Monday, March 2, 2009

Garage sales in February?? In Ohio?? No way…………..

I traveled home for the weekend to the far, northwest corner of Ohio – to the little “city” of Bryan …home of the Ohio Art (Etch-A-Sketch) and Spangler Candy Company (Dum Dum Suckers…) but, most importantly… my Mom and family. Had a great time, and we all went to watch my brother, Scott, and his band (Remedy) perform at a local club on Saturday night…he’s a talented singer and a “Jim Carrey-like” comedian…so, it’s never dull!

On Saturday, my best friend in Bryan, Sue and I went to the County Fairgrounds – for three buildings of garage sale heaven…and, I think… so did everyone else in Williams County! It was packed out with hopeful vendors, and garage sale-starved bargain shoppers, and us!!! (and just a mere 18 degrees outside…thank God the buildings were heated!!) Isn’t it amazing how those two words “garage sale” just get your heart racing – and especially if it’s a group of garage sales?? Then, the excitement truly goes over the top!! We didn’t need the frigid cold to get us moving fast – we were on a mission!! We arrived a little after 9:00 am, and headed to the furthest building (my strategy…not as many people had probably made it to the last building yet – so…more good picking for us…) The aisles were so crowded…SO patience (and some “quick” moves) were in order. I had my little “flea bag” in hand and was ready to scout out all kinds of junk, I mean treasures… (I had the “virtual” shopping/wishlist in my head of course – don’t we all???).

I only spent about $30.00 or so…and found “lots ‘o’ stuff”!!! My friend, Sue had to help carry my finds – since my “flea bag” had met its load limit! Here are pics of the treasures… (project stuff mostly…) – buttons, jewelry, clocks, an old wooden grate (hmmmm…that’ll become something wonderful I’m sure! – any ideas???), and more… But, I only spent $1.00 or $2.00 - at the most on the pieces – it was more like shopping at the “Dollar Store” (I’ll be marking my calendar for that for next February for sure.)

It was a great day, and huge girl fun… My friend Sue and I have been friends for over 30 years, and don’t get to see each other enough…so, we try to make the most of it when we get the chance! Hitting some “garage sales” was great, but the best treasure of all was being able to hang out with my Mom, brothers and sister. I only get to see my sister (who lives in Kentucky) a couple times a year. My Mom loves it when she can have all her kids together at one time (that’s how Moms are…) – and, of course, we usually provide her with some good entertainment!!!

Thanks for sharing in my weekend – and hope you have a blessed week!!


Here it "haul"!! And isn't the grate "great"??? Just $1.00!

Buttons, buttons - I found me some buttons (and lots of pink!!!) And a nice little wooden hold something???....

A cute little feed bag - loved the farmyard picture!

Some clock faces - they should make great backgrounds for a couple collages...

And some jewels -saving for a project or two... The two big yellow flowers are clip-ons... Did someone really wear those?? They're gi-normous!!

Our next contestants for "Dancing with the Stars" - or maybe I'll use them for pincushions...!
The colors are so beautiful (and springy!!)

Isn't this a great little metal box?? -just $1.00 (and you can never have too many boxes...)

It's "time" to add to my collection of clocks! And what about that cool little fan? I think it came out of an old truck...

Now I'm gonna have to find a way to make it till the season really starts!


  1. Wow! Great stuff there...for great prices!

  2. Love those clocks! The biggest one is sa-weet!!

  3. I need to buy that pink and blue chalkware couple from you. I collect those and have 3...the other one is cute too. Are you selling them? LOL
    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. Some great finds, Kathy! I'm anxious for Garage Sale season to start! Haven't seen any here, yet. What a score!

  5. Thanks for visiting! It was so much fun - the prices were amazing...and I could have bought SO much more!!! (but, you know sometimes ya gotta stick to a budget...) Rach - if you'd like the planters, let me know...

    Looking forward to the next sale (and the next, and the next, and the next...well, you know!).


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