Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Artiscape AfFAIR to Remember...

Well, our little trip to Columbus for the Artiscape Outsider Art Fair was a big success.  We drove down on Saturday, with a little side trip to DSW and TJ Maxx (two of my favs), and did a little damage (don't ya just love "clearance"???).  Then it was on to our friend Ellen's for lunch (and let me tell you - she really is the "hostess with the mostest" - thanks Miss E and family!)  - and then on to the Heritage Square Antique Mall, where we found a few goodies strolling the aisles AND aisles of antiques and vintage treasures!

But, now...on to the Outsider Art Fair...  The show was held in the gate house of the Topiary Garden.  What a beautiful setting!

We arrived early to set up (and "fuss" with our stuff!) on Sunday, and were ready to roll at 11:00 am, when the door was opened.  There was a line, and a steady stream of customers for most of the day.   We met people from everywhere, made some new friends and sold LOTS!  Here are some pics of our space.

We had a little bit of (well, a LOT of) this and that...
I never did get a complete shot of our's one side.  We were on a corner, so we had two sides of a counter, and our jewelry area.

One of Terri's fancy-schmantzy blingy necklace creations  (where are my sunglasses???). 
Isn't it beautiful?

Watchlets galore...  They were a hit!

Collage bottles, etc...

How do you spell junk?  Many different ways...I know!

Terri created the most beautiful & whimisical angel.  Isn't she sweet?

Let me introduce "Marilyn".  She's recently had a makeover - old pattern paper, lace and buttons mod-podged for a new look.  She's still a bit of a floozie though!

And this is "Becca" (I don't know why we feel we have to name our display pieces...but we do!)  She's had the same makeover as Marilyn (she's such a "wannabe").

Some old clocks for sale (of course we brought clocks). 
And isn't that rusty little tricycle super sweet???

There weren't many left by the end of the day...

We needed a VISA I made one using an embroidery hoop and burlap, and my stamps. 
And, of couse, it had to be a "cute" one! :)

Hail, hail, the crowd's all here!  What fun!

The artists/vendors...

Shari Replogle:  You can visit her at Plays with Paper  She makes the most beautiful and whimsical assemblage pieces.  And, such a sweetheart too! 
 Hope to see you in Springfield, Shari!  
Or, we may have to head south and shop in your neck of the woods!

Teresa Morbitzer:  You can see her beautiful jewelry at:  Vintage Vamp on Etsy.  She's located in Columbus, and you can visit her studio by appointment.  Her email is:
Teresa, it was fun being your "neighbor" for the day - hope to see you soon!

Serena Barton:  You can visit her at
Some very beautiful and unique creations...

Louise McClure:  You can visit her at

Louise has some wonderful jewelry and fiber arts creations.  (It was great to see you again this year!)  

Lori Wilkes:  You can visit her at millori
Lori is from central Ohio and creates beautiful wearable art and does workshops as well. 
It was nice visiting with you, Lori!

Pat Osborn: 
She had traveled all the way from England to enjoy the Artiscape weekend and the Outsider Art Fair. 

 She had some cute pieces, and some very sweet "zippy brooches" that she made from vintage zippers.

Cheryl Strait:  You can visit her at:  (and, no she wasn't sleeping...)  We were chatting, and I only took one pic (it's always good to take a you have choices.  Sorry, Cheryl!)
I loved her jewelry - truly unique...

Don't you just love this one??

And, here are Shari Replogle and Lisa Ohmer (Lisa is the woman behind this wonderful artists' weekend event).  You can visit Lisa at European Papers in Columbus, Ohio.

I had to take a few shots outside before we left - this is a beautiful area.  These houses are amazing.  The one on the right was actually open for tours, but it ended before we finished for the day...darn!

Blue skies and trees starting to bud...springtime in Ohio!!

Just a peek into the Topiary Garden (hoping to go back and walk the grounds next time).

I was in love with the old iron fence - can you tell??

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and wading through all my pics.  It was a great weekend - and we're really looking forward to the next...  We'll be at Springfield Extravaganza on May 20-22nd (spaces 621 & 634).  With around 2000 vendors - it's amazing - almost overwhelming (but in a good way), and just down right the best kind of fleamarketing fun there is!  (And, no they didn't pay me to say that - I just LOVE it!!!)

Have a blessed Easter!

And, of always - happy junking!


 P.S... (you know - there's always a P.S.....  Thanks again to our dear friend Ellen and her family - you're the best and you all sure do know how to make us feel welcome!!  Love ya bunches!!)


  1. Hi Kathy....I wish I had been there! When I lived in Columbus up until 4 years ago I could zip around everywhere now that I don't it takes planning when I go into town. Darn! I am hoping to come to your Vintage Market Days in June. Looking forward to that! I have never been to a Springfield Extravaganza which I would like to do too! You got some great stuff for sale! Can't wait! Happy Easter!~Hugs, Patti

  2. Hi Kathy,
    What wonderful shots you got of the Fair and the beautiful area! It was so nice meeting you two, and I am totally excited about going to the Springfield Extravaganza and visiting your booth : ) I posted some of the "treasures" I purchased from you on my blog as well (just had to share , I love them :) and linked back here to you.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Kathy,
    I loved the pictoral. You two looked great. I am glad to hear you also had good sales.! Keep it up girls.
    smiles, alice

  4. I found you because Sheri said watch/clock parts & hurried over to visit. But, once i got here I see you have my precious friend Susie of Vintage Susie & Wings listed on your side bar. NOW I KNOW you are good people! :)
    Do you sell your goodies online anywhere or just at shows? I'm gonna have to keep up with you.

  5. Looks like a great time! Glad you had good sales.
    You are a very busy gal! Hope we can meet up again sometime soon!


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!