Monday, May 11, 2009

Six Things About Me...

My blogging friend, and one of the most talented photographers I know...
Amy, at Whisperwood Cottage... wants to know a few things...about me...six to be exact!
So, she tagged me, goes...
Part One:
1. My first job in high school - working in a bakery (there began my descent into one of my obsessions...dessert)!
2. I'm an oldest child too - And, Amy---that does explain alot!!
3. My dream "day" job (I actually have a couple, but will limit myself to one) - would be a professional flea market "reviewer" for a magazine (does that job exist??) - traveling in an RV from market to market (with lots of storage for everything I'd buy!! - and then I'd need a little shop to sell it all...).
4. I would love to live in a cottage by a lake! (It'd give me a whole new place to decorate! And, my husband and I would love to be near the water ALL the relaxing!!)
5. I love my blog and all the awesome and talented friends and followers I've "collected" (see #6)...
6. I'm a collector...surprise!!! And will absolutely never attend a "Collectors' Anonymous" meeting...(and anyways...I don't know anyone who would start such a thing to begin with!!)
There's my six (and I could go on...maybe that's why my second grade teacher called me "Chatty Cathy" (oops...there's seven) - and I was trying so hard to follow the rules!).

Part Two: And, now for my fellow bloggers to give up their six things about them:
1. The JunkFest Girls at:

OK girls...on your mark, get set - I'm being nosy...and want to know your six! AND...(it doesn't end there...)...In addition to posting six things about yourself, identify six new people, and let those people know they've been tagged. Don't forget to link back to this post!

Have a great day - and a wonderful spring week!!


P.S. My next post will be a little preview of what I made to sell at the Springfield Extravaganza this coming weekend...


  1. Hey Kathy,about your dream day job, If you had a shop you wouldn't be able to work it, you would be on the road. However I work my shop and don't have a lot of time to flea market as I would like, so you could drop off your finds at my shop... It could work--lol.



  2. Melissa - that sounds like a perfect combination! It could work!!! :)


  3. Hey, Kathy! Thanks for including us in the "six things" challenge. How fun! I'll visit with the girls tomorrow and maybe we'll each come up with 2 or maybe we'll each come up with 6!!

  4. Ha! Ha! Thanks, Kathy, for keeping me in the loop! I have SOOOOO much catching up to do on my blogging this baby boy, Logan (17 months) has bronchitis...I cry almost every time I even think about it so things have been quite a bit slow around here as far as e-mail and computer time...guess I will blog about that really quickly so people don't think I have killed over! Anyhow, hope you had an awesome Tuesday...

    Only the best,

    P.S. Did I tell you that you ROCK? YOU ROCK!

  5. That would be a dream job, wouldn't it?! Loved learning more about you! :)



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