Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EXTRA-EXTRA...It's time for the Springfield EXTRAvaganza!

What: The Springfield Antique & Flea Market Extravaganza and their blog...

When: May 15-17, 2009; June 26-28, 2009; September 18-20, 2009

Where: The Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ohio

Who: People who love junking, antiquing, collecting, decorating, etc., etc…

Why: Because the Springfield Extravaganzas (May and June) is a collection of close to 2500 vendors from all over the country who come to sell everything from fine antiques to garage sale finds, primitives, on so on…it's about as close to junking heaven as you can get! There are over a dozen buildings, AND outdoor vendors who cover most of the grounds. If you can’t find it at Springfield…well…you probably just can’t find it!! Tens of thousands of people (from all over the country) travel to the Clark County Fairgrounds on a treasure hunt that rivals most markets in the United States. I’ve visited quite a few flea markets in the surrounding states, and there is absolutely nothing to compare with this show (you can tell I’m a huge fan, huh?)!!

And the second reason is the food – you can find anything including fair favorites and local specialties.

There is plenty of parking; a wide variety of hotel accommodations and restaurants nearby, and antique malls just across I-70 – so an entire weekend could be jam-packed full of antiquing/junking adventures.

My friend, Terri, and I (aka Nostalgia’s Cottage) have sold at the Extravaganzas for about six years – shabby, cottage chic painted furniture, repurposed garden and home d├ęcor items, as well as repurposed/reused handmade items – like button bouquets, pincushions, collages, jewelry, “flea bags” from old fabric, etc., etc – just a lot of stuff – and always original! We’ve always had a great experience – awesome customers (who have become friends), and fellow vendors who “look out for each other”.

As usual, we’re in spaces 828 & 851 (yep - two spaces of BIG fun) – just watch for our cute sign. We have a blast setting up/decorating our area like “home sweet home” (which usually provides for some cheap entertainment to our neighboring vendors) it’s a comfortable, homey look, and people usually want to stay awhile…all we’re missing is a cup of tea!

And, like I said, the buying is amazing – I recommend bringing a cart or wagon to “haul” your buys (and there is usually a vendor who sells carts – how convenient is that???)… For some handy-dandy fleamarketing tips, check out Sue Whitney’s post at JunkMarket Style: As always at an outside venue, the weather “might” provide a “challenge”, but true junkers don’t let a few raindrops stop them…right? (Tip: If you’re planning an overnight trip, make your reservations a couple months in advance…the rooms fill up!)

I’ll be doing a post-Extravaganza post…with pics of the people we meet, the junk we find, and just the overall fleamarketing adventure that is the Springfield Extravaganza!

P.S. For the preview, the first set of pics I’ve posted are from last year…much MORE to come!
P.S.S. You can follow me on “Twitter” for “tweets” live from Springfield – my name is “ashabbychick”… Technology…gotta love it!

We're back...cute sign, huh??
Me and my partner in junk, Terri!

What a great view...home sweet home...for the weekend anyway!
A sweet little "non"smoking stand - now a great display piece...(sold!)
Terri's Mom (Joanne) and her furry friends
(no...we did not buy this - but couldn't resist the photo op!)

Here are a few new things...for sale this weekend...
One of my lampshade chandeliers...lots of crystal for bling, and old lace for character!
More stuff for sale...

One of Terri's awesome collages...(will post close-ups in an upcoming post)

My infamous "Brady Bunch" hanging light - a cheesy old lamp base transformed into it's present glorious self... See my post on JunkMarket Style:

A cute little girl's vanity (a redo - "before" pictures will be posted)...

Well...almost time to start packing...!


  1. Good luck. Wish I could be there. Well maybe one of these days.

  2. I wish you great success at the show this weekend..
    I checked map quest for driving direction aha only 6 hrs and 30 min to Springfield from my home, I have plans already this weekend but the June show I'll bring a truck..

    Have a blast for all of us who can't attend.


  3. Oh my goodness! The canoe with critters is so funny! Have a great show! Will have to visit Springfield sometime soon!

  4. Thanks for stopping my little garden walk! I am so excited this year to be actually doing stuff to my own yard that I usually save for my clients! I love looking at your chic-Life!!
    Happy Spring!
    The Rhinestone Contessa

  5. Great stuff. I met you last year. We were doing our first show. Can't make it to Springfield this year, boo hoo. Hope it is successful for you. I just found that you have a blog through Junk Market. I will be visiting often!

  6. Thanks for all your comments & for visiting! I've been playing catch up from being gone all weekend and now, getting ready for a show this weekend (two shows within a week of each other...what were we thinking?) ha ha

    LuAnn - I know you'll get here sooner or later - hopefully sooner!

    Ki - the critters were hilarious and Mom was so brave to strike a pose for me! Hope to see you at Springfield as well - have you been there before?

    Melissa - 6 hours isn't too could stay the whole weekend! (We won't be there in June, but will be there in September.)

    I'll be posting my follow-up to the show this week - lots of great pics of junk and friends - it doesn't get any better!!! :)

    Take care! Kathy

  7. Hi sweetie!

    First, thanks for stoppin' by the Yaya and your loving comments about my little angels!

    Looks like you are going to have a GREAT show! I will definitely be there in spirit, and if that beautiful old lamp and lace light doesn't get sold...let me know! :)

    Have a safe trip and a fun-filled blessed week and I look forward to hearing all the "scoop" upon your return!


  8. Kathy, looks like my kind of place! I arrived at your blog via The Vintage Attic. I'm signing up to follow to see what else you find!

  9. Love your blog!! I live in Michigan, close to Toledo, Ohio..are you near us?
    Love all your stuff!



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