Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A JUNKMARKET Style event in O-H-I-O!!!!!

First...I know you were expecting to see a post on my finds from our trip on the 127 - World's Longest Yard Sale (I'll be getting back to that soon...promise!).

Life has been busy, and this past weekend...our baby got engaged! 

Congratulations to our beautiful daughter, Kristen and her fiance Tom - they are a wonderful couple (MFEO....a little "Sleepless in Seattle trivia) - and we're so happy for them!
 (and he's good with kids too - haha!)

But...back to the reason for this post.  
I'll be going to the Country Living Fair this year (for the first time), 
and will be in the company of JUNKMARKET Style's founder, Sue Whitney.  

Sue is scheduled to be in the Gorilla Glue booth and will be doing demonstrations each day (and I'm sure she'll be out and about doing a bit of know how us girls are...).  

AND, on Saturday, she'll be on the main stage.

The Country Living Fair is held in Columbus, Ohio on September 24th through 26th.  
Click on the link for all the details.


Sue Whitney will be having a booksigning the day before (September 23rd - from 6-8pm) at one of the most unique stores in Columbus - Sobo Style, located at 3282 N. High St.   

Katie Palmer, owner of Sobo Style AND our hostess for the evening, is planning a pre-Country Living Fair party, along with Sue's booksigning.  It's going to be a fun night, hanging out with Sue and checking out her newest book, "JUNK Beautiful, Outdoor Edition... 

AND shopping Katie's awesome inventory of old (repurposed, renewed, etc...) and new home furnishings and gift items.   AND, of course the store is all decked out in fab fall-ish finery!!  
So, we'll be saying so long to summer in a very stylish way.

Oops - almost forgot...there will also be a few giveaways throughout the night - and wine and cheese as well (our table will be set with a little JUNKMARKET Style) - what more do we need???  Well...maybe some chocolate!?!  :)

Here are some pics of what you'll see...

Aren't these "gourd-ious"???

Here and there around Columbus...

I spy some mercury glass......'s a decorator's dream - it goes anywhere!!

Fabulous furniture with great patina...

Glass your service...

Vintage "restyled" lamps...

This crow has great taste - ya gotta love anything in silver...even pumpkins!

These guys are ready for a party...

More fall decor...

A tisket, a tasket...I love this basket!

More jars - they have a wonderful simple style - and - who knew...provide great storage too!!
(Photos from Sobo Style courtesy of Katie Palmer!)

Well...time to go...  
I've got a few things to get ready for this little shindig...
and I'm making a little junk "sumthin" for the giveaway! 

 Oh...and the next question is....what the heck am I going to wear??? 
 (I see a quick jaunt to the mall is in order...)

Hope to see lots of my blogging friends!!!

Have a beautiful, sunny "almost fall" day!!


P.S.  Terri and I will be at the Springfield Extravaganza next weekend - September 17-18-19 in spaces #621 & #634 - lots of great stuff to sell!!


  1. I just got my invite to Sobo Style's event for the Country living fair and I will be there! Great blog!!

  2. Don't have too much fun without us...oh, OK go ahead...just tell us all about it afterward :)

  3. PS...congrats to the happy couple. Yep, they definitely look MFEO!
    Take care, Laurel...again :)

  4. Oh Kathy! you're too clever girl! It's going to be a great weekend and can't wait to see you and meet Sue!

  5. Good grief Charlie Brown....why you want to go and make this chubby Texas girl all crazy for?
    Have tons of fun and make even more tons of money!

  6. I will definately be at the Country Living Fair. I will have to stop by Sobo Style soon. Congratulations to the couple. How exciting for everyone.

  7. i too will be at the CL fair...second year for me...i am selling again....this is the most AWESOME show ever, you will love it !! look me up when you are there..i am in the market section...all self owned tents.....see ya there..

  8. HI!!!! Congrats are in order for you and your daughter!

    Have amazing shows! Have fun!!!


    PS - I thought I was a follower.. well I'm one now!!!! yaaay!


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