Monday, August 1, 2011

The FABULOUS Summer Market

Well, I don’t know where to start…what can you say about one of the most FABULOUS markets ever???  Well, FABULOUS starts it off right, and it only gets better from there!!  And just for reference…

FAB-U-LOUS…almost impossible to believe; incredible; exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb (you get the idea, right???)

First, I’d like to thank Erin Stack and Kristen Weeden (of The Summer Market) for a FABULOUS show – so very organized and well run (and tons of fun too)!  So nice to meet you both (and your crew).  Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of The Summer Market – we’re looking forward to next year!


We drove to Avon Lake last Friday morning, with our trailer filled/packed/over the weight limit (I’m sure…), and the radar showing us a thunderstorm hitting The Summer Market at about 3:00 pm…  Well, I just gotta say that ALL week we had been watching the weather forecast, and praying ALL week that the weather would be perfectly clear…and I’m here to tell ya, that it worked  the clouds overhead held back for set up of all the vendors (about 55 of us); we had a fabulous sunset…(doesn’t it look like a postcard??)


The show started at 5:00 pm, and we got ready “just in time”.  It really doesn’t matter how much time we’re given to set up…we use every minute.

Here are some pics of our space before the throngs arrived (and I mean throngs…the show was crazy busy till 9:00).

Welcome aboard – hope you enjoy the ride!


Terri’s beachy windows…cuz you know it’s all about the beach!!


One of my signs…she sells sheshells, I mean seashells…(and a whole lot more)!DSC02226      

And, Terri outdid herself on these bejeweled starfish!!  DSC02228DSC02229

And of course we had some great junk too!!DSC02234DSC02242 

And, why do you think the caged bird sings??  Well, wouldn’t you with that beautiful view??


One of my junky (but very useable) memo/organizer windowsDSC02338DSC02339

Carol even made a few things – don’t ya love her chandie?  I know a little girl who is going to LOVE having it in her bedroom!


Old insulators…what the heck do you with them???  I thought I’d turn these upside down (a little trick I learned from my friend, Sue Whitney, of JUNKMARKET Style – if you’re not sure what to do with something – just turn it around a few different ways, it’ll eventually become something wonderful!)  So, these could be votive holders, or little bud vases…


Jewelry…we had lots!  Vintage AND redesigned…




Something new…BigGirl Jewelry (vintage baubles and beads for little girls – but the big girls liked them too) – and some redesigned pieces coming this fall to the Springfield Extravaganza…stop by and see!


Button bokays (they’re always fun!)


Another view of the lake….


Romeo and Juliet…not sure, but they found a new home!


More great junk!


OK, you’re right…these are my market bags, but for the lake “beach” bag seemed so much more appropriate!


We filled every nook and cranny…

(some people came back two or three times to see it all!!)


On Saturday, the skies were the most FABULOUS shade of blue, and the waters sparkled below like diamonds…(and we had the most wonderful breeze all day).  I could easily stay here for a long, long time – and a cottage on a lake has always been my dream…

Again, the crowds came and shopped, ate, laughed and shopped some more!!  Music filled the air most of the day, and again, FABULOUS is the only way I can describe it all!

And here are some of the FABULOUS vendors and their wares/art/etc…




Our friend, Debby Martinez of Treasure & Tea in Mansfield – she has a magical vintage touch in her design – don’t ya just love it??







Kids by the Lake – such little entrepreneurs!  (So nice to meet you, Zoe!!)


Here are the famous fairy wands.  They had lots of little treasures and souvenirs for sale!       



Zoe and her Mom, Erin (like mother like daughter – and I mean that in the best way!!)  So happy to meet you both!


And, Shannon Vance, of Stash Style – FABULOUS is the perfect description for her vintage, funky style – and she has a new clothing line.  When she becomes famous…I’ll be happy to say “I knew her when…”  The designs are unique and fun.  She’ll be at the Country Living Fair with lots of new pieces!




You can’t have a market without some fresh produce – Pickering Farms.


Caught Carrin for a quick pic – she’s usually on the move!! :)



There were so many more vendors with fun and unique items.  We were so busy, it was hard to get away to take pictures.

There are more pics to be found on The Summer Market’s facebook page (check out the albums for Friday & Saturday) – CLICK HERE (and “like” them – but I know you’ll LOVE them)…

And, we can’t forget all our friends and customers…

Ellen and her sister Linda!  So nice to meet our bfic’s (best friend in Columbus) sweet sister!


Just trying a hat on for size…well, it was fun in the beginning (I just took too long to get the right shot!)


Me and Carrin from Chic Unique


The dog days of summer – at The Summer Market (what a fun “do”).  His name was Big Mac and he was definitely enjoying the festivities!!

DSC02283Fairy wands were a popular find!


Erin…busy, busy…                 AND, there goes Kristen!!


A couple sisters from Mansfield – having fun by the lake too…cheers!!!DSC02354

And, here’s little Miss Lucy – with her new (old) Holly Hobbie watch!  She was thrilled to say the least (well, her Mom was!!).


Terri and I – ahhhhh…..the The Summer Market (did I mention it’s on the shores of Lake Erie??? And, that we had a FABULOUS time. ha ha – I guess I did…)!


At the end of Saturday, we were happily worn out (our booth was looking kinda sparse), and we had to bid the lake and The Summer Market good-bye…but, we’ll be back – NEXT YEAR!!  (Carol, thanks for ALL your help!)

Thanks for visiting my blog (and I know I shared a lot of pics, but it was hard not to…).  I appreciate and look forward to your comments! 

Have a FABULOUS day!


Our next adventure will take us on the dusty, junking trail of the Route 127 – WORLD’S LONGEST YARD SALE!!!  We’re leaving Thursday and will be heading south for some fun, junk, and lots of laughs!  I LOVE my girlfriends!  And, don’t’ worry…there WILL be pics to share! 





  1. Okay.....I am going to that show next year! Please give a shout out on your blog for the date! See you soon!~Hugs, Patti

  2. Patti - it was so much fun! The setting, the vendors, and great customers! Will let you know for sure. Take care, Kathy

  3. The show looks like it was A-MAZING to say the least... hopefully I will be in attendance next year!! xo

  4. Oh goodness....what a gREAT post...I LOVE all the pictures. Sure wish I could have come and checked out that NEAT market. Also, thanks for popping in my blog and leaving the sweet comment about the pink houses. Next up....PURPLE houses. Have a blast at the next sale and I'll be waiting for the Pictures. :)

  5. I've never done an outdoor sale before, and it looks like SO much fun! I would have loved shopping that sale, too, lots of wonderful goodies! Thanks for stopping by, Kathy, and for your sweet comment about our lake decorating!

  6. What a great show and fabulous collection of talented people in one spot and in a stunning location. There is nothing more fun.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and wishing me happy trails. I am already working on something new and exciting.
    Have a great road trip. Wish I could come!


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!