Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kathy & Terri's Excellent Adventure!! (at Ellen's)

Going to our friend Ellen's house is one of our favorite's great girl time... So, this past Friday, we headed down to Columbus (although Terri did have a little "technical difficulty" before we left my house...). She was putting on her make-up and her eyelash curler was missing the little rubber pad thingie...we almost had to cancel the trip! But, she sucked it up - and, with eyelashes smearing her glasses (not really)...we were on our way!!

We had our "to do" list...Ellen was pretty specific on what she needed to have done - and we had to have time in between to hit a couple shops (wait till you see what Ericka and I bought...), and "do lunch" with Ericka!! (Oh...and a few minutes to stop in at Joann's too!) It wasn't a huge list - just building/hanging a shelf, hanging mirrors (you can never have too many mirrors, anyway!!! - but she probably has more than anyone I know...), hanging some stained glass windows, etc........... It was a relatively easy day, considering we weren't doing any major construction or faux painting.. I'm sure her kitties were glad when the day was done...we kept them on the move all day - they love being where all the action is - and we were ALL over the house!! :)

I took lots of pics around the house - it's just an endless amount of very cool, elegant junk! She's got great taste - and it's like walking into a treasure chest every time we visit! I'm going to try to put a slideshow together - with glimpses of the rest of the house (that's another post...).

So, here's the "virtual" tour with just a few notes... I'm hoping it's not "photo overload"...

We hung two beautiful stained glass windows above the kitchen sink...

One mirror hung - in the entryway...Having BIG fun hanging a three piece mirror in the dining room...
Ta-da........................Okay...the mirror really is back there - behind all that fantastic crystal...
Another mirror hung in the bedroom - "Victorian" meets Pottery Barn...
This should be in a magazine - old porch door converted into a fabulous full-length mirror...(we didn't do's all Ellen...) Great pieces for a shelf... fit together perfectly.
And...of course we couldn't leave the shelf empty for one minute...
A little closer - beautiful needlework
We hung a cute little shelf by the bed with hopes that some pincushions would soon be there...(sorry, that was bad...) Very elegant pincushions by Terri...
Another mirror hung...

Just a break from all the house stuff... On our trip to some antique shops, Ericka and I bought a couple "vintage" bottles... I know it's hard to read on the glass, but these "cute" little things say "urine specimen" on them. Yikes...who collects those kinds of things?? BUT...we had to buy a couple. I put one in my husband's bathroom with one of my button bouquets in it...he didn't even notice what it was...that's so like a guy, isn't it??

OK...back to the house...

Here's a peek into the Garden Room (that was a fun project...)
A great place to relax...
Gnome-one is gonna stop this little gardener...
And, let me tell you - the kitties of the house eat in style...
(handpainted dishes...that's the cat's meow!!)

And, speaking of the kitties...Harvey took a break from playing with the neighborhood squirrels.

And...mirror, mirror on the floor, who's the one that I adore???
It's Max, of course!

And, in the dining room...Luna is wondering what we're up to...

Miss Annie - in the Garden Room...looking for some birdies flying by...

Here's a cabinet just bursting with feline chic! We wouldn't say that there's an obsession going on here...but it's definitely on the edge...

Here kitty, kitty...Here's one of my pincushions...

I'm hoping I didn't bore you all with too many pictures...I think Ellen's home is amazing, and so is she!! Terri and I met Ellen a few years ago at an antique show, and it's just grown from there - visiting each other, working on projects at her house, antiquing, etc... Ellen is a great collector of many things, but one of the most important things she collects is friendships. I'm reminded how much I cherish all my girlfriends and the special things we get to share. I just feel blessed...

Terri, Ellen, Kathy & Ericka (Christmas 2007)

(Sorry, El...I had to post this pic! I think it's a great shot!)

(Next month, we're all heading to Burlington, Kentucky together... to buy, sell, and have BIG fun...woo hoo!!!)

P.S. Thanks for the necklace, Ericka!


  1. what a beautiful home...I love it!

  2. Hi Kathy,What a great post. I loved the house tour lots of great "junk". Girlfriends are the best! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I don't think we are doing Springfield in May as it is the weekend of my daughters 18th Bday. But we may go shopping there. If not maybe I'll see you at Burlington, Pam

  3. Well hey! I saw you started following me and wanted to say thanks!
    and what a blessing!! to have such wonderful looks like TONS OF FUN to be at her think of all that shopping together- great memories I'm sure :)

    Have you seen my 'surprise'?? Hope so- but if not, just stop on by anytime!!

    Anne Marie
    it's super nice to meet you~

  4. Just found your blog and so happy I did. I too was blessed with the trash to treasure gene from my Mom. Every September we go on the "Nebraska Junk Jaunt" across the biway. so much fun and never enough time to see it all.

  5. Hi! I think the button bouquet is my fav. Love it! ~Mindy

  6. Thanks all for visiting my blog! I appreciate your comments and the time you spent here!

    Pam - hope to see you at Burlington, and maybe Springfield too!

    I'm having such a great time meeting new friends and sharing what we all love!!!

  7. Hey sweet pea!

    What a FUN post!!! Enjoyed the tour...can't wait to see what else you got going on when you get back from ya'll's trip! Thanks for stoppin' by the Yaya...

    Have a beautiful & loving Easter! xo...deb

  8. Loving the beauty and cleverness, here!
    Thank you for the glimpse inside!


  9. Hey Kathy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and also taking time to check out my shop.

    I really enjoy your blog.

    Hugs & Happy Easter, Melissa

  10. Have a Blessed Easter!!

    And enjoy the weekend!!

    Anne Marie


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