Monday, April 9, 2012

Let’s ketchup…I mean catch up!


Well, it took me a month(ish), but here I am…back to my little blog, and ready to catch you all up on what’s been going on and what we’re up to!

Part 1:  The Bittersweet Cabin

A couple weeks ago, I did a small trunk show, or maybe just a small suitcase show in my hometown, at one of my favorite stops – The Bittersweet Cabin.  I took my jewelry and a few handmade goodies and spent an afternoon making some new friends, and selling some things too! 

I love visiting my friend, Jan, at The Bittersweet Cabin (please stop by her facebook page and “like” it – I told her I’d invite all my friends!!!).  We always have so much fun catching each other up on junk and laughing, and sharing ideas.  I also met a good friend of hers, and was asked to make some things for her daughter’s wedding – I’m so excited!! 

Here are a few pics:


So much to see – Jan has a fabulous way with display!!

DSC06033  DSC06041


DSC06044    DSC06048


And, here’s my little corner of the cabin…


DSC06000  DSC06003


Just for fun – junk into jewelry!

DSC06007    DSC06014

DSC06017    DSC06024

Some hammered and stamped spoons…


My newest creations, wired quilt flowers…and paper flowers (made from stained coffee filters)


This embellished hand mirror went home with my friend Karen (along with a matching flower vase!).  Thanks Karen!!


Me and some of the girls, (front: me, Kathy and Karen; in the back:  Jan and Sue)


Jan, thanks for letting me take my little show on the road…I’ll be back in the fall!!  Oh, and can’t wait to see you at Springfield!!

PART 2:  Artiscape – Outsider Art Fair

This weekend, Terri and I will be at Artiscape in Columbus.  This is an artist’s retreat weekend, and we participate in the Outsider Art Fair on Sunday, April 15th – from 11am-5pm.  It is being held at the Embassy Suites in Dublin, Ohio.  There are a wonderful collection of artists/vendors selling their wares, and it’s always an amazing experience.  Artiscape is in its 10th year, and this is our 3rd year as vendors – we’re so excited.  Check out Lisa’s website and facebook page for all the details.  We’d love to see you there.

Here’s my post from last year “An Artiscape AfFAIR to Remember”.

We’ll have our upcycled/repurposed vintage wares for sale, including jewelry, collages, assemblage, dress forms, signs, junk, etc.  We’re gonna pack a lot of very cool stuff into our little corner of the Outsider Art Fair show!!  Terri has made some fabulous assemblage angels (sorry, but I didn’t have any pics to share…you’ll have to see for yourself how wonderful they are!!)

More of my wired flowers…


We’ve got over 100 necklaces to share – not to mention bracelets, pins…etc.!!  All new this season too!!



These were laminate cabinet sample cards – spray painted with chalkboard paint – now they’ve got unlimited uses – for weddings, parties, gifts…..and more!


A fun JUNK board with knobs for hanging jewelry, hats, or some cute little aprons!


Stenciled signs – using old architectural pieces.


That’s the quick preview – hope to see you there!

PART 3:  The Vintage Marketplace at Springfield Extravaganza

Now, this is something that is near and dear to my heart.  Terri and I have been vendors at the Springfield Extravaganzas for about 9 years, and this year they are adding their very first Vintage Marketplace (at Springfield), and it’s being hosted by none other than the Queen of JUNK herself…Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style.  So….in addition to over 2,000 vendors covering almost every inch of the Clark County Fairgrounds from May 18th – 20th, there will be over 40 vendors (from all over the country) under tents near the center of the Clark County Fairgrounds – selling all manner of repurposed, recycled, upcycled treasures – from jewelry to furniture  - as well as tons of fabulous vintage and antique finds (these vendors are serious treasure hunters, and we/they have scoured the countryside to find the very best and most unique things possible).

There are events and fun things planned throughout the weekend (to be announced…but, I know with Sue there…it’s gonna be BIG junk fun!), and FOLK Magazine will be all set up with 15 vendors in their very own barn – one more reason to visit!  Stop by their facebook event page.

The first Vintage Marketplace was held in February in Nashville, and it did not disappoint – and many of those vendors will be joining us as well!  Here’s my post from Nashville:  “To Market, To Market…the Vintage Marketplace in Nashville

Here’s the link to The Vintage Marketplace’s blog:  Vintage Marketplace Style . Terri and I are the featured vendors this week…be sure to stop by… 

Here are a couple other stops to make:

The Vintage Marketplace (on facebook – be sure to “like”)

The Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market (page on facebook – be sure to “like”)

And, The Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market (group on facebook)

Here are a few pics of what we’re bringing – but we’ve got so much stockpiled in my basement, Terri’s loft, and our storage unit…you’ll be amazed!  So, these are just teaser pics…more to share later!

Here’s the “before” of the vanity – wait till you see the “after”!!


Salvaged metal of all kinds…



Is this sweet or what???


Hat boxes…


Wired birdies – so tweet, right???


A little bit rusty, a little bit fun – or a lot fun…


Vintage doll dresses – for the well dressed bride doll!!


We’ve got some beautiful furniture pieces that we’re working on, and maybe building a table or two…  We were able to salvage some old doors, windows, and junk from a farmhouse that was being demolished, so we’ve got lots of possibilities!  And, I’ll share pictures of our handcrafted things (jewelry, etc.. in the next couple weeks - - - - - we’re working on some new ideas!!!

If you’ve never been to an Extravaganza, this year would be the ideal time to visit!!  Stop by their website for more details:  Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market

Now, we’re all caught up – whew…it’s looking a little crazy, isn’t it???  Our season is starting out busy, and we’re so ready to start garage sale-ing too – in search of more wonderful finds – because ultimately it’s all about the thrill of the hunt, isn’t it???

Have a great week AND happy junking!  Hope to see you some time this “season”!!!




  1. Wow Kathy!!!! What fun you are up to!!! Everything looks fabulous!!!
    Xo janis

    1. Thanks Janis! So glad you stopped by - have a wonderful day my friend!

      xo2u2 Kathy

  2. You really have some wonderful creations, Kathy! Love all the junk jewelry! I've been playing with making some this week, too! Your post is lots of great eye candy...looks like life is good right now!


Thanks! It was so sweet of you to pop in for a visit! Have a blessed day!