Monday, May 16, 2011

Signs of's TIME for the Springfield Extravaganza!!!!

(((((NOTE:  5/19))))) - We were given new space assignments upon arrival.... spaces 585 and 586.  Across from Mercantile Building...just in case you're shopping at Springfield this weekend.  Please stop by!

Hi!  There are so many signs of spring...everything is turning green - and who knew...leaves actually grow on trees! Lots of beautiful flowers are now braving the weather (and haven't drowned in our almost daily rain events - although, we've had two days in a row of sunshine...with just a few sprinkles).  It's a wonderful, hopeful time of year!  We've uncovered the pool, and gotten it ready for the season - the water is about 62 degrees right's got a ways to go before I'm hopping in!

 Last week I put my hummingbird feeders out (our local newspaper reported a sighting on April 27th...I'm still waiting...) 

Anywho, spring has definitely sprung in central Ohio, and I'm so grateful for it all (even the dandelions...well, that is going a bit far, but you know what I mean). 

And along with the flowers, garage sale signs are popping up all over the place - don't ya love it???  (It makes it really hard to drive to work on a Thursday morning, that's for sure!!)  Time to "harvest" some goodies  (aka junk) from garages, basements, yards, etc...  But probably at the top of my list is the Springfield Extravaganza...and it's just about that TIME!!

Here's the important stuff:

The Springfield Extravaganza is being held from Friday, May 20th through Sunday, May 22nd.  Here's the link with all the details... Springfield Antique Show & Fleamarket

Terri and I (along with our good friend, Ginny) will be set up in spaces 621 and 634...  We'll be setting up on Thursday, and ready to roll early Friday morning (7:00 am for early bird shoppers)...

There are normally over 2000 vendors, and you can find anything your heart desires (and a little extra besides).  You can find everything from garage sale bargains to fabulous fine antiques - and bunches of "in between"!!!  I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is not one of those times when you might say "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"...because it IS true! 

Terri and I have been getting things ready - furniture (painted in between raindrops), lots of "smalls" squirreled away over the winter (so glad to get stuff out of my basement), redesigned vintage "junk" jewelry (lovingly put together by Terri & I), and lots more.  Here are some pics of what we're'll be worth your time to stop by (early) for the best selection!

A sweet parlor table and a simply divine sideboard - don't you love the detail???

This little number is just loaded with vintage sweetness - and looks to be in wonderful condition!

These two have been in storage way too long, they're just speechless surrounded by such awesome "junk"!

One corner of the room...
(note the large cabinet/trunk below the hat forms - it has shelves/dividers inside - so, it can be used as an upright cabinet or a trunk - gotta love a multi-tasking piece of furniture!)

Two round matching throw rugs...we're not sure if they're old or new, but they sure are cute!

A lovely old homestead, I mean dollhouse, that at one time actually had an electric fireplace...
the thought of that is a little scary now...

Baskets and metal carriers...and what a fab old shabby pink metal chair;
 the perfect accessory for an artist's desk... :)

And, we've got silver, enamel, tin...lots of not so heavy metal!

A very nice antique trundle bed with one old mattress with tan ticking - it'll make a great day bed for a porch or patio...or guest room, and look, an old wooden (and precious pink) scooter - I can see this going "fast"!

More white cottage-y furniture

We've got a couple great old medicine cabinets, mirrors
(from some little tabletop-styles to a HUGE hall or mantle-style)

Scales, scales and more scales - they're gonna make an awesome display!

We plan to make this "watchamacallit" useful...a planter is our first thought...

A view from the side...

A sweet bench for a mudroom or maybe at the foot of a bed - I just know this will find a good home...maybe yours??

Metal stools are one of my favorite things - this green one is hard to part with!

Alright - the tour of our storage space is over (there is more in our trailer, in my basement and in Terri's shed...) so hope to see you at the flea...

Oops, I almost this planter wonderful or what??? (it's out on my deck for the moment)
(UPDATE:  The planter is SOLD and will be delivered to its new home in Columbus on our way to Springfield...are we good friends or what??)

And, of course we've got jewelry galore, collages, button bokays, etc...
we'll be packed to the brim with fabulous treasures...

Necklaces...lots of them!

Something for everyone...

Blingy button bokays...and a few that are made with nothing but "junk"!

Terri has a few of these left...


And, you know you're gonna have lots of "FUN"!

We're really looking forward to the beginning of the fleamarket season, and seeing all our old friends, and of course making new friends too!!!

See you in Springfield!

Kathy & Terri

P.S.  Terri and I have added another show to our schedule...  It's in Elyria, Ohio on Saturday, June 11, 2011.  It's called "CHIC UNIQUE HOME - SALE ON THE SQUARE".  It's a one day show, with many different vendors - and something for everyone.  Here's the website CHIC UNIQUE HOME - and you can also find it on facebook -!/pages/Chic-Unique-Home-Sale-on-the-Square/174005162609582 - hope to see you there!

AND......Our Second Annual Vintage Market Day is being held on Saturday, June 25th from 9am-4pm at the historic Susan Sturges House in Mansfield, Ohio. 

I'll be posting pics and more details soon...we've found a few new vendors...and one of them is a bit famous...her California home has been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine...I'll be sharing some pics of her home in Mansfield soon - all I can say is "it's better than fabulous"! 

Also, the Richland County Fairgrounds will also be hosting a fleamarket that weekend as well - and our sale is just minutes away...and the Carrousel Antique Mall is nearby - so it could be a full day of treasure hunting for you and some friends!!!

Have a beautiful spring day!

P.S.S. What is your favorite sign of spring??

P.S.S.S.  5/16/11 UPDATE:  My hummingbirds arrived on Friday, right on time (according to their schedule of course), and the trailer is packed (we're testing the load limit I'm sure), and we're READY TO HIT THE TRAIL ON THURSDAY!! 

Springfield - here we come!


  1. Kathy!!!!!! AMAZING finds and many things I would love to wish I could pop over!!! I'm thinking you and Terri need to open a little store!!!??!!
    Happy day my queen of the junk finds!

  2. Looks terrific.You will of course have fantastic junque to browse.Hoping I can get out my space long enough to pop over/finally meet you.I'll be over in booth 532 with junque for all!

  3. Hello to visitors...Blogger has had problems,and comments were removed (hopefully just temporary).

    Thanks Janis & Junque Magnet for stopping by.

    Have a great day and thanks for visiting!


  4. Hi, Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that I added your Booth Numbers to my "Remember" to go to Booths Tag on my Flea Market Cart that I made and will use on Saturday. I posted Pics of it on my Blog

    See Ya There!

  5. Kathy! I'm back! Check out the new blog post...hugs to you! cant wait to catch up!


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