Monday, March 23, 2009

Thrift shopping on a Friday...

And for the sweet price of $10.10...
Well, normally my Fridays are spent with my friend, Terri in our workshop...painting, creating, laughing, planning...etc...our dream "job". But, we had a day off while Terri was off to sunny Arizona visiting her grandbabies - so, I muddled through.

I had a list of errands to fill my day (doctor's appointment, groceries, etc.) - at the top of my list was a stop at the local Goodwill and Volunteers of America thriftstores (and they're right next door to each stop shopping!). These stores are usually VERY "hit or miss" when it comes to finding things - and my last few visits have been pretty noneventful. Sometimes I actually think it's going to be my last trip...but there's the little junking voice in my head that provides perpetual hope...or maybe it's my make the call! (I know you all hear that same voice...)

So, heading into the Goodwill (with lots of time to peruse), I actually found some clothing - new/like new (and in style...very cool), a vintage basket, the cutest little cup that says "whistle for your milk", and the bird on the handle is actually a whistle...just a tiny chip on the tail. I looked them up on ebay, and they're from the 1950s-60s (made in Japan), and were made to encourage kids to drink milk - they're very cute, but some Oreos would have done the trick for me!! And in perfect condition, I saw them sell for as much as $60.00 (I spent 50 cents...).

After I threw that load into my van, I headed over to the Volunteers of America - and noticed a bunch of stuff piled out front (a recent donation not yet brought into the store). There was a dresser, bed, old sewing machine, etc...I didn't really look at it too closely - I was on a mission to do a "sweep" of the store. I went in - and followed my normal route - along the wall to check for pottery, glassware, project pieces, and then furniture - and clothing last... I found a "Flinch" game (don't know how to play, but the cards were cool...project stuff), flash cards, a bud vase, and some dominoes (now I can do a JunkMarketStyle "inspired" project...stay tuned). So...some goodies - but the best thing wasn't even in the store yet...

When I walked outside, I gave the sewing machine a second look - it was half buried by other "junk" - and it was beautiful - an old Singer treadle sewing machine (awesome iron base), great detailed drawers, no machine inside, but that's ok - the cabinet was beautiful. I went back inside to see about the price, and the salesclerk said it would be awhile before they got to it, so I (reluctantly) decided to take care of the rest of my errands and stop back. I figured if it was meant to be, it would still be there - and the "price would be right"! I came back about two hours later (nothing outside), and checked inside. There it was...with a price of $10.10 on it... Well, I tried to contain myself and not run up to the cash register, but zipped up there and bought it on the spot. I rolled it outside (noisely - rusty wheels...) - and a woman heading into the store offered to help me load it in my van (I don't know how I thought I'd be able to do it myself...). A happy girl was heading home!!!

Anyway, my junking angel was with me on Friday - and put a "hold" on that sewing machine until I returned. At first I thought I'd piece and part it out for projects, but have since decided to keep it intact - give it a coat of some "magic" white paint, and either use it for a TV stand in my sewing room (I've got one in there now, but it's newer and very plain) or in my dining room to sit plants on at the picture window...decisions, decisions!

So, here are pics of my excursion and my finds!

Happy junking, happy spring, blessings to you!!


P.S. This Friday (no thrift shopping for me...), Terri and I will be heading to Columbus for a bedroom redo for one of our best friends, Ellen (of "Garden Room" fame on

See parts 1 and 2...

So...stay tuned for pics and details next week - it'll be big fun and hopefully lunch with one of our newest junking buddies, Ericka.

Just a few goodies...
I love old handled baskets - great storage, or packaging for a gift...wrapping paper is overrated! "Whistle for your Milk"! How sweet... Pass the cookies, please!

Flinch... More shots of my great buy...

Beautiful drawers...

They don't make 'em like this anymore... And...the perfect way to finish the day - a java chip frappuccino...


  1. That must be that sound I heard on Friday...... a distant WOOHOO!! Great find! But I'm wondering on the extra 10 cents??? LOL!

    Can't wait to see the next excerpt to the Garden Room!!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Holy God! Mary is the Mother!
    I have that exact same sewing machine in my garage. I cannot figure out what to do with it, was given to me by my sister. Her ex-grand-mother-in-law had a boat load of old oak pieces that needed refinished. She never got around to it and separated from her husband and knows I salivate over such things. I was thinking of (machine from 1888) putting a small porcelein sink in it where it opens up and making it a potting bench of it. What do you think of that?
    Kathy, I am so jealous of your Fridays; I slave away for Uncle Sam and you have gerl-fun.
    See you Friday, as I slip away for visiting you having more fun......

  3. Cindy - there was definitely a WOO-HOO!! Not sure about the 10 cents either...will have to ask next time I'm in there - just for the heck of it!!

    Ericka - you're too funny!!! Mine is missing the little front drawer, but figured I'd find something decorative in my travels to fill in the space (maybe in KY). I think the potting table idea is cool - the little drawers would hold the tools perfectly. I may have to do that with the other one I have. I've got a picture of one that Terri and I made into a potting table - a while ago...will see if I can find it.

    You can skip out a Friday anytime - and participate in the gerl-fun (I won't tell your Uncle)!!! We could use another hand in painting, etc... ha ha

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. The sewing machine is know me...I'd paint it white...that's just me! Bring me some Starbucks...I'm too sick to go out...LOL...Have a good week!

  5. Hey! Thanks for linking to me! I just posted an update on my screen/garden room too!
    I love reading about your Junque! hee hee

    My next post this week is about my last shopping trip... I was SOOO lucky!!

    I know you probably wouldn't do this but I see the sewing machine totally planted up like a garden! Pull the drawers out a bit and have some plants just draping out!
    It would be Sew cute! ( Sorry for the bad pun! )

    The Rhinestone Contessa

  6. Rachel - hope you feel better soon - would send a Starbucks if I could! :)

    Vanessa - a sewing planter sounds really cool - I can "sew" picture it!!! (p.s...there are no bad puns!! ha ha)

    Thanks ladies!

  7. That was a great day out! I think I heard you "woo-hoo" too!

  8. LOVE the sewing machine - especially love the decorative drawers! I'm enjoying your blog! Andrea

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Andrea & Missy! The sewing machine is so cool - will post pics of the new "paint job" when I get it done!

    Just a reminder...there's great "junk" in Ohio...don't you want to travel east?? :)

  10. Hi Sweetie!

    OMG!!!! You struck oil on this one....Look at those drawers!!!! I can hardly contain myself....can't wait to see it painted!

    Thanks for stopping by the junkin' yaya.....and look forward to seeing ya again soon. Until next time.....have a beautiful & creative week!



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