrations a day at the tent, and a main stage presentation on Saturday - it's sure to entertain AND educate - and a perfect opportunity for Sue to share what she loves...JUNK!  Recycling - reusing - repurposing and - a lot of times (one of my favorite things) - redecorating!! :)  And, with junk...it's definitely a "design on a dime" thing!!  I've always been that way, so hoping to get some NEW ideas for some OLD stuff!

And, as I mentioned in my post "A JUNKMARKET Style event in O-H-I-O!!!!!" - Katie Palmer, of Sobo Style is having a Pre-Country Living Fair Party on Thursday, September 23rd from 6:00pm to 8:00pm - and we're SOOOO excited.  Sue will be signing books, sharing JUNK, and there will be wine and cheese, some giveaways, and plenty of shopping to do as well!  That sounds like enough to keep us busy for the evening!  AND - I've even "finally" picked out what I'm going to wear - ha ha - you know that's always a BIG decision, right???

Well, I've got bunches to do...I'm filling my van with lots of goodies to take to the Country Living Fair and Sobo Style - we get to set up part of the Gorilla Glue tent - and it's going to be big fun (and the weather forecast is calling for almost 90 degrees...YIKES...so we'll be setting stuff up, and then melting...).

So, Columbus...here we come!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you there!


P.S.  I'll be at the CL Fair on Friday and Sunday.  I'm running home to attend to very important family weddings on Saturday (and will share some pics next week)...whew - I think it's time for a vacation!)



  1. You're one up on me. I have no idea what I'm packing for the weekend at Warrenton. Thank goodness we won't be there for nine days or I'd be running around nekkid!
    Have fun and take bunches of photos...especially of you!


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!